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Bypass Samsung A01 Core Google FRP: Complete Guide


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Google FRP is a comforting piece of technology for billions of Android users around the world. It is invisible to users until they need it and safeguards them from unauthorized users claiming users' devices as their own. Sometimes, you need to bypass Google FRP on your phones, and if you have never needed to before today, you might not know how to bypass Google FRP. This guide below tells you how to bypass Samsung A01 Core Google FRP.

google factory reset protection

Part 1: About Samsung Galaxy A01 Core

bypass google frp Samsung a01 core

Samsung A01 Core came out in mid-2020, August to be precise, and is a smartphone intended for those users who would otherwise have bought a feature phone instead of a smartphone. The phone boots into Android 10 GO Edition, which is a giveaway to its intended audience.

The highlight features of the Samsung A01 Core are:

  • Powered by Mediatek quad-core MT7639 chipset.
  • 16 GB storage with 1 GB and 2 GB RAM options, 32 GB storage with 2 GB RAM.
  • 311 PPI, 1480x720 pixel 5.3-inch display
  • Dual SIM, dual Standby with dedicated Micro SDXC memory card slot.
  • Plastic frame and back with 150 grams net weight.
  • 8 MP autofocus rear camera with LED flash and 5 MP front snapper.
  • A 3.5 mm headphone port for wired earphones.
  • FM radio.
  • Bluetooth v5 and Wi-Fi 4
  • 3000 mah battery.

Part 2: What is Google FRP?

google frp for android devices

Google Factory Reset Protection, or Google FRP, as it is commonly called, is an online protection system Google built into Android OS to deter device thefts. Users need not even enable it; it is enabled by default for them when they set their phones up after purchase. It prevents unauthorized users from wiping their Android devices and using them as their own. With FRP enabled, an unauthorized user cannot use the device without knowing the Google account credentials that the device is or was associated with prior to resetting.

How does this work? So, when you reset an Android device to factory settings, you are required to set up the device afresh. You could use any Google account to set the device up, but with FRP enabled, you will have to use the account that the device was previously associated with. This way, Google FRP works to prevent unauthorized users from simply resetting the device and using it as theirs. They will not be able to do it without your Google credentials.

Of course, there are always genuine reasons we might want to disable or bypass Google FRP. For example, if we want to sell it to another person, we will need to remove Google FRP from the phone so that the other person can use the device as theirs. With that in mind, can we bypass Google FRP on Samsung A01 Core? Yes, we can bypass Google FRP on Samsung A01 Core! The next part outlines ways to perform the Samsung A01 Core FRP bypass.

Part 3: How to Bypass Google FRP on Samsung A01 Core

Here are ways you can use to bypass Google FRP on Samsung A01 Core:

Method 1: Remove Your Google Account from the Device

This one is the simplest and the quickest way to perform the Samsung A01 Core FRP bypass if your phone is not screen locked. Meaning if you can use your phone, this method is recommended for use in removing the Google account associated with the Samsung A01 Core. Once removed, all features and protections offered by Google will also be removed. This method is a quick way to remove Samsung A01 Core FRP when you want to trade in your old Samsung for a new one.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Accounts > Google.

Step 2: Tap the Google account > Tap the ellipses > Tap Remove Account:

samsung a01 core frp bypass

If there are other Google accounts present on the device, remove all of them the same way. There are other accounts present here as well, such as WhatsApp/ Telegram/ Signal/ Facebook/ Instagram accounts. These may be left as is as they are not required to be removed to bypass Samsung A01 Core Google FRP.

Step 3: Once you have removed the Google account(s) from the device, you may proceed to reset your phone to factory defaults. Now, during setup, it will not prompt you to enter the previously associated Google credentials to proceed with setup.

Method 2: Use Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) to Bypass Google FRP on Samsung A01 Core

Selling is not the only reason to bypass Google FRP. Sometimes, you forget the passcode or PIN to your phone and want to be able to unlock your device. Can you do that? Yes, you can do exactly that with Dr.Fone Screen Unlock at your service!

drfone by wondershare

Dr.Fone is a suite of different modules integrated into a single app that you can download and use. These modules help you with everything you need to do with your smartphone. For example, you can use the Data Eraser module to erase data from your phone quickly and securely, including everyday junk and old cache files. You can use Phone Transfer to transfer data from one phone to another, including from Android to iOS and iOS to Android. There is a Virtual Location module that you can use to spoof your location during gameplay to catch more Pokémon or just play pranks on friends. Today, we will talk about using Dr.Fone suite of tools to bypass Google FRP on Samsung A01 Core using the Screen Unlock module.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Here's how to bypass FRP on Samsung A01 Core with Dr.Fone:

Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone and select screen Unlock.

drfone screen unlock tool

Step 2: Click Unlock Android Screen/FRP, then select Remove Google FRP Lock to start.

choose the google frp lock feature

Step 3: Choose Remove Google FRP Lock is supported for Samsung devices in Wondershare Dr.Fone. Click on "Start" and connect your Samsung device to the computer through a USB cable.

bypass google frp samsung a01 core

Step 4: The Google FRP lock starts to be removed from the Samsung device, which is shown through a progress bar on the next screen.

removing frp lock

Step 5: Once it is done successfully, you will see the following:

remove google frp samsung a01 core

You can watch the video below to get your FRP bypassed with Wondershare Dr.Fone

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Method 3: Bypass Google FRP on Samsung A01 Core Online

Another way to perform the Samsung A01 Core FRP bypass is to sign your device out of the Google account online. That will remove Google account from the device and will also bypass Google FRP online.

Step 1: Go to accounts.google.com and sign in using the Google account on the Samsung A01 Core.

Step 2: Click Data & Privacy > Other Relevant Options and click Your Devices:

bypass samsung a01 core frp

Step 3: Click the device you want to remove FRP from:

sign out to disable google frp

Step 4: Click Sign Out. This will remove the device from your Google Account and remove the Google Account from your Samsung A01 Core, which will also deactivate Google FRP on Samsung A01 Core. The device may remain listed online for up to 28 days in a Signed-Out state, but that is okay. There are no issues with that.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Method 4: Bypass Google FRP on Samsung A01 Core Without PC

There are methods you will be able to find online that promise to bypass Google FRP on Samsung A01 Core without the use of your PC. They will require you to perform a long series of complicated steps, including downloading files and installing software on your Samsung A01 Core from unknown, questionable sources. Wondershare cares for user safety and security and will never promote or recommend such methods that compromise the safety, security, and integrity of your device and data.


The internet is replete with ways to bypass Samsung Core A01 Google FRP. Some methods are legitimate, and some are outright dangerous, not to mention extremely dicey and complicated to perform. Wondershare never recommends dubious techniques or software to its users. Therefore, we bring to you only tested and guaranteed safe ways to bypass Google FRP on Samsung A01 Core. These methods include removing your Google Account from the device if you have access to it, and in case the device is locked, and you have forgotten the PIN, you can use Dr.Fone Screen Unlock to safely bypass Google FRP on Samsung A01 Core.

safe Downloadsafe & secure
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