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3 FREE Samsung Unlock Code Generators - Unlock Samsung Phone

This article introduces how to use 3 free Samsung unlock code generators, as well as a smart SIM unlock tool.

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Jun 03, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

In the past few years, Samsung has stamped its authority as the world leader when it comes to Smartphone's production. From cool features to pocket-friendly prices, Samsung is no doubt taking the Smartphone world by storm. However, these phones come with coded features and a number of security codes that bar a number of network providers and countries from using them. With this type of inconvenience, a free Samsung unlock code generator is of great importance. A high number of Samsung unlock code generator free online are available to choose from.

A free Samsung unlock code generator functions by removing these codes and rendering the Samsung phone free of use regardless of the network provider or the user's location. Depending on the type of Samsung model you are using, different free Samsung unlock code generators are available to choose from.

Part 1. Why Do You Need a Code Generator?

  • A free Samsung unlock code generator primarily functions by removing codes that usually prohibit certain sim cards from being used by the phone in question. Once these codes are removed, you can easily use either a GSM, LTE or CDMA enabled sim card as you please. This, in turn, increases flexibility and creates more options to choose from.
  • Another great reason as to why you need a free Samsung code generator is the fact that different phone companies usually design their phones in such a manner that they can only be accessed in certain countries. With an unlock code generator, you can easily unlock your phone and use it freely regardless of where you are located in the world.
  • Some mobile phone companies usually restrict the use of voice group call services. However, with this unlock code generators, it's easy to use and make voice group call services with no restriction whatsoever.

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Part 2. Unlock Samsung Phone with Samsung Galaxy Code Generator

This free Samsung Galaxy code generator has been designed for the following Samsung Galaxy phones; Galaxy S4, S5, and S3. The app only works on Samsung Galaxy phones.

  • Step 1. Download the free Samsung Galaxy code generator - Samsung Galaxy Code Generator.
  • Step 2. Once downloaded, type *06# on your phone keypad to get your IMEI number.
  • Step 3. Open the software and input all your phone information as well as the IMEI number.
  • Step 4. Click the generate option and wait for a few minutes for the code to be generated.
  • Step 5. Once you get the code, remove your old sim card and replace it with another one.
  • Step 6. Put the code you received and press "OK". The phone will reboot and unlocked after a few minutes.

free samsung Galaxy code generator 01


  • Easy to use thanks to a user-friendly interface.
  • Free to use.

  • The website and software only support Samsung Galaxy phone models.

Part 3. Unlock Samsung Phone with WorldUnlock Codes Calculator

This app works on a number of phones such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony, and LG. The majority of Samsung phones are supported apart from the Galaxy models.

free samsung Galaxy code generator 02

How to Unlock Samsung Phone with WorldUnlock Codes Calculator

  • Step 1. Download and install the free Samsung unlock code generator - WorldUnlock Codes Calculator
  • Step 2. Once downloaded, input your phone details, which include the model of the phone, manufacturer, and location and your IMEI number.
  • Step 3. Once you are done, click the "calculate" icon, and a code will be generated.
  • Step 4. Select a code depending on your phone model and restart your phone.
  • Step 5. The moment your phone is ON, the blocking codes which existed are no more. You can now use your phone as you wish.


  • Low download size.
  • Unlocks the majority of phones.

  • Only selected Samsung phones are supported.

Part 4. Unlock Samsung Phone with FreeUnlock

FreeUnlock is an easy to use website which can unlock Samsung Galaxy phones only. Unlike other unlocking services, you don't need to download anything with FreeUnlock.

free samsung Galaxy code generator 03

How to Unlock Samsung Phone with WorldUnlock Codes Calculator

  • Step 1. Visit https://www.freeunlocks.com/ and input all your phone details on the three available bars.
  • Step 2. Once you are done, click on the "Unlock Now" option and a new window will open.
  • Step 3. Fill your phone details as well as your location and click on the "Continue" button.
  • Step 4. Once you are done, choose the free "TrialPay" option to get your code for free.
  • Step 5. Type your email address and confirm. A code will be sent via your email address.
  • Step 6. Once you have the code, insert a new sim card and pin-in the code provided.
  • Step 7. Your phone will reboot, and once done, your phone will be lock-free.


  • Easy to use
  • No downloads required.

  • Works on Samsung Galaxy S5 devices only.


In conclusion, unlocking your Samsung phone offers significant advantages, from increasing flexibility and usability across different network providers to enabling international use and bypassing certain service restrictions. Whether you choose the Samsung Galaxy Code Generator, WorldUnlock Codes Calculator, or FreeUnlock, you can find a suitable solution tailored to your specific Samsung model.

For iPhone users facing similar network restrictions, we highly recommend Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS). It provides a seamless, efficient, and risk-free unlocking experience, allowing you to enjoy complete freedom over your iPhone with just a few simple steps. Unlock your phone securely and regain control over your network choices with Dr.Fone's reliable tools.

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