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Tinder Gold not working? Hard-core solutions Here!


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Tinder is an online dating platform for singles. The free, plain vanilla experience is about swiping left or right on potential matches to signify disinterest or interest, respectively. Once both parties swipe right on each other, it becomes a match, and Tinder allows you to chat with each other securely and privately using the app. Then comes Tinder Gold, that you pay for, and allows you to take your Tinder experience to the next level. Have you paid for Tinder Gold but find that Tinder Gold is not working for you as promised?

Tinder Gold: A Primer

Tinder Gold is a supercharged Tinder experience and gives you access to features that you do not get on the free version of Tinder. Paying for Tinder Gold gives you exclusive features that you will find very handy. If you have been on Tinder for a while and are getting enough potential matches, you might have realized by now that free Tinder limits the number of likes you can use and once this limit is crossed, you enter a cooling period of a few hours. This usually happens on that one person you wanted to swipe right on, doesn’t it? Not anymore if you have paid for Tinder Gold. Among other features, paying for Tinder Gold gives you Unlimited Likes.

How do you make your Like stand out from all the other likes your potential match might be getting? Yep, if you have paid for Tinder Gold, you get five Super Likes per day. The idea is, if you have someone that you want to show your interest in, you send them a Super Like instead of a normal Like.

With Boost, you get your profile featured at the top in your area for 30 minutes. One such Boost per month is bundled along if you have paid for Tinder Gold.

Suppose there are multiple profiles one after the other that you do not like, and swipe left. In that flow, sometimes, a profile you like gets swiped left instead of right, courtesy the muscle memory, and you curse your luck and begin ruing about what if you were just a little bit more careful. Well, if you have paid for Tinder Gold, you also get access to the Rewind feature, which lets you undo your last action.

Tinder Gold also lets you play prescient and gives you a nifty feature called Likes You. So, even before you like someone, you know if they like you. Sweet, isn’t it?

Perhaps the best of all features that you get if you paid for Tinder Gold is Passport. Tinder works within a few miles’ radius of your current location. This can severely limit your experience. If you paid for Tinder Gold, Tinder lets you drop a pin anywhere on the map and start Liking and chatting with people in that area. All world is one with Tinder Gold.

Now, what happens when you paid for Tinder Gold but it is not working? Do you just ask for a refund or do you try and make Tinder Goldwork for you? If you are reading about it, you want the latter.

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Tinder Gold: What Issues Are You Facing with Tinder Gold?

If you have paid for Tinder Gold but it is not working for you, there can be reasons and all of them can be worked out with a few tips.

Tinder Gold Not Working: Not Getting Enough Matches

This is one of the major reasons people feel upset about when they have paid for Tinder Gold but find it is not working for them. If need to figure out the root of the problem here. The reasons could range from anywhere between simply there are not enough matches to show you or your profile comes across as unattractive to potential matches, or something deeper such as related to your swiping behavior that the algorithms pick up on.

Not Getting Enough Matches: Unattractive Profile

Did you always receive little to no matches? If that is the case, the problem probably lies in the kind and quality of the photo(s) you have uploaded on your profile or the content you have on your profile, in other words, an unattractive profile. This is in no way to suggest you are unattractive, it simply means that you are coming across as unattractive in your profile, either by way of your photos or by way of the content on your profile.

The photos you have on your profile should be a genuine reflection of you, and you should be looking presentable. No one wants a project to work on in their lives. You should ideally not show off unless that is the person you are and like to show off a bit. About the content on your profile, you should not write your profile in SMS language. You should give out a fair description of yourself to create a decent mental image of yourself in the mind of the potential match.

Not Getting Enough Matches: Swiping Behaviors

But, if you have good quality photos and your profile is written well, and you find Tinder Gold does not work, the problem might be somewhere else, probably with your swiping behavior. Tinder algorithms work in a way that they penalize you when they realize you are right-swiping on every potential match that comes your way. This is treated as an act of desperation and lowers your score, making you next to invisible, therefore, reducing the number of potentials matches you receive.

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Not Getting Enough Matches: Too Picky?

If you aren’t swiping right on anyone on Tinder and therefore you feel Tinder is not working for you, then maybe Tinder Gold is not working for you since you are being too picky. In that case, you can consider if you are setting impossible standards in a potential match and no one that comes your way matches those standards. Relax the criteria a little and give your potential matches a chance before dismissing them. On the contrary, maybe you are swiping above your league too much and, therefore, not getting matches back? In that case, work on matching with people more like you, with similar tastes and interests.

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Not Getting Enough Matches Suddenly

Since you paid for Tinder Gold but it is not working for you, there is a chance that you received enough matches in free Tinder to make you consider upgrading to Tinder Gold and experience the added advantages it brings. So, if you are not getting matches suddenly after you upgraded to Tinder Gold, maybe you are doing something that sets off the Tinder algorithms and creates a problem for you.

Tinder Gold Not Working: Problems with Algorithm

Sometimes, you find that you paid for Tinder Gold but it is not working even if you have a convincing profile with good photos. If this is how Tinder Gold is not working for you, then it may be the way you use Tinder Gold that is posing a problem for the algorithm and you need to tweak how you use Tinder Gold.

Sometimes, when people find that they are not getting desired results on Tinder, they attempt to reset their account on Tinder. This is ill-advised and if you have done this to sort out your issues with Tinder Gold after you paid for it, this is probably why you are facing issues with Tinder now. Tinder takes you for a bot if you reset your account too often, or, if you change your location too frequently, if you use third-party apps to spoof your location on Tinder, or if you delete your account entirely and create a new one minutes later. All these activities will signal to the algorithm that there is something fishy going on, and you would probably be shadow-banned. You will find the app usable for all practical purposes but you wouldn’t get matches anymore. Getting reported as a spammer too often would also result in the algorithm shadow-banning or banning you from Tinder, in which case, you may try creating a new account or resetting your account if you feel you are shadow-banned, but there is little else you can do.

Tinder Gold Not Working: Availability of Matches

This might sound insane considering that Tinder is the highest-grossing online dating platform in the world, and you’d think everyone in your area would be on Tinder, but the fact is that there will be many who are not using Tinder at all, for whatever reasons. So, if you paid for Tinder Gold but it is not working for you, it may very well be not your fault at all but that there simply are not many in your area who use Tinder Gold. For this very purpose, the Passport feature in Tinder Gold can come in handy.

You can use the Passport feature in Tinder Gold and access nearby areas for matches and see if your luck changes. Remember to not change your location too frequently, though, as even though Passport is a feature, Tinder algorithms do not like it if you change your location too frequently.

Also, be understanding of the fact that Tinder is not the end of the word for your dating career, there are other excellent platforms that you can (and should) try your luck with, such as eHarmony, OkCupid, Bumble, and Match.

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