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Can Life360 Track Or See Text Messages? What Can You Do with Life360?


May 29, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Life360 is a family locator application that brings people closer to their family members with location sharing and place alerts, but people misunderstand its features and compare it to other spying apps and wonder if can life360 see text messages. It is a free application that allows users to track the location of their loved ones with text messages and one-tap directions. However, it cannot see text messages from other messaging apps or other devices.

Life360 uses real-time GPS data to notify your group members about your location as a location-sharing app. It also tracks driving habits and the user's safety while on the road. In addition, you don't have to worry about privacy; people outside your circle can't view or access your location or texts. Here we will answer your various questions about Life360, including, can Life360 see internet history, read or show text, etc. You will also learn how to stop life360 from seeing your location data or texts.

Part 1: Is Life360 a spy app?

You might have learned from your friends or social media about various applications that allow you to track other devices, view text messages, and track everything someone does on their device. No one, including your circle members, can spy on what you do on your devices, like checking your internet history or reading texts. Although life360 has many tracking features similar to spy apps, it only provides basic location and text tracking under specific conditions. For people who don't use Life360 for privacy reasons, what can life360 monitor? Can Life360 see your internet history, or can Life360 see who you text? Here is a brief about everything the app can do and monitor on your phone.

Part 2: What can you do with Life360?

Life360 is a mobile application that provides family security services that you can download and use for free on Android and IOS. Its basic features include location and driving safety tracking as the application runs in the background. In addition, the application notifies group members if someone in the group is not driving responsibly. Users can also pay for premium perks to access more safety and tracking features for the security of their loved ones.

There are many valuable features in the life360 app, such as device tracking and locator, which allows you to track your stolen or lost devices. It also allows users to track what other circle members like to do, which route they prefer, and which locations they usually visit. Unfortunately, the app only runs when the location services on any device are turned on, and the user permits it to run in the background. It does not work when the device is turned off, or its battery is dead.

The paid features of life360 notify circle members when you text while driving. Even if the user turns this feature off, it will still show that you are doing something on your phone while driving.

One of the best features of Life360 is the panic button which allows users to send out mass emergency texts to their circle members with their GPS coordinates if they are in danger.

Part 3: Can Life360 see your texts?

Although it uses some tracking features, there are limitations on what the app can or cannot do. If you are wondering can life360 see your texts, then the answer is "No"; the app can only see and track your texts under one condition. As Life360 links group members' devices, it can read texts sent between members of any group. All circle members get notifications when your app is active. Some applications allow users to view the text on someone's device, like their spouse or partner, but life360 does not compromise the privacy of its users and only shows limited information without any way of spying on others.

Part 4: What can Life360 see?

Now, you know that Life360 cannot see your text message, but what can Life360 see? Here are some of the typical functionalities and data that Life360 can see:

1. Location: Life360 can track the real-time location of the devices associated with the app. This includes the ability to view the current whereabouts of family members on a map and track their movements over time.

2. Geofencing: The app allows you to set up geofences, which are virtual boundaries around specific areas. Life360 can detect when a family member enters or leaves a geofenced location and send notifications accordingly.

3. Driving behavior: Life360 offers features to monitor driving behavior, such as detecting speed, hard braking, and rapid acceleration. It can provide insights into how safely someone is driving and notify other family members of any concerning events.

4. Crash detection: Life360 also includes a crash detection feature that uses sensors in the device to detect potential car accidents. In such cases, the app can automatically send alerts to emergency contacts.

5. Check-ins and notifications: You can manually check in at specific locations to let your family members know you have arrived safely. Life360 also allows for sending notifications and messages within the app.

6. Battery level: Life360 may have access to the battery level of the devices connected to the app. This information can be used to provide alerts when a family member's device is low on battery.

It's important to note that while Life360 is designed to facilitate family communication and safety, the extent of data visibility and tracking can vary based on the settings and permissions configured within the app.

Part 5: How to stop Life360 from seeing your location data?

Life360 can only have limited access to your texts, but it tracks your location as long as the app runs in the background and the location services are on. For those of you who wonder, does life360 alert you when someone checks your locations? The answer is no because no Android or iOS application has that feature. So, all group members can track your location or see your location history all the time. Here is how you can stop life360 from seeing your location.

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location is a location changer application that teleports your GPS location to anywhere you want with a single click. It is the best tool to fool all location tracking-based Android or IOS applications, including Life360. Users can fake their location by stimulating GPS location with a joystick and drawing a fake route on a 360-degree map. It also allows you to play location-based games on your device without moving a single step.

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Open the Dr.Fone software on your computer and connect your phone. Next, navigate to "Virtual Location".

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And click on "Get Started" to open the maps.

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Click on the "Teleport Mode" search for your fake location or use the joystick stimulator to move to the exact coordinates. Finally, click on the "Move Here" button to change your device's location.

choose destination

Part 6: FAQs about Life360

FAQ 1: Are there any cons to using Life360?

Life360 is a family tracking app designed for parents to stay informed about the whereabouts of their children, including about their digital well-being. There are zero cons to using Life360 for its intended purpose.

FAQ 2: My Wi-Fi is Off. Can people still see my location on Life360?

Unless your location services are Off, your location might still be viewable on Life360 as data can be transmitted over cellular as well as Wi-Fi. So, switching Wi-Fi off will not prevent users from seeing your location on Life360.

FAQ 3: How can I hide my Life360 history?

There is no way to hide your Life360 history. There are only two ways to remove your Life360 history, though – deleting the Life360 account itself or removing a device from the Life360 Circle. If you are a minor trying to wriggle your way out of some trouble, removing yourself from the Circle or deleting your account is a sure-fire way of getting you into more trouble!

FAQ 4: Isn't Life360 an invasion of privacy?

Life360 is designed for parents to always stay informed about the digital well-being of their children and their location. Children might think this is an invasion of privacy but given what's out there on the internet and in the world, parents are rightfully concerned. If you are using Life360 as a rudimentary spyware to track your ex or any such purposes, then that is on you and that is an invasion of their privacy.


I hope reading this article helped relieve your concerns about the Life360 app. Can you track text messages with life360 "Yes" the app tracks your location through texts but can life360 read texts, or can life360 see who you text, "No" because it cannot monitor all your device's actions. The device can see if you are texting others. Still, it cannot store any data, so you can privately communicate with people inside or outside your circle. But you can stop the app from tracking your location for safety purposes, so you have to use Dr.Fone - Virtual Location to trick location-based applications or change your GPS coordinates or location history with one click.


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