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Want to Know Your Best MDM Option? 10 Best MDM Solutions for You

James Davis

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

Nowadays, you don't want anybody with access to a work device to see your sensitive corporate data, given that mobile devices are often stolen or misplaced. Thanks to a mobile device management remote control service, you can lock, delete, and locate smartphones used at work.

Applications and settings may wirelessly get into mobile devices via the management console. We've identified the top 10 MDM software options to assist you in making the best software decision.

If you are a tech enthusiast interested in compatible Mobile Device Management software, then learn more to find the best MDM solutions available.

mdm features

Part 1: What is Mobile Device Management and Remote Control?

Mobile Device Management, or MDM, is software that gives IT managers the ability to protect, regulate, and enforce rules on smartphones, tablets, and other devices used at work. MDM software often operates on-premises or in the cloud. You may remotely control and configure devices using the management console of MDM. The devices must first be registered with the MDM server, however.

MDM aims to safeguard the corporate network while enhancing the security and usefulness of mobile devices inside your organization. This may be accomplished manually using a token, QR code, email, SMS, NFC, or one of the vendor-specific enrolling tools that Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft provide.

Your business's fleet of mobile phones and tablets may be seen and managed remotely with the aid of mobile device management (MDM) software. Use the unattended remote-control function to diagnose issues with the equipment without human involvement.

Employees' smartphones use different mobile service providers and operating systems. As a result, the adoption of Mobile Device Management (MDM) software has increased.

what is mdm

Part 2: What Are User Groups of MDM?

MDM is a more well-known topic than ever in the modern world. Over time, MDM technologies have improved. Because of improvements in enabling technology, lower bandwidth costs, and enhanced security, cloud infrastructures have been greatly popular. These elements are part of why there is so much talk about MDM, especially in the cloud.

A user group is a collection of people who do comparable jobs and need common rights and data to do so. User groups are beneficial because they make controlling user rights on data and transactions easier.

Technically speaking, the MDM software uses application programming interfaces (APIs) that are directly integrated into the operating system to convey instructions to devices.

The choice to adopt the cloud model is a big one since it calls for meticulous preparation in strategy, design, implementation, and sustainment.

Building uniform device management may be challenging when various devices and operating systems are running. However, as the software gathers valuable data from controlled devices, MDM gives your firm more visibility over its devices.

Part 3: 10 Selective MDM Software

IT administrators are faced with deploying and monitoring many devices in this age of hybrid work. So we tested eight leading technologies to see how they might help you manage your staff more effectively and safely.

These solutions enable administrators to remotely deploy, monitor, manage, service, secure, and erase devices across a variety of platforms and form factors. Here are the top 10 choices available to you:

1. Miradore

Software Link: Miradore

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows

Price: Free and Premium at $2.75 per user per month

The subject of mobile device management may be challenging, particularly for non-IT professionals. You may use Miradore to quickly install Miradore to manage mobile devices in the office, even if you don't have an entire IT staff. Utilize Miradore to manage laptops, tablets, and mobile devices running Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, and other operating systems.

miradore mdm

Some of the main benefits of utilizing Miradore for mobile device management are as follows:

Key Features:

  • It comes embedded with restrictions and control
  • Miradore also includes application control
  • Provides automation of manual tasks
  • Has data protection
  • Provides reports and dashboards to users
  • Includes object safety
  • You can manage device settings

2. Scalefusion

Software Link: Scalefusion

Compatibility: macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux

Price: $2 to $6 per device per month with 14-day free trial

Scalefusion is an intuitive and comprehensive MDM solution that serves businesses of all sizes. More than 4,500 brands trust the array of features and capabilities that Scalefusion offers to IT admins. It suits the device and endpoint management needs of all major industries and is highly customizable. Scalefusion provides extensive management options covering all device and OS types with seamless flexibility and scalability. It is also one of the most cost-effective MDM options and is renowned for its best-in-class, free technical support.

scalefusion mdm

Key Features:

  • Multiple enrollment options
  • OS update and patch management
  • App and website whitelisting and blacklisting
  • Single and multi-app kiosk modes for all device types
  • Location tracking and geofencing
  • Device analytics and reports
  • Remote control and support with VoIP

3. MobiControl SOTI

Software Link: MobiControl SOTI

Compatibility: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows

Price: Free Trial and Custom Packages

SOTI MobiControls offer remote viewing and remote-control capabilities. In addition, by enabling administrators to impose access restrictions on certain websites and apps, SOTI MobiControl also allows application control.

An administrator may monitor what's happening on the end user's screen in real time via remote watching. The admin may remotely manage the end-user device and address any difficulties thanks to the remote control. Offering a chat function where the admin and end-user may discuss problems also makes communication easier.

soti mdm software

Key Features:

  • IT asset administration is included in its package
  • Embedded with device power control function
  • You can share a desktop remotely with this MDM software
  • It also enables you to the management of users
  • Includes Encryption for end-users

4. Kandji

Software Link: Kandji

Compatibility: Apple and Windows Devices

Price: Custom Pricing with a 1-day free trial

Kandji offers customers the attractive interface they are used to and appreciate while delivering robust device control. Kandji supports devices running macOS, iPad OS, and Apple TV OS.

For your IT administrator, Liftoff automates as much as possible, making remote deployment simple. With its Passport feature, Kandji provides consumers the ease of single sign-on capabilities while integrating smoothly with the rest of your tech stack.

kandji mdm

Key Features:

  • Kanji enables single sign-on by integrating with external systems.
  • It also enables the development of Blueprints and software profiles for collections of devices
  • It provides a transition between on-premises and Macs and portable electronics
  • You can get automated software and operating system updates
  • Contains templates that may be used to create automated maintenance routines

5. Hexnode

Software Link: Hexnode

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Price: $1.08 per device per month with a 14-day free trial

Hexnode is a complete Unified Endpoint Management system that uses intelligent technologies to streamline people's operations. From device onboarding through device retirement, the management platform simplifies the whole device lifecycle model to assist at every level.

Additionally, it offers a hands-free experience with zero-touch registration, Knox Mobile Enrollment, ABM, and endpoint management utilizing dynamic group allocation in the case of policies.

hexnode mdm

Key Features:

  • Easy to set up, thanks to its intuitive nature.
  • Hexnode manages any device and interacts with all the services required for system administration and authentication.
  • Its portal and user interface are simple and clear.
  • Hexnode makes managing kiosk devices quite simple.
  • The control features are excellent, and adding more devices is simple.
  • It makes settings and operations on Android and iOS simple.

6. Microsoft Endpoint

Software Link: Microsoft Endpoint

Compatibility: Cloud-based, Desktop, and Mobile Versions

Price: $10.60 per user per month

Citrix Endpoint Management is an MDM solution with a complete feature set, including mobile productivity applications, user experience improvement, and device security. The tool's robust mobile app and device control capabilities enable businesses to safeguard corporate data.

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager can conduct and monitor management operations and set up client and managed devices. For example, administrators may modify the frequency of device communication with the website, schedule software updates, and decide whether or not users can enroll mobile devices in Configuration Manager using this solution.

Additionally, you may specify which client configuration options your company wishes to keep an eye on.

microsoft enterprise mdm

Key Features:

  • Management tasks are automated
  • If you want to bring in an old or broken device, you can use AutoPilot to connect devices to Active Directory automatically.
  • Mobile device management services can also reset, repurpose, and recover devices.
  • It also examines the effects of configuration modification on the user.

7. Jamf Pro

Software Link: Jamf Pro

Compatibility: Apple Devices

Price: $4 per device per month

A business mobility management product made exclusively for Apple devices is Jamf Pro. The program works with iOS and macOS gadgets. Jamf Pro is very adaptable and easily integrates with other products you need for IT services, network access, and asset management.

For companies and educational institutions that provide Apple devices to staff members or students, Jamf Pro is the perfect answer. The program encourages user productivity and creativity while assisting in automating gadget administration.

jamf pro mdm

Key Features:

  • Jamf Pro facilitates device management for your IT staff and is simple to set up.
  • Enrollment of Devices at User Request
  • Users may also use a Mac imaging function to produce monolithic or modular pictures.
  • Management of purchases and licenses.
  • As the firm expands and changes, it may be advantageous to be able to reassign the licenses.
  • Enables consumers to self-enroll on any Apple device, including the iPhone, Mac, and others, via a website as needed.

8. Apple MaaS360

Software Link: Apple MaaS360

Compatibility: iOS Devices

Price: Free

With state-of-the-art security, analytics, and administration capabilities, IBM MaaS360 offers a reliable mobile device management solution. This all-inclusive corporate administration platform will take care of security, endpoints, application distribution, and identity management.

There's a good possibility that IBM's MaaS360 has an app for it if it's available as a corporate solution. Other fantastic features include app cataloging, single sign-on, policy enforcement, limiting and locking devices, extra security software, and data segmentation between personal and commercial.

maas360 mdm

Key Features:

  • One of its finest characteristics is that Maas360 is comparatively more secure
  • A straightforward administration interface that is task-based, working together on Secure content, allows for the maintenance of a single user identity across all company devices
  • Cloud-based benchmarking for device installations is provided by comprehensive and adaptable reporting functionality with artificial intelligence querying.

9. ManageEngine

Software Link: ManageEngine

Compatibility: Windows

Price: Free Tools

ManageEngine enables you to administer iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, and Chrome OS, in contrast to other MDM programs available on the market that only support one operating system. Additionally, a wide variety of devices, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, are supported by the program.

An easy-to-use dashboard by ManageEngine provides a thorough picture of the whole device ecosystem inside your company. With the ability to operate devices remotely, you can even troubleshoot equipment in real time.

manageengine mdm

Key Features:

  • Remote deletion of device data
  • Role-based authorizations
  • Adaptable access
  • Detected high-risk devices
  • Alerts from non-compliant devices
  • Business email security
  • Management of documents

10. Windows Intune

Software Link: Windows Intune

Compatibility: Windows and Apple Devices

Price: Free Trial and $10.60 per user per month

A cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform is called Microsoft Intune. Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility + Security subscription includes Intune MDM as a free bonus. Therefore, even though it's no longer a standalone product, you have many more.

Intune also comes with Microsoft's Malware Protection Engine and allows you to build your own protection rules, remotely control devices, monitor system reports and logs, install software and updates, manage Office applications, and examine system logs.

window intune mdm

Key Features:

  • Manage Office mobile applications
  • According to Microsoft, strong regulations are in place thanks to certificates, Wi-Fi, virtual private networks, and emails.
  • Specific programs with limited user behaviors prevent users from copying, pasting, saving, etc.
  • Using the Intune Managed Browser app, users may browse safely.
  • By establishing Mobile Application Control rules based on Azure AD, device management outside Intune enrollment is also possible.

The Bottom Line:

Data is one of a business's most valuable resources in the modern world. Organizations must take all necessary precautions to guarantee the security of their data. It becomes challenging to continually monitor all devices processing the data for your corporation due to the matrix of wireless connections.

As a result, mobile device management(MDM) software is an excellent tool for reducing the possibility that your data may be hacked.

James Davis

James Davis

staff Editor

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