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Top 10 Fingerprint Lock Apps to Lock Your Android Phone

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In the last few years, we have seen the launch of numerous Android phones with an inbuilt fingerprint scanner. This provides added security to the device and should definitely be utilized by the user. In order to make the most of this amazing feature, you can find lots of fingerprint lock app options listed on Google Play Store. Since there are so many options for a fingerprint app, it might become tedious to pick the best finger lock app for your device. Don’t worry – we are here to help you. In this guide, we will make you familiar with the ten best fingerprint screen lock app options out there.

Let’s start our listicle by exploring some of the best fingerprint scanner lock app options available on Google Play Store.

1. CM Fingerprint Applocker

Developed by Cheetah Mobile, the fingerprint app will be an ideal solution to safeguard your privacy. Besides locking your mobile, it can also lock the device’s settings, calls, installation of apps, play store, and more. You can also customize the app locker and include PIN and passwords as well.

cm fingerprint applocker

  • • Full customization
  • • It doesn’t require the rooting of the device
  • • Can lock settings, calls, browser, play store, and more
  • • Freely available with no ads
  • • Supports Android 4.0 and later versions

Rating: 4.5

Download URL:

2. KeepSafe Applock Fingerprint Password

This fingerprint lock app is developed by KeepSafe and is one of the most trusted app lockers out there. With it, you can lock your social media apps, emails, browsers, and more. The app is pretty easy to use and provides a quick option to alter the fingerprint lock settings as well.

keepsafe applock fingerprint password

  • • It can be used to lock any app of your choice
  • • Users can customize the lock by including PIN and password as well
  • • Proactive settings to protect new apps
  • • Multi-language support
  • • Supports Android 4.0.3 and later versions

Rating: 4.1

Download URL:

3. AppLock: Fingerprint & PIN

From social media apps to your gallery, this finger lock app can protect almost everything on your device. It comes with tons of features like app time-out, fake crash screen, the inclusion of PIN, and more. All of this can be customized from its settings as well.

applock fingerprint pin

  • • It can capture the picture of the intruder
  • • Provides a fake crash screen to hide that the app that has been locked
  • • Different themes for the lock screen
  • • It has an improved lock screen engine
  • • Contains in-app ads
  • • Supports Android 4.0.3 and later versions

Rating: 4.0

Download URL:

4. FingerSecurity

As the name suggests, this fingerprint screen lock app can help you attain complete security on your device with your fingerprint. Besides all the popular apps, you can even lock widgets and settings with it. It can also capture the picture of the intruder, letting you know if your device has been tampered with.


  • • You can set a fake crash screen for the protected apps
  • • It can protect notifications from the selective apps as well
  • • Users can unlock multiple apps at once
  • • Can set alternative PINs if the fingerprint is not recognized
  • • Supports Android 4.3 and up

Rating: 4.2

Download URL:

5. App Lock – Real Fingerprint Protection

If you are looking for a lightweight and secure fingerprint lock app, then you can simply give this option by Kohinoor Apps a try. It can lock any app of your choice and protect your settings as well.  In this way, you can keep intruders away and level up the security on your device.

Real Fingerprint Protection

  • • It can include PIN and password protection with your fingerprint
  • • The app sends immediate alerts with an intruder selfie support
  • • It can also lock system apps, settings, browser, gallery, and more
  • • Contains in-app purchases and ads
  • • Supports Android 4.1 and later versions

Rating: 4.2

Download URL:

6. SpSoft Fingerprint AppLocker

Halt your quest for a complete fingerprint app right here. One of the best finger lock app options out there, it comes with tons of features that will fulfill your security needs. Besides locking all the major apps, settings, and more with your fingerprint, it also has a notification lock and a fake screen feature.

SpSoft Fingerprint AppLocker

  • • Lightweight and easy to use
  • • Supports multiple languages
  • • It can also be used to reset a lost password
  • • Contains in-app ads and purchases
  • • Supports Android 2.3 and later versions

Rating: 4.4

Download URL:

7. AppLock by DoMobile Lab

One of the best fingerprint app lockers, it is already used by more than 100 million users the world over. Even though it is used to lock apps via passwords and PINs, it also provides dedicated support for the fingerprint scanner and locking mechanism. It provides full customization support with the availability of various themes.

DoMobile Lab Applock

  • • Random keyboard with an invisible pattern lock
  • • It has an inbuilt power-saving mode
  • • Users can customize profiles for each app
  • • The app supports all the major languages
  • • Compatible with all the leading Android versions (including Android 8.0)
  • • Contains in-app purchases

Rating: 4.4

Download URL:

8. App Lock Pro: Fingerprint

This is another fingerprint screen lock app that is widely used by Android users the world over. Developed by MobiDev studio, it can even videotape the intruder of your device. You can use this tool to lock all the popular apps on your device and can even customize its overall look and feel.

App Lock Pro

  • • It provides full customization with the availability of themes
  • • The tool can also protect notifications from selective apps
  • • It can camouflage the page of your choice
  • • Videotapes the intruder
  • • Contains ads
  • • Supports 4.4 and later versions

Rating: 4.4

Download URL:

9. LOCKit

LOCKit it a complete security app that can help you protect your photos, apps, notifications, and more. It also comes with a photo and video vault to protect your media files. You can fool any intruder with a fake crash screen and capture their photo as well.


  • • Full customization of fingerprint lock with PIN and password
  • • Multiple language support
  • • Can lock incoming calls and customize the notification bar
  • • Photo and video vault
  • • Requires Android 2.2 and later versions

Rating: 4.6

Download URL:

10. Fingerprint Locker

The fingerprint lock app is compatible with all the devices running on Android Marshmallow and later versions. It is a lightweight app that utilizes a minimum battery. It might not have all the advanced features, but it certainly provides a basic solution to lock apps with your fingerprint.

Fingerprint Locker

  • • Can lock all the popular apps with your fingerprint
  • • Lightweight and fast
  • • Freely available with no ads
  • • Runs on Android 4.2 and later versions

Rating: 3.6

Download URL:

Now when you know about all the popular options for the fingerprint screen lock app, you can simply go with an ideal choice. Go ahead and download the fingerprint lock app of your choice and provide an added layer of security to your device. Out of all listed options for the fingerprint app, which one is your favorite? Let us know about it in the comments.

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