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3 Methods To Bypass Any Samsung Google Account Verification

James Davis

Apr 17, 2023 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

It is very annoying to be stuck at the Google Account Verification window after you’ve reset your device, especially when you no longer remember the Google Account details you fed in previously. The need to bypass Samsung Google Account Verification step during the setting up process on your tablet/smartphone is very well-founded and we understand the inconvenience caused to you if you are prevented from proceeding further without submitting your Google ID and password.

Since the “Next” option on the Google Account Verification screen remains grayed out until you type in your e-mail/phone and password, here are ways to bypass Samsung’s step to verify your Google Account.

Recommended FRP Bypass Tools to Bypass Google Account Verification: Samsung Reactivation/FRP Lock Removal Tools. 

Part 1: How to bypass Google Account without Password

Now, we will introduce an amazing software for Samsung users to help bypass Samsung's Google account which is safe and fast, that is Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock. You must be interested in it. More of its features will be there for you.  

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  • It is helpful even if you don't know the system version of your phone.
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Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock - Bypass Google FRP Lock (Android)

The Best Samsung FRP Bypass Software without Password

  • It is helpful even though you don't know the OS version of your Samsung.
  • Gain total control over your android phone and enjoy all the features.
  • Almost all Samsung phones and tablets are supported (Currently for Android 6-10).
  • Except for the FRP lock, it also unlocks screen locks, like a PIN, fingerprint, patterns, etc.
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Step 1: Connect your phone to Wi-Fi and choose “Screen Unlock” on Dr.Fone. Then click on "Unlock Android Screen/FRP".

drfone screen unlock homepage

Step 2: Select "Remove Google FRP Lock" to continue, and then you will see three options of OS versions on your screen. Choose the correct one of your Samsung. Let's take "Android 6/9/10" as an example.

drfone screen unlock homepage

Step 3: Connect your Samsung with your computer via a USB accessory.

connect phone with pc

Step 4: After the connection, you will see the tool information, confirm it, and you will get a notification on your phone. 

phone information confirmation

Step 5: Check and follow the notification and the steps to remove FRP. Tap "View" to go ahead. And that will guide you to the Samsung App Store. Next, install or open the Samsung Internet Browser. Then, enter and redirect the URL "drfonetoolkit.com" in the browser.

screen unlock bypass google frp

Next, all operations will be carried out on the mobile phone, please follow the instructions on the device. Our website also provides you with a detailed guide. If your tool uses Android 7/8 or you are not sure about the specific version, you can also follow the guide to bypass your Google account.

Part 2: How to bypass Google Account Verification on Samsung devices without OTG

Another great way to bypass the “Verifying your account” window on Samsung devices without using an OTG cable is given below. This method is also executed with the help of FRP Tool but rather than using an On-The-Go cable, we will need a PC.

Here is what you have to do:

Download FRP Tool and Realterm on your computer.

You are required to install the Realterm software before proceeding further.

install the Realterm

In this step, connect your Samsung device to the PC and run the Realterm software.

Now, look for your Samsung device’s port number by right-clicking on “My Computer” and selecting “Device Manager” under “Manage”. Now select “Modems” and click on “Samsung Mobile USB modem”. To see the port number, click two times to reach properties.

reach properties

Register the Port number carefully as you will require it to be fed in Realterm before hitting “Change”.

Register the Port number

Make sure to alter the display settings here as shown below.

alter the display settings

This is the final step where you need to type in “at+creg?\r\n” and hit “Send”.

type in “at+creg?\r\n”

If the above technique does not work, type in “atd1234;\r\n” and click on “Send ASCII”.


Keep on repeating this step till the time dialer pad opens up on your Samsung device.

This method seems tedious and time-consuming but once you get on with it, it is very effective.

Part 3: How to bypass Google Account on Samsung with an Online Bypass tool

verify your Google Account

FRP bypass tool, better known as the Factory Reset Protection bypass tool, is the best software to avoid the Google Account Verification step while setting up your Samsung device. You can download and use this tool to bypass the Samsung Google Account Verification process and access your device after you have performed a factory reset.

Follow the steps given below to use the FRP bypass tool:

Firstly, download the FRP Tool file. Once you have successfully downloaded it, copy it on a pen drive.

In this step, you are required to reboot your device and select your preferred language before clicking on “Start”/ “Next”.

select your preferred language

The next step will prompt you to insert a SIM. “Skip” this step and move ahead.


Now connect to your Wi-Fi and hit “Next”.

connect to your Wi-Fi

On the next page, tick marks the option which says “I understand and agree….” And then hit “Next”.

tick mark

Finally, the Google Account Verification Window will open up as shown below.

On-The Go cable

Now using an On-The-Go cable, connect your device and the pen drive on which you copied the FRP Tool.

Once the File Manager pops-up on the device screen, look for the FRP Tool file with .apk extension and select it.

You will now see the “Development Settings” window on the device. Select “Install” and move on.

Select “Install”

You can now “Open” the installed App file to the “Settings” page on the device. Here you can select “Backup and reset” to “Factory data reset” your device by clicking on “Erase Everything” as shown below.

Erase Everything

Note: your Samsung device will reboot and require you to set it up once again but will not ask for Google Account Verification.


Hence, if you are fed up with the Factory Reset Protection feature in Samsung devices and want to know the best ways to overcome the problem, bypassing the FRP Tool is what you need for its user-friendliness. We have tried our best to research and suggest the three most effective methods to bypass any Samsung Google Account Verification. We do hope that this article will eventually help you in tackling and getting rid of this recurring problem. 

James Davis

James Davis

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