How to Unlock Your EE iPhone in 5 Easy Ways


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Buying an iPhone with an EE network carrier might initially turn out to be a lucrative offer, but over a period of time you would want to change the carrier owing to different reasons like more interesting offers, better calling and networking plans, moving to a new place, selling your device and more. So, in all these and similar other situations, you would first need to EE unlock phones. If you too are among the ones, who are looking for the best ways to unlock your EE iPhone, you are at the apt place.

This article will help you learn about the official as well as other solutions to unlock iPhone EE.

As talked above, you can unlock your EE phone either through the official carrier or using other programs as tools. In the following parts, we have talked about all these methods in detail.

Method 1. Check If Your Phone Can Be Unlocked Automatically

There are several situations, in which your devices can be unlocked automatically by EE. But for this, you need to meet certain pre-set requirements and in case you have a corporate device, the prerequisites are different and need to be checked out with the account manager.

In general situations, the requirements and the price of unlocking your device through an EE carrier depend on the type of contract or plan you have subscribed to. Check the details for each as below.

unlock iphone ee free automatically

Pay Monthly iPhone

To unlock the devices under this plan, you need to own your phone with the carrier for at least 6 months. You should be the EE account holder and also make sure that payments are up to date and the device is not reported as stolen or lost. 

A few phones under this plan can be unlocked for free after a fixed period, while for others who are still in the plan, there is a fee of £8.99.

Pay as You Go and Flex Plan iPhone

The devices under this plan can be unlocked as soon as you get them and the devices purchased directly from EE can be unlocked for free. In other cases, you need to pay a fee of £8.99.

Second-hand iPhone

If you have a second-hand device with an EE lock, the unlocking fee is £8.99.

EE Small Business iPhone

After the expiry of the contract under these devices, the unlocking price is free while for the device under the contract, the fees are £8.99.

Checking the status for the device to be unlocked automatically. An iOS device including an iPhone and an iPad with an EE carrier can be unlocked automatically, 18 months after it was sold, replaced, or dispatched. When you meet this requirement, a free EE unlock code will be there to unlock your device.

Method 2. Try EE Official Unlocking Service

Next, is the official or the professional method of unlocking the EE device which is simple and a legal process. The process of unlocking under this method might take some time and there can also be a fee charged for the same. Below listed are the pros and the cons of the method.

unlock iphone ee professional method


  • A legal and simple way for unlocking EE devices.
  • The process of unlocking is guided by a professional staff at EE carrier.


  • The unlocking process can last from 24 hrs to 72 hrs and thus you need to be patient.
  • There are pre-set requirements that need to be met before you unlock your device.
  • There can be a fee for unlocking your device.

The process for EE unlocking SIM

With the professional method of EE unlocking, the process of professional unlocking EE SIM is a simple process involving the following steps.

  • Step 1. Open the EE network site on your browser and enter your device's IMEI number. In case you do not know this number, the method to know it is given on the site. Click on Verify IMEI number button.
  • Step 2. Next, after your IMEI number is verified, you would need to provide your device model and carrier.
  • Step 3. Your device will be checked for all the valid details and if found correct, the official unlocking will be done.

Method 3. Unlock iPhone EE by Yourself with a Professional Unlocking Tool

If you are in search of a tool that can let you unlock your EE phone instantly without any pre-set requirements, in a hassle-free manner, safely and quickly we recommend Dr. Fone - SIM Unlock (iOS) as the best choice.


Dr.Fone - Sim Unlock (iOS)

Unlock iPhone from EE Carrier by Yourselfwith No Data Loss

  • Support newly released models from iPhone XR to iPhone 13 and later.
  • No jailbreak is needed. Unlocking iPhone without an R-SIM.
  • Compatible with most carriers, EE, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, etc.
  • Move to any network operator within minutes aimlessly without data loss.
Available on: Windows Mac

4,624,541 people have downloaded it

The software allows you to unlock all the latest iPhone models including iPhone 13 and others. Not only EE, the phone working on other popular carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, and others can also be unlocked using this versatile tool. The process of unlocking can be done without any need for R-Sim or device jailbreaking.

Steps for my EE unlock phone process using Dr. Fone-SIM Unlock (iOS)

Step 1. Launch the installed software and choose the Remove SIM Locked option and then click on the Start button for the authorization verification process. (Your iPhone must be connected to the system).

screen unlock agreement

Step 2. Make a connection between your iPhone and the PC. A configuration profile will be sent to your phone and then follow the instructions as they appear.

screen unlock agreement

Step 3. The configuration profile needs to be installed and after done, choose About > Certificate Trust Settings and enable SIMHUB for trusting the certificate.

screen unlock agreement

Step 4. Next, go to Settings > WIFI and then select the blue exclamation mark on the network used currently. Tap on Configure Proxy and then select Manual.

Step 5. Choose to add the cellular plan and choose to activate it.

screen unlock agreement

Step 6. A QR code will now appear which you need to scan. You also need to enter the activation code here.

screen unlock agreement

Step 7. Next, comes the step of activating the cellular plan.

Step 8. Select the Done and Remove setting and then follow the steps as they appear finally, clicking on the Remove button as it appears will unlock your device. 

screen unlock agreement

The above is the brief unlocking process steps. The detailed steps can be checked in the Dr.Fone - SIM Unlock (iOS) guide.

Method 4. Use a Third-party Online Unlocking Service

Other online unlocking services are also available that claim to help you unlock your EE devices. The task of unlocking these online services is claimed to be performed by professionals and experts in the field.

Though these online unlocking tools might work, we recommend first checking their authenticity and success ratio. Moreover, using these tools, the unlocking process can be a long one ranging up to a week, and can also be quite expensive. While selecting an online service, be sure to check if it is genuine and not a fraud.

unlock iphone ee online tool

Method 5: The Last Choice: Ask Your Target Carrier for Help

Another possible way to unlock your EE device is by asking the target carrier to help you with the task. If you are moving to a new carrier, you can get in touch with their customer service and ask them to help you to unlock your device. The target carrier company will be willing to get this done, as they are getting you as your new subscriber or a customer.

unlock ee phone ask target carrier

Final Words

Above we have listed several methods for unlocking your EE iPhone. Though getting your device unlocked automatically is the simplest and the best solution, for this you need to be with the EE carrier for a fixed period of time. While, in the contract, unlocking is a paid process and can also be time-consuming in several situations. Here Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) works as the best method as once you subscribe to the software, you can instantly unlock your device, and that too in a simple manner and without any prerequisites.

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