Unlock Your Samsung S20/S20+ in Minutes: A Step-by-Step Guide


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Imagine that there are some naughty kids reside at your place and you don’t like the idea of theirs accessing your Samsung device all the time to have gaming fun. You, being quite frustrated with this, have changed the password for good. However, after some time spending on other activities, you yourself are unable to recall what you have set as the new password and cannot unlock the Samsung lock screen. You might also want to reset Samsung account. This time, the kind of frustration you will get will be of another level. Well! Fret not! We will here assist you with some beneficial ways to remove Samsung lock screen with ease. Let us explore what can help you the best.

Part 1: Remove Samsung S20/S20+ Lock Screen by Dr.Fone Software

One of the best ways to unlock Samsun lock screen is Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android). When you have this tool, it’s time to put all your worries away as this will help removing pattern, PIN, passwords or even fingerprints lock in the easiest manner. You will experience things you have never before while working with it. It promises full results, 100% guarantee and does what exactly it says. Here are some of features that come with the tool. Read the points to get to know more about Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android).

Main Features:

  • The tool can work will all Android models in a hassle-free manner.
  • It is really easy to operate and take no special technical knowledge to work with.
  • All the types of lock screen can be easily removed with the tool.
  • It is completely safe and reliable to use.
  • Having this tool can be a bliss since it doesn’t harm any data of yours.
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Step by Step Guide:

Step 1: Download and Open the Tool

To get started, you need to download Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) on your computer. For this, visit the official website of the program and click on the Download button. Once done, do the installation formalities to install the program. Launch the program afterwards by double clicking the icon on the desktop. When you see the main interface, click on the “Screen Unlock” tab.

drfone home

Step 2: Get the Device Connected

Take your Samsung S20/S20+ and using the original USB cord, establish the connection between the device and the PC. Now, you will see three options on the next screen. You need to hit on the “Unlock Android Screen” to proceed.

drfone android ios unlock

Step 3: Choose Device Model

On the next screen, you need to choose the right phone model. There will be models’ list available from where you can select the correct one. This is important because the program provides different recovery packages for different device models.

android unlock 02

Step 4: Enter Download Mode

Next, you are required to put your device into the Download mode. For this, here are the three steps that should be followed:

  • Turn off your device in the first place.
  • Long press the “Volume Down”, “Home” and “Power” buttons together.
  • Hit the “Volume Up” button now and the device will be into the Download mode.
    android unlock 04

    Step 5: Recovery Package

    When Samsung S20/S20+ is in download mode, the recovery package for your device will begin to download. Keep patience until it is completed.

    android unlock 05

    Step 6: Remove Samsung Lock Screen

    After when the recovery package gets downloaded, hit on “Remove Now” button. No data will be removed or harmed during the process. The lock screen will be removed in some time now. And you can now access your Samsung S20/S20+ with no need of password.

    android unlock 07

Part 2: Unlock Samsung S20/S20+ Lock Screen via Google Account

Another way that can help you get rid of the problem is your Google Account. Using the Forgot Password option and entering the Google credentials, you can remove the Samsung lock screen. However, the method can be suitable to use if your Android runs on Android 4 and lower. If you are lucky and are eligible for this, here is how you can perform this method. Moreover, using this way, your data won’t get affected in any way and there will be no fear of losing it.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: On your locked Samsung screen, enter the password or pattern or whatever you have set as lock. Enter it five times.

Step 2: You will see “Forgot Pattern” on the screen. Tap on it when you see it.

Step 3: On the screen that now comes, you need to key in your Google credentials or backup PIN. Your device will be successfully unlocked.

Part 3: Remove Samsung S20/S20+ Lock Screen via "Find My Mobile"

If the above methods are not useful to you, you can go for resetting your password thoruhg Find My Mobile. Before you wonder, Find My Mobile is a special feature in Samsung devices to assist you with various functionalities. This service lets you removing the Samsung lock screen in no minutes, backup or restore and you can even erase the data if you want.

Before we provide you with the actions need to be taken, please ensure that you have enabled the Remote Controls in your device. To do this, head to “Settings” and go to “Lock Screen and Security”. Choose “Find My Mobile” > “Remote Controls”.

Step 1: Make sure to set up your Samsung account in the first place. Once done, you need to use this account’s credentials to login to the official site of Find My Mobile.

Step 2: Hit on “Lock My Screen” button right after that.

Step 3: Now, you need to enter the fresh PIN in the first field given. Once done, hit on the “Lock” button given at the bottom of the screen. This will alter the Samsung lock screen credentials.

Step 4: You are good to go now! You can use this new PIN and unlock your Samsung lock screen.

Part 4: Remove Samsung S20/S20+ Lock Screen Using Google’s Android Device Manager

Last but not least, you can bypass your Samsung lock screen password with the help of Android Device Manager by Google. It is a security feature that can help you locate your device if you lose it. You can use this method only if your location is enabled as well as Android Device Manager is turned on in your device. Also, have your Google account credentials with you while working with this method. Here are the steps to unlock Samsung lock screen via Android Device Manager.

Step by Step Guide:

Step 1: Either use another Smartphone or your computer to visit the http://www.google.com/android/devicemanager. On this page, use your Google credentials that you have on your device to login.

Step 2: Now, on the Android Device Manager interface, ensure to select the device that you want to unlock.

Step 3: Right after this, hit on the “Lock” option. Once this gets done, you need to enter a password. This will be a temporary password. Hit on “Lock” once again. Also, you do not need to type in any recovery message.

Step 4: A confirmation pop-up will appear if everything goes well. On this, you will see three buttons i.e. “Ring”, “Lock” and “Erase”.

Step 5: A password field will come now on your phone. Here you can enter the password that you used above. The Samsung lock screen will be unlocked now. You can now head to the Settings to change the password of your wish.

Samsung S20/S20+ unlock via android device manager

Part 5: Bonus Tip: Backup Phone Data in case Phone Locked Unexpectedly

Now that you know how you can remove the lock screen of Samsung, why do not you take extra care of your data inside your device? We know how dear your data is to you. So we suggest you to use dr.fon – Phone Backup (Android) in case you wish to save everything for any future loss. Here is how:

Step 1: Open the tool once installed and click on “Phone Backup” option.

drfone home

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging on device and connect it to the computer.

android data backu 01

Step 3: Hit on “Backup” button and select the data types. Click “Backup” again. The backup will begin.

android data backu 02

Bottom Line

We have learnt different ways to unlock the Samsung lock screen. We think every solution has its own benefit but using Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) will eliminate any complications and serve your purpose with ease. However, it is all up to you and yours call only. Let us know which method you found suitable and drop us comment below sharing your experience with us. We hope that you liked this post and now are no longer worried about unlocking Samsung screen. For more such interesting topics, stay with us and get updated. Also, you can ask us anything if you have a query regarding this topic or any. Thank you!

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