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How to Set Lock Screen on Samsung S7/S6/S5/S4

Back in older days, one of the biggest problems with mobile phones was that they often accidently sent a message or initiated a call in your pocket, simply because you tilted that way and a button was accidentally pressed. Today we have a great Samsung lock screen feature that was introduced in order to stop you from sending an empty and embarrassing message to your boss or that girl you like.

There are many different options that come with the Samsung Galaxy lock screen feature, such as swipe, password or PIN, and we will make sure to present all of them to you, so you can choose the best way to use this feature. And you should make sure to use lock screen Samsung as not only it will stop your phone to do things by accident, it will also significantly improve safety, as if you lose your phone or it gets stolen, other people won’t be able to use it. In this way, it is very important to set lock screen on Samsung phone. So in this article, we will tell you how to set lock screen on Samsung S7/S6/S5/S4.

Part 1: How to Set Different Types of Samsung Locks

Now that we’ve gotten to know different ways of how to set lock screen on Samsung S7/S6/S5/S4, let’s take a look at how to set that different types on your phone.

First of all, you will need to take your phone and navigate to apps, and then Settings.

go to settings

After doing this, head to the Lock Screen and then choose Screen lock.

choose Screen lock

You will now have the option of choosing which type of lock screen Samsung you want.


This is the first and perhaps the option that is the easiest for unlocking. However, you should be aware that it doesn’t provide a high level of safety, as you just need to swipe a finger in the direction you want to unlock your phone.

Samsung lock screen-swipe

Since it is the most basic option, it is not that highly recommended.


Next on the list is pattern lock screen Samsung option. Once you choose this option, you need to create a pattern of at least four dots in any chosen direction. Once entered, lift your finger and you are finished with the setting of this option.

Samsung lock screen-pattern

Note that you will need to enter the same pattern twice in order to confirm it, and your Samsung Galaxy lock screen feature will also ask you to select a PIN, which will be used as a backup if you forget the pattern you created.


Once you have selected this option of the Samsung lock screen feature you will be asked to enter a PIN of at least four numbers twice, once to create it and the other time to confirm it. When you finish the process, you will be asked to enter a PIN to unlock your phone every time you need to unlock it.

Samsung lock screen-PIN

Note that, aside from it having at least four numbers, a PIN code can’t have more than 16 numbers.


Same as with the other options, choose password and you will be asked to enter it twice, first time to create it and the second time to confirm you memorized it. This option allows you to use not only numbers, but also letters and other characters.

Samsung lock screen-password

Keep in mind that the only limitation is that it needs to have at least four characters (one letter included), and at most 16 characters.


When you choose fingerprints from the menu, you first need to agree with the disclaimer. Once you do this, save your fingerprint by making a swipe of your finger from the bottom part of the Samsung mobile screen and over the Home key. You need to do this eight times, and you will see a bar filling up with the successful tries.

Samsung lock screen-fingerprint

When finished, create a password to use as a backup (conditions are the same as for the password Samsung Galaxy lock screen option).

Part 2: Smart Lock on Samsung S7/S6/S5/S4

There is another way of locking your screen when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5/S4. This is a way that might be even fun to use, and we are talking about Smart Lock screen Samsung feature. Using this option will make you effortlessly perform the unlocking of your device’s screen if you are at a particular place, or in cases when you are a familiar face or using a specified Bluetooth connection.

In order to make the Smart Lock feature working, you first need to set either one of options of Samsung Galaxy lock screen we have described in the previous part of the article. Once this is done, you will see a Smart lock option showing up at the Security screen in the Settings menu.

Smart Lock on Samsung

When you turned this feature on, you can choose of the three ways to unlock:

Trusted devices – this can be your Bluetooth watch, or a car stereo you always sync with your Samsung phone. Just choose Smart lock settings and pick out Trusted devices. Once you add a trusted device to the list, you simply need to be within 100 meters of your mobile and you will automatically unlock your phone, without the need for a password or a pattern.

Trusted places – when you are at home, entering a pattern each time you want to unlock your phone can be tiring. With Smart Lock feature, you can avoid this. To add a favorite place, go to Google Maps, and then Settings, where you will select Your places and enter the addresses you desire, for example your home or your work.

Familiar face – When you choose the Trusted face option, you will make a several pictures of your face, which will allow you to perform the unlocking with using it. However, you should know that this is not a perfect way, as more often than not you can unlock it even by using your photo.

As we have already mentioned, this feature is only available on the newer models of Samsung Galaxy and it still has a couple of flaws. Although it can definitely be a fun feature and make things a lot easier, perhaps the best thing is to keep one of the standard lock options for your phone.

Part 3: Bypass Lock Screen on Samsung S7/S6/S5/S4

While the lock screen feature can keep us from those embrassments, there are also some issues come along. One of the major issues is we may be locked out of our Samsung phone when we forget the lock screen password, or enter the wrong password too many times. Here we will introduce the easiest way to bypass lock screen on Samsung S7/S6/S5 .etc without any data loss, which is dr.fone - Android Lock Screen Removal, the best phone unlocking software.

dr.fone - Android Lock Screen Removal

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Steps to Bypass Lock Screen on Samsung Using dr.fone

Step 1: Launch dr.fone on your computer and choose Android Lock Screen Removal on More Tools tab. Connect your Samsung device to start.

bypass ssamsung lock screen

Step 2:After the program recognizes your phone, follow the instructions on the program to set the phone to Download Mode.

unlock samsung lock screen

Step 3: Then it will start to download the recovery package to your phone. After the recovery package is downloaded, it will remove the locks creen password on your Samsung phone.

get rid of samsung lock screen

Video on Using dr.fone - Android Lock Screen Removal to Bypass Android Pattern


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