How to Add Lyrics to a Song on Apple Music in iOS 14: A Stepwise Guide

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“After the iOS 14 update, Apple Music don’t display song lyrics anymore. Can someone tell me how to sync song lyrics in Apple Music?”

If you have also updated your device to iOS 14, then you might have noticed the new and revamped Apple Music app. While iOS 14 has a lot of new features, some users have complained of issues related to Apple Music. For instance, your favorite songs might not have the real-time display of lyrics anymore. To fix this, you can add lyrics to a song on Apple Music iOS 14. In this guide, I will let you know how to do it so that you can sync song lyrics in Apple Music easily.

Part 1: What Are the New Updates in Apple Music on iOS 14?

Apple has made a drastic update is almost every native app in iOS 14 and Apple Music is not an exception. After using Apple Music for a while, I could notice the following major changes in it.

    • Updated “You” tab

The “You” tab is now called “Listen Now” that would give a personalized streaming experience in one place. You can find the recent songs, artists, or playlists you listen to and the feature would also include music suggestions and weekly charts, based on your taste.

    • Queue and Playlists

You can now easily manage your queues and playlists in one place. There is a better solution to add songs to a queue and you can even turn on the repeat mode to put any track on a loop.

    • New User Interface

Apple Music has got a brand new interface for iPhone and iPad as well. For instance, there is an improved search option in which you can browse the content in different categories. You can also look for specific artists, albums, songs, etc.

Part 2: How to View Song Lyrics in Real-time on Apple Music?

It was back in iOS 13 when Apple updated the live lyrics feature in Apple Music. Now, you can also sync song lyrics in Apple Music. Most of the popular songs already have their lyrics added to the app. You can just find the lyrics option while playing the song and can view it on the screen.

To sync song lyrics in Apple Music, just launch the app, and look for any popular song. You can load any song from your playlist or find it from the search. Now, once the song starts playing, just view it on the interface, and tap on the lyrics icon (the quotation icon at the bottom of the interface).

That’s it! The interface of Apple Music will now be changed and it will display the lyrics of the song synced to its pace. If you want, you can scroll up or down to view the song’s lyrics, but it won’t affect the playback. Additionally, you can also tap on the more options icon from the top and select the “View Full Lyrics” feature to check the entire lyrics of the song.

Please note that not all songs have a real-time view of the lyrics. While some songs won’t have lyrics at all, others might only have static lyrics.

Part 3: Can I Add Lyrics to a Song on Apple Music in iOS 14?

Presently, Apple Music uses its own algorithm to add lyrics to any track. Therefore, it doesn’t let us add custom lyrics to any song of our choice. Nevertheless, you can take the assistance of iTunes on your PC or Mac to add custom lyrics. Later, you can just sync your music with your iTunes to reflect these changes. Here’s how you can add lyrics to a song on Apple Music in iOS 14 using iTunes.

Step 1: Add lyrics to a song on iTunes

Firstly, make sure that the song you wish to customize is in your iTunes library. If not, then just go to iTunes File Menu > Add File to Library and browse the song of your choice.

Once the song is added to your iTunes library, just select the track, and right-click it to get its context menu. From here, click on the “Get Info” button to launch a dedicated window. Now, go to the Lyrics section from here and enable the “Custom Lyrics” button to enter and save the lyrics of your choice.

Step 2: Sync music with your iPhone

In the end, you can connect your iPhone to your computer, select it, and go to its Music tab. From here, you can turn on the option to sync music and select the songs of your choice to move them from the iTunes library to your iPhone.

Bonus Tip: Downgrade from iOS 14 to a Stable Version

Since the stable version of iOS 14 is not released yet, it can cause some unwanted issues with your phone. To fix this, you can take the assistance of Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS). The application supports most of the leading iPhone models and can fix all sorts of major/minor issues with your device. You can just connect your device, enter its details, and select the iOS model you wish to downgrade to. The application will automatically verify the firmware and would downgrade your device without erasing your data in the process.

ios system recovery 07

I hope that after reading this guide, you would be able to add lyrics to a song on Apple Music in iOS 14. Since the new app has so many features, you can easily sync song lyrics in Apple Music on the go. Though, if iOS 14 has made your device malfunction, then consider downgrading it to a previous stable version. For this, you can take the assistance of Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS) that can fix several firmware-related issues in no time.

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