Things You Don’t Know About Samsung Reset Code

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Several times you might have heard about Samsung Reset Code, the term that is interchangeably used as Master Reset Code. In this section, you will learn and understand what Samsung Reset Code is all about, why is it important, and what are the risks behind using it? Later in this section you will also learn how to use a Samsung Reset Code and in which situations it can be used?

1.What Is Samsung Reset Code?

Samsung Reset Code a.k.a. Master Reset Code is a combination of asterisks (*), hash signs (#), and numeric characters that when applied, hard resets the Samsung mobile phones or tablets, i.e. restores the phone to its factory defaults while erasing all your data from it. The Samsung reset code is common for all Samsung smartphones but is unique to its brand only. In other words, the Samsung reset code works only on Samsung devices and if used on mobile phones from any other brand, the output is null.

Because of the rapid advancements in the technology, the master reset code for Samsung smartphones has changed and is applicable on all new models available in the market. Even though the previous Samsung reset code doesn't work on the new models, the older phones can still be hard reset using the old code.

At present there are three Samsung reset codes and your phone may work with any one of these. The three Samsung reset codes are:

• *2767*3855# for new Samsung phone models

• *2767*2878# for new Samsung phone models

• #*7728# for old Samsung phone models

2.What Is the Result of Using the Samsung Reset Code?

The answer to this question is simple and straightforward. As soon as you apply the Samsung reset code on your Samsung smartphone, the phone initiates the hard reset process instantaneously. However the downside of using the code is that it never displays any confirmation box or warning message before initiating the hard reset process.

Since many Samsung users are not aware of this disastrous behavior of the Samsung reset code, they accidently end up destroying all their personal data only because they wanted to check if the code was correct.

That being said, it is strongly recommended to use the Samsung reset code carefully, and always have the personal and important information on your phone backed up to a separate device.

How to Use the Samsung Reset Code?

Using the Samsung reset code on the Samsung mobile phones is fairly simple. All you need to do is:

1. Power on your Samsung smartphone.

2. If not already available on the Home screen, open the Apps drawer and tap the Phone icon.

3. If you are not already there, tap the Keypad option from the top.

4. On the Keypad interface, start typing the Samsung reset code that is applicable for your Samsung phone.

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5. Normally the hard reset process initializes as soon as you type the last character of the reset code. If it doesn't, you can tap the Call button to start hard resetting your Samsung smartphone.

3.Learn More about Samsung Hard Reset Code

As discussed above, resetting your Samsung smartphone using the hard reset code is an extremely simple process with only one drawback that it doesn't prompt any confirmation box for your consent.

Also, you can use the Samsung reset code on your Samsung smartphone only when your phone is in working condition and is capable of accepting the inputs you give to it. In case the phone is not responding to your inputs or it has been permanently locked due to any reason, the other methods to hard reset the phone must be used.

Apart from the master reset code that hard resets the Samsung phones, there are several other codes that you can type on your phone to get other information that is otherwise not visible/available for the end-users. You are suggested to use those codes only when you are a pro or you have some advanced knowledge about how the Android phones work.

The other codes that can be applied on the Samsung phones can found in the following links. These links contain the articles written by other mobile 'gurus' and can give you in-depth information about the codes:

4.All Samsung Secrets Codes

This article is written by one of the senior members of XDA-Developers. XDA-Developers is a trusted source to get if not complete, at least most of the information about the Android devices and tweaks, secret tips and tricks to perform various tasks when using Android operating system.

You can read more here:

Samsung Mobile : Secret Codes List

This article contains many secret codes that you can execute on your Samsung smartphone to perform some important tasks. In case some codes fail to work on your phone model, you can check the comments posted by the end-users. Many comments contain valuable information about the code execution by changing a few characters while typing the code.

You can read more here:

Some Useful and Interesting Codes for Smartphones

There are many codes that are universal in nature and can be executed on multiple smartphones regardless of their manufacturers them. This article contains many such universal secret codes for smartphones along with the output they give or action they perform when executed.

You can read more here:

Even though the Samsung reset code is the easiest method to hard reset your phone, if your phone has important data that you cannot afford to lose, you must back up the information before hard resetting.

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