How to Network Unlock Samsung Galaxy A21/A21s?


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"I am traveling outside of the United States, but my mobile is locked with AT&T. Now, I cannot use the local country's Sim because of network lock. Also, looking at my wallet, I cannot even think of spending on roaming charges. So, what do I do now? Any chance of Samsung A21 unlock without damaging the warranty?"

Yes, you can unlock Samsung A21 without voiding the guarantee or making any physical or software damage to your phone. You can get a free Samsung Galaxy A21 to unlock code from your carrier, or you try a third-party tool. Let us dive into details and learn about the safe and secure Samsung A21 unlock mechanism.

samsung a21

Part 1. Samsung Galaxy A21 Vs. Samsung Galaxy A21s

Samsung Galaxy A21 and Samsung Galaxy A21s both have been built on the success of the A20. Both are good performance phones with Galaxy A21s, a slightly more updated and advanced version.

samsung galaxy a21 vs a21s

The display size is the same, but A21s has better specs; both use Android 10 + One UI 2.0, 13 MP selfie camera, and basic 3GB RAM. However, there are some advanced specs of A21s too. Refer to the following table for detailed specifications.

Samsung Galaxy A21 Samsung Galaxy A21s
6.5 inches
720 x 1600 pixels
20:9 ratio IPS LCD
6.5 inches
720 x 1600 pixels
20:9 ratio PLS TFT display
Android 10 + One UI 2.0 Android 10 + One UI 2.0
Octa-core MediaTek Helio P35 2.3 GHz Octa-core EXYNOS 850, 2.0 GHz
Selfie camera: 13 MP Selfie camera: 13 MP
16 + 8 + 2 + 2 MP rear quad camera + LED flash 48 + 8 + 2 + 2 MP rear quad camera + LED flash
32 GB internal storage & dedicated microSD slot 32 GB / 64 GB internal storage & dedicated microSD slot
3 GB RAM 3 GB / 4 GB / 6 GB RAM
4000 mAh battery & 15W fast charging 5000 mAh battery & 15W fast charging

Part 2. How Can You Tell If Your Samsung Galaxy A21/A21s SIM is Locked?

When your Samsung Galaxy A21/A21s is blocked, you will not notice it in your day-to-day tasks until you insert another carrier's Sim. You will see any of these messages when you enter an alien sim that cannot be used without a Samsung galaxy a21 unlock.

  • Network lock
  • SIM network unlock PIN
  • SP lock
  • Phone freezes SIM unavailable
  • SIM password

Part 3. How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy A21/A21s SIM Lock With Unlock Code?

When you purchase a Samsung Galaxy A21 from a network carrier like Orange, Vodafone, Sprint, T-Mobile, or AT&T, they may network lock your phone. So you can use the phone only with their service and cannot switch networks. So how can you unlock the Samsung Galaxy A21? Keep reading for the step-by-step guide.

1. Get Samsung Galaxy A21/A21s SIM to unlock code for free

Samsung Galaxy A21 unlock can quickly be done using free Samsung A21 unlock codes provided by the network carrier. You can request them for the codes if the tenure of your contract is complete or if you have a good reputation with them which usually means you pay the bills regularly on time. Some websites also provide free Samsung Galaxy A21 codes.

Samsung Galaxy A21 unlock using free codes is very simple.

  1. Power on your devices with an unknown sim inserted in the slot.
  2. You will see a message about the network unlock code. You will use unfreeze confirm, NCK confirms, and sometimes RGCK(Regional lock code).
  3. Your Samsung A21s unlock completely.

2. Buy Samsung Galaxy A21/A21s SIM unlock code from a 3rd-party

If your network provider does not cooperate with you for Samsung A21 unlock and free codes do not work, then your next option is to buy codes to unlock Samsung A21.

Some options for Samsung A21 unlock are software unlocking and hardware unlocking. However, software unlocking involves third-party app installations and tweaking the device's settings. This is risky because it may cost your device's performance and security breach.

Samsung A21 unlocking using hardware intervention is also not a good idea. Your phone will be opened up, and seals will be tempered, which can cause repercussions.

So, we need a Samsung Galaxy A21 unlock option that does not void your phone's warranty and does not cause any software or hardware issue. You can contact a third-party website to purchase Samsung A21 unlock codes. Let us show you how you can use these codes.

  1. You need to navigate the website offering Samsung Galaxy A21 codes, e.g., and
  2. Enter your device information in the given form. You will need a 15-digit IMEI number. You can find your device's IMEI by dialing *#06# on your phone.
  3. Now, you can pay the fee to unlock Samsung A21 using payment options, including credit card, PayPal, Skrill, etc.
  4. You will receive your Samsung Galaxy A21 unlock code through email.
  5. Power on your phone with a new network sim inserted into it. When prompted about the Samsung A21 unlock code, put the code you received in the email. Your phone is unlocked!

Part 4: How to Unlock FRP Samsung Galaxy A21/A21s Without Password?

Sometimes, you have complete access to your phone's functions for day-to-day tasks, but you are stuck when you want to factory reset it. Your phone is FRP-locked, and you cannot reset it. Factory reset protection is a built-in feature Google provides for all Android phones. It is aimed at securing phones in case of theft or illegal access.

So, you must have the same Google credentials to configure your phone. How will you unlock Samsung A21 for factory reset? The Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock utility program is the most secure and recommended method. It is a complete suite of products to solve all your Samsung Galaxy A21 unlock issues, including screen locks, FRP, fingerprint locks, etc. It is available for Windows and Mac computers and caters to all Android and Apple phones.

Read more at the official product guide to know unlock Samsung A21 for FRP bypass using Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock.


Smartphones bought as a package from network carriers cost you slightly less. However, when you are traveling to other countries or you want to switch your network, the network lock can become a bone of contention. We have discussed all Samsung Galaxy A21 unlock options available to bypass network carrier restrictions.

For other types of Samsung locks like screen lock, fingerprint lock, and FRP bypass, your best choice is Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock(Android). It is an excellent resource for any mobile user because it can save you from losing access to your phone and facing repercussions.

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