Can You Unlock iPhone After Forgetting the Passcode?


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If you forget the passcode on your iPhone, you won't have the option to access its information and use it flawlessly. What's more disturbing is that if you keep entering the wrong ones, your iPhone will be locked. It would help if you opened it, be it a 4-digit passcode, 6-digit passcode, Fingerprint, or Face ID.

If you forgot passcode on iPhone, the main thing you can do with your iDevice is to make an Emergency call. You should erase your iPhone if you don't remember your screen unlock code. But don't worry; we have many solutions available here. Keep reading to learn about the best tool, i.e., Dr.Fone, for screen unlock.

Part 1: Can I Unlock My iPhone When I Forgot Passcode?

Yes, you can unlock your locked iPhone without a passcode. If you forgot passcode on iPhone, Apple's proper prescribed way is to reset your iPhone. In other words, do a factory reset to erase the passcode. However, many individuals can't do this strategy since it's irksome and may lead to a few unforeseen issues. Such issues can worsen the condition.

Therefore, we have introduced some alternate ways to unlock your iDevice. You can even use an expert tool to remove this issue. Keep following us to find out more about our recommended methods.

Part 2: How to Unlock iPhone When I Forgot Passcode?

1. Use Find My

Utilizing iCloud if the Find My feature is enabled before you forgot iPhone passcode. By visiting, you can erase your iPhone from a distance. Moreover, you can eliminate the device's screen lock to unlock it.

To erase the passcode using the Find My feature on iCloud:

Step 1. Go to and enter your Apple account credentials and log in to your account.

Step 2. Pick "Find iPhone" and go to "All Devices" > "Erase iPhone".

find my

2. Use Recovery Mode with iTunes

How to bypass the iPhone passcode or eliminate the passcode? The method is to utilize iTunes. However, using iTunes to restore the iPhone in recovery mode will erase all data from the device.

It will wipe out the iDevice. Therefore, you must back up your data to restore it later. Without any backup accessible, you will permanently lose everything on the iDevice.

Additionally, ensure you remember the Mac ID credentials on the iDevice, or you won't be able to use it. Finally, utilizing iTunes will eliminate the lock screen's passcode but not the firmware. Considering all these, bypassing a passcode isn't so hard. Here's how to bypass the iPhone passcode with iTunes:

Step 1. Enter the recovery mode on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Contact.

  • On iPhone 8/8 Or later: Hold the Power/Side button on your phone and one of the volume buttons. Keep holding until the power off slider shows up. Flip the slider to switch off the iPhone. Next, press and hold the power button and connect your iPhone to the PC. Hold the button until the iPhone transforms into the recovery mode screen.
  • On iPhone 7/7 Or Below: Press and hold the power button until you see the slider. Flip the slider to switch off the iPhone. Press the Volume Down button and connect the iPhone to the PC. Continue to hold the button until you see the recovery mode screen.

Step 2. Restore your iPhone.

After connecting your iPhone to the PC, you will see a popup window in iTunes saying, "There is an issue with the 'iPhone name' that needs it to be restored." In that window, select "Restore" to erase the iPhone. (If iTunes doesn't run, open iTunes by double tapping it.)

Step 3. Set up iPhone.

Hang tight for the process to wrap up. Then, a short time later, go to your iPhone and follow the on-screen directions to set up and utilize your phone again.

itunes unlock

3. "Erase iPhone" Option

However long the locked iPhone has a functioning WiFi connection, you can now delete the device from the lock screen. This method only works if it is running iOS 15.2 or above.

erase iphone

After several wrong attempts, an "Erase iPhone" choice will appear on the screen's lower part. Just tap on that, confirm you need to erase the iPhone and enter your Apple ID details afterward. The device will then reset itself, completely deleting all data and beginning as a new one.

If the device can't connect to WiFi or data, the Apple ID approval step will fail. Then the iPhone cannot be erased, and you will need to turn to the conventional DFU strategy.

4. Use Siri

You can also use Siri to bypass the iPhone passcode. Using Siri to erase the lock is an iPhone hack existing on iOS devices running iOS 8.0 to iOS 10.1. You can utilize Siri to bypass your iPhone passcode by switching off cellular data. You also need to read a new message and set a reminder, and that's just the beginning.

That is an indirect method for bypassing a forgotten passcode on iPhone. In any case, it is just available on a few iOS variants.

To erase the lock screen passcode with Siri on iOS 8 to iOS 10.1:

Step 1. Press and hold the "Home" button to actuate Siri on your iPhone.

Step 2. Advise Siri to set a reminder.

Step 3. Tap the recently added reminder to open the "Reminders" application.

Step 4. Click the "Home" button and go to the Home screen. Presently you have effectively bypassed the lock screen.

use siri

As you might be aware, this way is helpful because of iOS bugs. This method is also viewed as a method for hacking the iPhone. In later iOS versions, Apple fixed these bugs. In this manner, it works on iPhones running iOS 8.0 to 10.1.

5. Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock

The iPhone unlock software Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock will help to open the password without iTunes. It is well-versed in unlocking screen locks from various iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod contact. With it introduced on your PC, you can eliminate your iPhone lock screen effectively. It can remove the 4-digit password, 6-digit password, Fingerprint, or Face ID.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Therefore, Dr.Fone is a decent option if you like to sidestep the passcode on your iPhone without Siri or iTunes. To fix more issues, such as bypassing the enactment lock without the past proprietor, Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock will be a decent option for you. The following steps illustrate how you can unlock your lock screen passcode:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone/iPad

Open the Dr.Fone program on your PC and select "Screen Unlock" among all the options from the home page.

select screen unlock

Connect your iOS device to the PC through a USB connector. Then, at that point, click the "Unlock iOS Screen" option on the screen.

unlock ios screen

Step 2. Boot iPhone in Recovery or DFU mode

Before sidestepping the iPhone lock screen, we want to boot it in Recovery or DFU mode by adhering to the on-screen directions. Therefore, the Recovery mode is suggested for the iOS lock screen. Yet, if you can't actuate the Recovery mode, you can also use the DFU mode.

enter recovery mode

Step 3. Affirm iOS device information

After putting the device in DFU mode, Dr.Fone will show the device information, for example, the Device Model and OS Variant. You can choose the correct data from the dropdown menu if the information is incorrect. Then, at that point, click Download to download the firmware for your device.

select phone model

Step 4. Unlock the iPhone screen lock

After the firmware is downloaded effectively, click Unlock Now to begin unlocking your iPhone/iPad.

unlock now

Simply shortly, your iPhone will be unlocked effectively. Note that this unlocking process will wipe the user data on your iPhone. However, it is practical to erase this issue from your device.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Part 3: How Can I Turn Off/On My Passcode?

  • Open your Settings application and look down until you track down the choice for the password menu. On iPhones with a home button, this will be named "Fingerprint and Password." On new ones, it is "Face ID and Password." Click this choice.
  • Enter your current password.
  • Look down until you track the "Turn Passcode Off" choice and tap it.

go to settings

  • Click again to agree with your decision to turn off your passcode.

turn on off passcode

The Bottom Line

Indeed, if you forgot the passcode on the iPhone, there are a few ways to get into your phone again. However, the best way is to use professional software to do the task for you. Therefore, we strongly suggest you install the Wondershare Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock software. It is a security tool and worth trying when you forgot iPhone passcode. So download it today for a quick unlocking experience.

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