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Will the Price of the iPhone Go Down for 2024 ?

Alice MJ

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

So, are you ready for the new iPhone 13? It is expected to release in September with probably four versions. According to the reports coming out, especially the Business Insider, Apple is going to unveil a cheaper iPhone 2021 with 4G connectivity. It is anticipated that each model in the release will have its unique price tag, Apple will definitely chase its high-end customer base, while at the same time ensure that they understand the economic crisis the COVID-19 situation has created, therefore, there will also be an affordable model in the iPhone 13 range. $800 is the expected price tag for the iPhone 13. In this article, we'll discuss the price range of the Apple iPhone 13. So, without wasting any time, let's get with it:

iPhone price 2020

Rumors About the Price of iPhone 2021

iPhone price

The million-dollar question: what will the Price of the iPhone 2021 be? As per the several leaks coming out from the tech world, more or less, the price range of the iPhone 2021 will be in a similar line to the iPhone 2019.

The 4G variant of the iPhone 13 will be cheaper, costing $549, while for the 5G variant, the Price will be $649. As a matter of truth, there is no clear-cut information with regards to pricing, no official words from Apple. If the sources are to be believed that the basic version will be a new cheaper iPhone 2021, it will have a couple of differences with no drastic changes.

Having said that, certain sources suggest the pricing will be higher than the 2019 range, and the basic model of the iPhone 13 will be $749. However, nobody precisely knows what the prices will be, until the CEO of Apple releases the smartphones on stage.

Rumors can be fake or true; it is hard to tell which one is right, we can do nothing more than wait for the time being.

Main Reasons That the Price of iPhone Go Down

There are so many rumors around the prices of iPhones; some say it will increase, while others suggest it will be much lower than Apple released in 2019. Now, we discuss why the prices will reduce:-

Here, there are a myriad of reasons for the Price of iPhones to go down. The new cheaper iPhone in 2021 will probably because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, which has derailed the world's economy. Since the release was long pending, and the vaccine still a couple of months, Apple have to release their new range during times of crisis. Moreover, analysts suggest this time Apple won't be able to have the same hype and sales that it managed after the previous release event. Some are even saying that Apple should wait for at least the end of the year 2020 before hosting a launch event, as there will be no witness to the new features that Apple's new range is expected to put forth.

One Reason suggests that the price range of the new iPhone will decrease, mainly because of the lowering sales of the iPhone in recent years, so in an attempt to bolster sales, Apple could make the price cut. In the last two to three years, the demand for high-end smartphones has reduced significantly compared to the mid-segment range.

Second, to the COVID-19 global crisis, the competition with Samsung is one Reason why the tech giant Apple is considering to slightly lower its prices. It is seen as a genuine attempt to capture the market of Samsung. The top-selling smartphone brand Samsung has made a big mark over the global market, with its Galaxy range. So, to compete with them, Apple has to either come up with good new features or cut their prices. However, don't expect the prices to drop too low, it will be slight just to send a message to the Samsung brand that they too are in the race.

Main Reason That the Price of iPhone Will Go Up

iPhone reason buy

We'll be talking about why the costs of the iPhone will again increase, so let's know the reasons.

Although the basic model will be the new cheaper iPhone in 2021, on the whole, the prices of the new may shoot upside. The iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max will have the 5G support, and the anticipated will be higher than its previous versions. The price point is expected to be aggressive as Apple are after their high-end customer base. The biggest USP of Apple's smartphone range has been their high-price tag; people perceive it as a symbol of a high-end lifestyle. So, we don't think Apple will take steps back on this; they will stick to it.

The new features such as the come back of iPhone Touch iPad, it is going to replace the Face ID, which has been a big flop show. iPhone users are not impressed with this unlocking as it has a lot of flaws. First, it has been seen that the iPhone was unlocked with the user's face. Apart from this, the camera technology is expected to be upgraded, as seen with the previous versions. The OLED screen will improve the viewing experience to another level.

Let's Wrap Up

It is the next to impossible to predict the price range of the new iPhone 13 range. But, one thing is for sure in the range, there will be a new cheaper iPhone in 2020 with 4G capability. Otherwise, it is anticipated that the prices, as usual, will go up, but the COVID-19 situation might reconsider this. So, the fingers are crossed, time will tell how the pieces will fare out.

If you've information with regards to the prices, do share it with the comment section, we would love to hear from you.

Alice MJ

Alice MJ

staff Editor

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