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How to Remove Find My iPhone without Apple ID


Mar 08, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

While ensuring protection from theft, iPhone offers a wide variety of tools that helps users find their lost iPhone without any discrepancy. Unlike other smartphone developing companies, Apple ensures a far more impressive structure in locating a lost device than any other security protocol. However, certain users wish to configure their security settings from scratch or remove the existing protocols on a certain device. This article provides a detailed guide on removing Find My iPhone without Apple ID through a series of mechanisms and multiple techniques involving several platforms.

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Part 1. Remove Find My iPhone without Apple ID with Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock

Dr. Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) commemorates an impressive feature set with the provisions of executing tasks within a few steps. Out of the many mechanisms that you may have gone through or heard of, third-party platforms provide you with the most dedicated and efficient services to remove different security protocols from your device. These platforms, known for executing such tasks through the automated structure, can prove effective and cognitive for Apple users in retrieving their smartphones. While understanding the excessive number of platforms in the market, the article provides a very effective platform that helps you cover all dynamics of removing Find My iPhone without an Apple ID. Many reasons should tempt you into adopting Dr. Fone as your primary choice in turning off Find My iPhone without the aid of an Apple ID.

  • Fixes all solutions involving disabled iTunes or Apple Accounts.
  • Removes the lock-screen password with no hurdles.
  • Compatible with the latest iOS and works across all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
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Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock

Remove Find My iPhone with no Apple ID without Hassle.

  • Unlock an iPhone whenever the passcode is forgotten.
  • Save your iPhone quickly from the disabled state.
  • Free your sim out of any carrier worldwide.
  • Works for all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Fully compatible with the latest iOS.New icon
Available on: Windows Mac
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As you get to know more about Dr. Fone, it is necessary to understand the systematic execution of the process that would efficiently remove the Find My iPhone from your Apple Device.

Step 1: Download, Install and Launch

You need to download the platform across your desktop and install it successfully. After installation, launch the platform and select the “Screen Unlock” tool from the home window present on your front.


Step 2: Select Remove Active Lock

You need to select the "Unlock Apple ID" option on the new screen on your front.


Choose the "Remove Apple ID" option to lead towards the original process of removing Apple iD.

remove icloud activation lock

Step 3: Jailbreak your iPhone

Jailbreak your iPhone on your Windows computer.

unlock icloud activation - jailbreak iOS

Step 4: Confirm the device information

Dr.Fone detects the jailbroken device and displays the device information. Confirm it.

unlock icloud activation - confirm device model

Step 5: Start to remove

It starts to remove. Over completion of the activation lock removal, the platform displays a prompt message on the desktop. The Find, My iPhone, will also be removed.

unlock icloud activation - start to unlock

Part 2. Remove find my iPhone by recovering Apple ID

Another method that can come in quite handy is by consuming the iForgot website for Apple ID recovery. You can consider removing it with the aid of the Apple ID. For this, the iForgot website provides you with the perfect environment for execution. The platform helps you in recovering the password to your ID by following the steps declared below.

Step 1: Open the Apple ID page on your browser and tap on the option of “Forgot Apple ID or Password” to redirect yourselves to a new link.


Step 2: On the new window, provide your Apple ID along with the assorted phone number and tap "Continue."


Step 3: A notification will be sent across the devices connected across the Apple ID, offering you to reset your password. Access the link to change the password by following the on-screen steps. This successfully changes the password of your Apple ID.

Once you are done saving and securing the credentials of your Apple ID, you need to proceed toward removing the Find My iPhone service by following the steps offered as follows:

On your iPhone: Open the Settings of your device and tap "iCloud" to proceed. Select the option of "Find My iPhone" and set it to "Off." Provide the Apple ID password for the listed account and tap "Turn Off" to conclude.


Note: After you turn off the Find My iPhone services, the Activation Lock is automatically disabled.

Part 3. Remove find my iPhone with Apple support

Another approach that can be taken into consideration is by accessing Apple Support. Contacting Apple Support can be listed as one of the most prolific and conventional methods adopted to retrieve credentials and remove appropriate services readily consumed. However, to enjoy such easy services, you need to have a claim over the device. It would be both horrendous and confusing to contact Support if you have not had any control over the device in the past years. This method might be quite easy and cost less to execute; however, you cannot cover Apple devices bought through secondhand vendors. Furthermore, by following the steps described, it is up to the Support to decide on the case and provide you with appropriate results. Few details need to be covered before contacting the Support. By calling them, they would require the following details, at most.

  • The Apple AppleCare agreement number
  • The device’s serial number
  • The phone’s receipt

By providing the following details, Apple Support may help you remove the Find My iPhone across your device and helps you configure your device easily.


Part 4. Is it possible to remove the activation lock if it's a secondhand iPhone?

Normally, it is up to the previous user with his Apple ID to provide you with the appropriate credentials to remove the activation lock across the device. For such cases, you need to contact the user himself and explain the reasons for coming up with such a situation. One easy way of confirming the credentials is by going to the locality of the user himself. With this, the phone is just a restart away, followed by the standard activation procedures that would help you remove the Activation Lock across your device.

It isn't easy to follow these steps if you do not own the device and can't contact the owner. Under such circumstances, you have to use a third-party program. Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) is one of the best programs to remove an iCloud activation lock.


The article has explained a very comprehensive set of features and tools that can be efficiently consumed to remove the Activation Lock across an iPhone for removing the Find My iPhone settings. The mechanisms stated can provide you with the appropriate execution if followed properly. For this, you need to follow the guide to understand all the dynamics involved in the system.

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