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[Full Review] TFT Unlock Tool - Features, How to Download and More


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Imagine performing complex phone management tasks within a few simple clicks. Sounds cool. Well, that is precisely what the TFT Unlock Tool has made possible.

It is a fantastic phone repair program for various mobile phones. It has several advanced features that can help you fix intricate smartphone issues.

This article will provide an in-depth review of the TFT Unlocker Tool. We will explore its features, the TFT unlock tool download, and the how-to guide. We will also offer a powerful alternative to this tool. So, stick with us to the end!

Let’s go!

Part 1. What is the TFT Unlock Tool?

TFT Unlock is a multipurpose program developed by Iq-Team. It can help you repair your phone’s software, bypass FRP lock, erase phone data, flash firmware, and more.

TFT Unlock tool free download is available for Windows PCs and requires the Android USB driver to work. It is a popular tool among Android phone users to unlock screens and fix complex smartphone issues.

tft unlock tool

The fact that you can find various cracked versions online makes it a widely accessible and free program. TFTUnlock offers a full suite of advanced features for over 100 smartphone models.

Once you find your device model from the available list, you can fix all the software issues in a few clicks. Let’s see which devices are compatible with it.

1.TFT Unlock Supported Devices

Here’s a list of all the phone brands it supports.

  • Samsung
  • Apple
  • Huawei
  • Xiaomi
  • OPPO
  • VIVO
  • LG
  • Qualcomm
  • Nokia
  • Lenovo
  • Infinix
  • Techno
  • Universal

Did you find your device on the list? Let’s see what features of the TFT Bypass Tool you can use!

2.Key Features of TFT Unlock

TFTUnlock has various advanced features under its belt. Let’s explore each of them below.

  1. Unlock Screen: You can remove all types of screen locks, including PIN, Pattern, and Face locks from Android. It can also bypass passcodes and the Hello screen on Apple devices.
  2. Bypass FRP Lock: After the hard reset, you can erase the Google FRP lock from used phones.
  3. Factory Reset phone: You can factory reset your phone and erase all of its data without needing verification.
  4. Unlock/Relock Bootloader: It can unlock the bootloader to install any firmware and allow advanced customization. Then, you can relock the bootloader using the TFTUnlock Tool.
  5. Erase MiCloud: You can remove MiCloud from Xiaomi devices without logging in with your ID.
  6. Repair IMEI: You can fix a corrupted or overwritten IMEI identifier using the TFT tool.
  7. Flash Firmware: It can both read and write Flash. This way, you can install custom software on your phone.
  8. More Functionalities: Fix Wi-Fi MAC, S/N, Board S/N, Vendor code, Country code, and Bluetooth address. It can also remove Oppo ID.

3.Pros & Cons of TFT Unlock Tool

The TFTUnlock program has various advanced features. However, the tool is not exempted from its fair share of limitations. Let’s explore all the lowdowns of using this robust phone unlock tool!



It is the one-stop solution to handle all types of Android software issues. Professional grade features that make it difficult to use by less techie users.
It supports a broad range of phone models and brands. You need to turn off your Antivirus program, which raises safety concerns.
Free download, which makes it accessible to a broader audience. A lack of active customer support can significantly limit the user experience.
It automatically detects and handles software issues without manual steps. You can only download it on a Windows PC or computer.

Wondering whether it’s safe to download and use the TFT Unlocker Tool? Let’s answer it below.

4.Is it Safe to Use the TFT Unlock Tool?

TFT Unlock is generally safe to use. Many Android users have safely used it to bypass lock screens and repair software bugs. However, the need to turn off the real-time protection on your PC raises security concerns.

The program also gives you little control over its functions. Once you connect your phone to your PC and run a command through the TFT tool, it automatically performs the specified action and erases your phone’s data. An unstable connection during this process may potentially harm your device.

5.Can You Bypass FRP Lock on Android with the TFT Tool?

Yes! You can bypass the Android FRP Lock using the TFT Unlock. The process is straightforward, and you can use both the TFT MTP bypass and Unlock tools for this purpose.

You only need to find your device model and select the Erase FRP feature. Then, follow the on-screen guide to remove the FRP lock from your phone. Let’s explore the process in detail below.

Part 2. How to Download and Use TFT Unlock to Bypass FRP

Use the following steps to download and install TFTUnlock and use it to remove the FRP lock.

Step 1. Download the TFT Unlock tool on your Windows PC. You can use this link for the TFT unlock tool free download to get the correct tool.

Step 2. Right-click on the downloaded file. Select “Extract Files” and type “TFT” as the password for the encrypted file. Then click “OK.”

enter the password

Step 3. Open the .exe file in the extracted files folder to start the setup process. Turn off your Antivirus program. Then, accept the user agreement in the pop-up window and enter the "TFT " password again.

Step 4. Click “Next” several times until you reach the “Install” button. Click on it to start the installation of the TFT Unlock Tool. Wait for the process to complete and click Next > Finish to close the window.

click finish

Step 5. Find the TFTUnlock application and open it. The “UserName” and “License Key” will be automatically generated. Click “Login” to launch the program.

click login

Step 6. Select your mobile brand from the top when the TFT Unlock is opened. Then, type your phone’s Name and model in the search bar on the left panel and click on it.

Step 7. Select your desired function from the center of the interface. For example, you can choose “Factory Reset / Erase FRP” to use the TFT FRP tool.

select the device and feature

Step 8. Now connect your device to your PC. To do this, turn off your phone and simultaneously click and hold the volume up and down buttons. Then, use a USB cable to connect your phone to your PC.

hold volume up and down buttons

Step 9. Once your phone is detected, TFT Unlock automatically starts the FRP erase process. Wait for it to complete until you see “100%” in the progress bar.

frp bypass completed

That’s all about how to download TFTUnlock for free and use it to bypass the FRP lock. A series of steps are involved in the process, which can be a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry! Continue below for the best alternative to the TFT FRP Tool.

Part 3. The Best Alternative to the TFT Unlock Tool - Dr.Fone Screen Unlock

Looking for an effortless solution to unlock the screen and bypass Google FRP on Android? Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) has you covered!

It is an advanced PC software that helps you bypass any screen lock type. Whether it’s a pattern, PIN, fingerprint, password, or Face ID, you can easily remove it with Dr.Fone.

  • You can bypass the Google verification screen or FRP with a few clicks!
  • It supports Android 14, 19 brands, and 2000+ phone models for screen unlock.
  • Unlike the TFT bypass tool, you don’t need to go through complex, lengthy steps.

Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android)

The Best Alternative to the TFT Unlock Tool

  • Completely unlinked from the previous Google account, it won’t be traced or blocked by it anymore.
  • Remove all Android screen locks (PIN/pattern/fingerprints/face ID) in minutes.
  • Compatible with various Android models.
  • Provide specific removal solutions to promise good success rate.
Available on: Windows Mac

4,624,541 people have downloaded it

Apart from Screen Unlock, Dr.Fone offers various intuitive tools to manage all aspects of your phone. Let’s see how to use it to bypass the FRP Lock on your Android.

Steps to Bypass FRP Lock on Android with Dr.Fone

Download and install Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock (Android) on your PC. After that, follow the simple steps below to bypass the FRP screen.

Step 1. Open Dr.Fone and click on the “Toolbox” section from the left panel. Select the “Screen Unlock” tool from the available options.

select screen unlock

Step 2. Select “Android” as your phone’s operating system. Then, choose “Remove Google FRP Lock” from the next screen.

select remove google frp lock

Step 3. Select your phone’s brand from the new window. For instance, you can choose “Xiaomi” and click “Start” to continue.

select your phone’s brand

Step 4. Dr.Fone will now automatically download the required driver for your selected brand. Use the on-screen instructions to connect your phone to the PC.

follow the on-screen guides

Step 6. Dr.Fone will now begin to bypass the FRP lock. In a few minutes, the process will be completed. You can verify it with the “Google FRP Lock successfully removed!” message.

bypass frp successfully

Now you’re all done bypassing FRP lock using Dr.Fone – the best alternative to TFT Unlock! Let’s see what makes Dr.Fone a superior choice with the comparison below.

Part 4. Comparing Dr.Fone and TFT Unlock: Which One is Best?

Don’t know which unlock tool to use for your Android phone? Here’s a complete comparison of the TFT Unlock tools and its mighty alternative, Dr.Fone!


Wondershare Dr.Fone

TFT Unlock Tool

Ease of Use Super easy Medium
Unlock Android Screen Yes Yes
Unlock iOS Screen Yes Limited
FRP Bypass Yes Yes
Factory Reset Yes Yes
Device Repair Yes Limited
Flashing Firmware Yes Yes
Advanced phone Management Yes (Full phone Management Suite) Limited to repair features
User Interface User-friendly Technical
Supported Devices 19 phone brands supported. Supports 11 phone brands
Security More reliable, established company Less information available, potential security risks
Compatibility Windows and macOS Primarily Windows-based
Risk Level Low (with guided steps and support) Medium to High (requires technical knowledge)
User Support 24/7 customer support Limited support. Relies on community forums and unofficial guides.
Cost Paid software with various pricing plans. Free cracked versions, a premium official tool

From the above comparison, Dr.Fone emerges as the best tool to bypass FRP and locked screens.

Like TFT Unlock, it also offers additional tools such as system repair, flashing, and resetting your phone. However, compared to TFT unlock, it is more reliable, secure, and easy to use. Plus, you can download it for both Windows and Mac!


TFT Unlock Tool is a powerful solution for fixing various smartphone issues. From bypassing screen locks to removing FRP, repairing software, and flashing, there is nothing it cannot handle!

However, it is not the safest solution to manage your phone problems. Plus, it can be complicated for less tech-savvy users.

That’s why a more accessible and reliable solution like Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock (Android) can be helpful. Despite its full suite of advanced solutions, it is easy to use. You don’t need to turn off your PC’s security to use it. Try it for a seamless solution to remove screen locks and bypass FRP!

safe Downloadsafe & secure
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