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With such countless passwords, forgetting passwords on occasion isn't surprising. What are your possibilities for iTunes unlock phone if you run over such circumstances and lose your password? Certainly, when this question springs up, you must not get terrified. We are here to direct you through the process of fixing this issue.

Losing a passcode is entirely normal and can happen to anyone. So, if you are also among the lot, we will elaborate on how to unlock iPhone with iTunes. After thorough research, our experts have laid out some essential unlocking methods for our readers. So, if you need to get things straight, read this detailed guide to go over your issue.

Part 1: Why Was My iPhone Disabled?

Using a lock screen passcode to secure your iDevice is an excellent way. However, it can become troublesome when you forget the key to your phone. Moreover, you may get stuck even if your screen breaks. On the other hand, someone may take your phone and type a few incorrect passcodes.

If your screen displays "iPhone disabled," the most probable reason is an excess of wrong passcode attempts. However, this can sometimes occur without you understanding if the phone is in your pocket.

It would help if you erased your iPhone to eliminate the lock and passcode, then re-sync it with iTunes. Then, you can restore your phone from an iCloud or an iTunes backup, but if you have never used a backup on your phone, your phone will have nothing. This guide illustrates how to unlock disabled iPhone with iTunes.

Part 2: How to Unlock iPhone with iTunes

At first, iTunes was only a media software used to play, download and see sound and video documents. Later in 2011, it became a valuable tool to support information and adjust it across numerous devices.

It added the 'Restore' option that can assist clients with unlocking their iPhones when they forget their passcode.

In any case, one has to know that iTunes is not an expert unlocking tool. Apple seldom updates iTunes, and its last update was long ago. Consequently, it has numerous tech bugs. As a result, the unlocking process using iTunes takes a lot of time. During the process, you may experience different error codes like 3004, 1100, 3194, 4000, and 4013. That makes it a tedious process.

Requirements for Windows PC:

  • For iTunes unlock phone, your PC should have installed Windows 8 or later and the most recent iTunes variant.

Requirements for Mac:

  • Open the Finder window if you have macOS Catalina or a more recent one.
  • Open the most current version of iTunes using macOS Mojave or older.
  • You must have a USB connector.

Steps (For Windows)

Step 1. Connect the locked iPhone to the PC

Connect your locked iPhone to your PC through a lightning or USB connector. Open iTunes on Windows PC.

Step 2. Put your iPhone in recovery mode

To enter a Recovery Mode, press a combination of buttons on your iPhone. Doing such, you will see a recovery mode screen on your iPhone. To place the iPhone in Recovery mode, follow these:

  • iPhone 8 or above (second and third generation): Press and release the volume (+) button. Press and release the volume (-) button. Hold power/side button until seeing the recovery mode on your screen.
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Press the top (or side) and volume down buttons simultaneously until the recovery screen shows up.
  • iPhone SE (first generation) and iPhone 6S: Hold the home button and the power/side button simultaneously until the recovery mode screen shows up.

Note: If you see the passcode screen, switch off your iPhone and do the process again until you see the Recovery mode screen.

Step 3. Restore your iPhone

As the recovery Mode screen shows up on the iPhone, you will find your iPhone on iTunes unlock phone screen. Then, a box shows up with a message saying there is an iPhone issue. It will expect you to update or restore your phone. So, click on Restore.

click restore

Step 4. It then asks you to confirm whether you are sure you need to restore the iPhone to its default factory state. It does so because your media and data will be all erased. Then, click on Restore and Update.

Step 5. Then, "iPhone Software Update" may spring up. Click Next, and afterwards, click Agree. iTunes will begin downloading the software and restore your iPhone when the download is finished.

When the "iPhone software update" is downloaded, iTunes will show that it will erase your iPhone and restore it to iOS 15.4.1. Then click on Restore.

The above bar will show "Extracting software… ". It implies iOS 15.4.1 iTunes is planning to restore the software on this iPhone.

extracting software

Step 6. Your iPhone will show the restore progress bar with the white apple logo. The length of the process relies upon how much data is on your cell phone. Generally, it takes 20 to 120 minutes. When done, your iPhone will restart naturally. Furthermore, after your iPhone restarts, you can reset your iPhone. For example, you can make a new passcode.

Part 3: Unlocking iPhone without iTunes

1. Unlock it with Find My in iCloud

Find My is a famous element in Apple devices that allows you to find your lost phone through Maps. The component has been updated from that point forward, and presently it can be utilized to erase your iPhone. Additionally, you can use it to erase your information without a passcode.

Steps to Unlock:

Step 1. Open iCloud.com on a mobile or internet browser.

Step 2. Enter your Apple ID and password as inquired.

enter apple id

Step 3. After signing in effectively, click on Find My and enter your Apple ID and password. Click on Sign In.

Pick your locked gadget under the "All Devices" area.

enter apple id

Step 4. Click on 'Erase iPhone'. Click on 'Erase' again.

click erase

Step 5. Enter the Apple ID password to proceed.

Step 6. A check code will be sent to unlock your locked gadget. Enter the code to proceed.

Step 7. Presently, enter your number. Then, click Next and then Done.

Step 8. The iCloud will effectively begin the erase, and you can see the Apple sign with a white advancement bar noticeable on your locked iPhone. After an effective erase process, your iPhone will restart.

Step 9. Swipe up on the iPhone screen to begin once more.

Step 10. iPhone will show that it is locked to the owner. You have to sign in with your Apple ID again, enter the password, and tap on Next. You will currently be enabled to make your new passcode.

2. Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock

safe Downloadsafe & secure

If you are searching for an elective way to unlock your iPhone with iTunes, you can pick Wondershare Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock.

This software is an ideal iTunes elective that doesn't need a passcode to unlock the iPhone. Whatever the situation, Dr.Fone can determine the issue in no time. It can eliminate Face ID, Touch ID, or a 4 to 6-digit passcode in no time. Moreover, it works with almost any iOS version at the moment. Here's the alternate way to iTunes unlock phone:

Step 1. Connect your iDevice to the PC

From the Dr.Fone program on your PC, select "Screen Unlock" the tool.

select screen unlock

Then use a USB connector to connect your iOS gadget to the PC. Then, click the "Unlock iOS Screen" option on your screen.

unlock ios screen

Step 2. Boot your iDevice in Recovery/DFU Mode

Before deleting the iPhone screen, it is necessary to boot it in Recovery/DFU. You can follow the steps on your screen to do so. Moreover, the Recovery mode is the suggested way for your situation. However, you can use the DFU mode if this doesn't work.

enter recovery mode

Step 3. Confirm Phone Model

After turning the DFU mode on, the program will show your phone information. In addition, it will show its model and software version. You can choose the correct data from the dropdown menu if it isn't accurate. Then, it is time to download the firmware required for your phone model.

select phone model

Step 4. Remove the Lock

After downloading the firmware, tap Unlock Now to begin the unlocking process.

unlock now

Doing so will unlock your iPhone within no time. However, kindly note this unlocking process will likewise wipe your iPhone's user data. Indeed, each solution removes your data. Therefore, you must be careful enough to back up your files before doing this process.

The Bottom Line

We hope you found out about how to unlock iPhone with iTunes. We likewise discussed what to do when you need an alternate method to iTunes. We know that using iTunes can be somewhat complicated; hence, the other options can help you a ton. However, we strongly suggest Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock for a more refined unlocking process.

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