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[Best Methods] How To Fix iPhone Unavailable Issue With Ease


May 11, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

The iPhone stands out as an impressive device that integrates technology and practicality. Nonetheless, even the most cutting-edge devices experience occasional setbacks. Among these, one major problem for iPhone users is the "iPhone Unavailable" message. This problem typically arises when many incorrect passcode attempts have locked the device. It renders the device inaccessible, displaying the "iPhone Unavailable" prompt.

Yet, worry not, for reliable methods exist to address this problem efficiently. In this guide, we'll explore the best and proven techniques for how to fix iPhone unavailable. We will also walk you through step-by-step solutions and provide clear instructions to resolve your unavailable iPhone.

fix iphone unavailable

Part 1. iPhone is Unavailable: Explaining the Basics

The "iPhone Unavailable" issue is a distressing fix encountered by users. It occurs when their iPhone becomes unavailable with a black screen and inaccessible due to many incorrect passcode attempts. This problem arises as a security measure implemented by Apple. Its primary aim is to protect the data on the device and deter unauthorized access.

The iPhone's security mechanism typically activates after six wrong attempts. It starts with making the iPhone unavailable for a specific period. The device becomes permanently locked when the incorrect code is entered consecutively for the 10th time. This lock manifests as the "iPhone Unavailable" message on the screen.

This acts as a shield against potential intruders trying to gain access by guessing or brute-forcing the passcode. However, this protective measure can affect users who forget their passcodes or insert incorrect entries mistakenly. For example, there are cases of children playing with the device, leading to accidental key presses. All of this makes learning how to unlock the iPhone unavailable an essential thing to learn.

Part 2. [Top Fix] Unlock iPhone Unavailable Without Lossing Data By Wondershare Dr.Fone

When faced with the "iPhone Unavailable" issue, the most common cause is forgetfulness. The other major cause is the accidental incorrect entries of the device's passcode. This predicament leaves users locked out of their iPhones and functionalities. Wondershare Dr.Fone emerges as a leading solution to tackle this frustrating problem.

It is designed to address various iOS-related issues, including unlocking disabled iPhones. Dr.Fone offers a user-friendly approach to regaining access to your device. The tool offers a smooth process that bypasses the locked screen, allowing users to regain entry into their iPhones. It can remove all screen locks like passcode, password, Touch ID, and Face ID.

Key Highlights of Wondershare Dr.Fone

  1. You can remove the iCloud activation lockswiftly and effortlessly with Dr.Fone's iPhone unlocking function.
  2. It effectively bypasses the Apple ID lockpermanently, irrespective of the activation of Find My/Find My iPhone on the device.
  3. Fone empowers you to bypass MDMrestrictions from your device without data loss or the necessity to jailbreak your device.

Steps To Unlock Your iPhone Unavailable With Wondershare Dr.Fone

With Dr.Fone, even users with no tech prowess can easily unlock their devices. Below is the guide to iPhone unavailable how to fix using Wondershare Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS):

Here is a video for you to learn how to unlock your iPhone screen:

  • Step 1. Dr.Fone Installation and iOS Screen Unlock Setup

After installing Wondershare Dr.Fone onto your computer, launch it. Proceed by accessing "Toolbox," followed by “Screen Unlock.” Now choose "iOS" as the device type and choose the "Unlock iOS Screen" option. Click "Start" on the next screen to start the unlocking process for your iOS device.

select unlock ios screen option

safe Downloadsafe & secure
  • Step 2. iDevice Recovery Mode and Firmware Download

Afterward, place your iDevice into Recovery Mode by following the on-screen instructions. Then, the platform will detect the “Device Model” and showcase it. If necessary, change the model and choose the “System Version.” Once these adjustments are made, click on "Start "to continue. The next screen will display the download progress of the iOS firmware.

start unlock process

  • Step 3. iOS Firmware Verification and Unlocking Confirmation

After ensuring the iOS firmware is downloaded and validated, you're ready to proceed. To begin unlocking, click the "Unlock Now" button. This action will trigger a confirmation prompt asking you to enter the necessary code. Once entered, tap "Unlock" to advance to the last stage. Click the "Done" button to complete the process when your device is unlocked.

 unlock by typing the required code

Tips: Are you searching for a powerful iPhone Unlock tool? No worries as Dr.Fone is here to help you. Download it and start a seamless unlock experience!

Part 3. How To Unlock iPhone Unavailable Using Find My

When encountering the iPhone Unavailable issue, a method to regain access is Apple's Find My feature. This method allows users to erase their device remotely and set it up again. Nevertheless, it's important to emphasize that this procedure will delete all information on the device while unlocking it. Below is a detailed, step-by-step guide on unlocking your iPhone Unavailable using Find My:

  • Step 1. Using a web browser, access the iCloud website and “Sign In” using your Apple ID and password. Once logged in, scroll down and click the "Find My" option on the website.

access find my on icloud website

  • Step 2. On the following screen, select the unavailable iPhone from the "All Devices” section on the left side. Once you access the device options, tap the "Erase this Device" option. Afterward, follow the on-screen prompts to erase the device completely.

erase device via icloud website

Part 4. How To Unlock iPhone Unavailable Using Erase iPhone Feature

One potential solution to resolve the iPhone Unavailable issue is the “Erase iPhone” feature. It is available for users running iOS 15.2 or higher via the device itself. This method is straightforward but requires you to have your device's Apple ID password. Using this method will result in all data deletion on your iPhone. The following is how to unlock unavailable iPhone using Erase iPhone:

  • Step 1. To begin, look for the "Erase iPhone" option in the bottom right corner of your iPhone.

erase iphone after entering wrong passcode

  • Step 2. A prompt will appear on the screen, warning you about the data loss or trying again in 15 minutes. Here, tap “ Erase iPhone” again, and on the following screen, enter the Apple ID “Password.” This will kickstart the process of erasing your iPhone, and it will become available.

erase start process via apple id

Part 5. How To Unlock iPhone Unavailable Using Other Device

If another device uses the same Apple ID as your locked device, you can use it to unlock it. You can remotely erase the locked device using the Find My app on this trusted device. It's important to note that this action necessitates your Apple ID credentials.

Moreover, it will result in deleting all data on the locked device. These are the steps to remove the "Unavailable" iPhone from another device:

  • Step 1. Access the Find My app on your reliable iOS device and log in with your Apple ID details. Within the Find My interface, expand the "Devices" tab from the bottom side of the screen.

access devices on find my app

  • Step 2. Within "Devices," locate and select the "Unavailable" iPhone from the list of devices. Once you have selected the device, choose "Erase This Device" from the available options after scrolling down.

erase device using find my app

  • Step 3. Afterward, press the "Continue" button to confirm your choice. On the following screen, "Enter Phone Number" if needed and tap the "Erase" option at the top right corner. Next, write your "Apple ID password for verification purposes and again hit the "Erase" option to erase the device quickly.

provide apple id password for erasing

Part 6. How To Unlock iPhone Unavailable Using iTunes

Consider utilizing iTunes as a solution for the "iPhone Unavailable" issue. It involves the restoration of your device to its factory settings. While effective, note that it leads to complete data loss. Unlocking your iPhone Unavailable via iTunes is detailed in the following step-by-step guide:

  • Step 1. Make certain your computer has the most recent version of iTunes installed. Afterward, connect your iPhone to it via a USB cable. To place your device into Recovery Mode, refer to the appropriate guide based on your iPhone model.
  • For iPhone 8 or Later:Press the Volume Up button momentarily, followed by the Volume Down button similarly. Press the Side button until the recovery mode screen is displayed.
  • For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Simultaneously press the Volume Down and Sleep/Wake buttons and hold them until the recovery mode screen comes up.
  • For iPhone 6s and Earlier:Simultaneously press the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons until the recovery mode screen emerges.

put iphone into recovery mode

  • Step 2. In iTunes, a notification will appear, signaling a problem with the iPhone that needs to be updated or restored. Select the "Restore" option to commence the restoration procedure. This action will delete all data and configurations on the iPhone and install the most recent iOS version.

restore iphone via itunes


In conclusion, several helpful methods exist for how to unlock unavailable iPhone. Various techniques offer solutions, including iTunes, Find My, and other device removal methods. Dr.Fone distinguishes itself as the most effective choice. This is due to its user-friendly interface and capability to bypass the lock, making it the optimal solution.

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