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4 Effective Ways for Samsung A10/A10s FRP Bypass [2023]


Apr 17, 2023 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

"Is there any way by which I can remove FRP lock?" – a user asks from Quora.

For Android users, this has become one of the commonly asked queries when trying to factory reset the device. Reading on this page means that you too are looking for a Samsung A10 FRP bypass or for other Android devices.

The Factory Reset Protection is a security feature that comes with all Android devices running on OS 5.1 and later versions. The feature is introduced with the aim to prevent unauthorized access to the device. So, when you hard reset your Samsung A10/A10S or other Android devices, the FRP lock gets activated. Once the feature is enabled, entering the device can be done only when you enter your Google ID credentials.

Though helpful in case of device loss or theft, the feature at times can also create hassle like in situations when you forget your Google ID credentials or when you purchase a second hand-hand device that comes with an FRP lock.

The technology has solutions to all your problems and FRP lock is no exception to this. So, if you wish to bypass FRP lock in the case when Google account details are not available, there are workaround available. 

You can watch the video below to get your FRP bypassed with Wondershare Dr.Fone

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How to Bypass Samsung A10/A10s Google Account

Method 1: Using the best FRP bypass tool - Dr. Fone - Screen Unlock

Bypassing the Google Account on your Samsung A10/A10S and other Android devices can be a complicated task if you do not have access to the right tools. So, to make this a hassle-free task, we suggest Dr. Fone- Screen Unlock as the best software. This versatile program allows you to bypass and remove the FRP lock on your device without any need for a Google Account. The program works on all popular Android devices and brands and the process is simple and quick that does not require any specialized skill set.


Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android)

The Best Samsung A10/A10s FRP Bypass Tool after Reset

  • Bypass Samsung FRP lock on Android 6~12.
  • Easily remove the FRP lock without a PIN or Gmail password.
  • Offer specific removal solutions to promise good success rate.
  • Gain total control over your android phone and enjoy all the features.
Available on: Windows Mac

4,624,541 people have downloaded it

The tool also gives you the option to remove the FRP lock even if you are not aware of your OS version.

Step for Samsung a10s FRP bypass using Fone-Screen Unlock

Step 1. On your system download, install, and launch the Dr. Fone software. Make sure that your Samsung device is connected to Wi-Fi. On the main software, interface choose Unlock Android Screen/FRP option and then continue.

drfone screen unlock homepage

Step 2. Next, select the Remove Google FRP Lock option on the interface.

drfone screen unlock homepage

Step 3. The list of OS versions will appear on the screen. For Samsung A10/A10s, choose the Android 6,9,10 option. 

drfone screen unlock homepage

Step 4. Using a USB cable, connect your phone to your system.

Step 5. After the device is successfully connected, a pop-up for Screen Unlock will appear regarding the device information and a notification on the locked Samsung device will also be sent.

Step 6. Next, move ahead with the instructions as they appear. Click on View and then redirect to “drfonetoolkit.com”.

screen unlock bypass google frp

Step 7. Next, tap on the Android 6/9/10 button and then go to Settings. Select the Pin option. 

google frp removal

Step 8. Select “Do not require” and then click on Continue.

remove samsung google account

Step 9. Now you need to set a PIN for your device for the further steps. 

screen unlock google frp deactivation

Step 10. Move ahead with the steps as they appear and when the Google Sign-In page appears click on the Skip button to bypass the FRP lock. The Google FRP Lock will be successfully removed from your Samsung device.

bypass google lock completed

The above listed are the brief steps for removing the FRP lock on Samsung A10/A10s devices. For detailed steps and for other OS versions, check the steps in this Google FRP bypass guide.

You can watch the video below to get your FRP bypassed with Wondershare Dr.Fone

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Method 2: Bypass FRP Lock on Samsung Galaxy A10/A10s with PC Odin

Another way for bypassing FRP lock on the Samsung devices is by using PC Odin which is software that is used to root the Samsung devices by installing the firmware updates and kernels on the devices. Using ODIN your device will be upgraded with the custom features and custom ROM. 

bypass frp a10s odin

The steps for using the Odin method are as follows:

  • Step 1. First of all, download the Odin Android ROM flash tool, Samsung FRP reset firmware file, and Samsung Android USB drivers. 
  • Step 2. Next, set your device into the Download mode.
  • Step 3. Open the Odin tool on your PC and then using a USB cable, connect your Samsung device to your system.
  • Step 4. At the main interface of Odin click on the AP/CP/CSC options. Next, browse and choose the downloaded firmware file. 
  • Step 5. Next, import the files and then tap on the Start button.
  • Step 6. Once the process is complete, you will see a Pass green block. Your Samsung device will not boot normally. 

Method 3: How to Bypass FRP on Samsung Galaxy a10/a10s without PC (May Not Work) - TalkBack

Talkback is a voice assistant feature that is used by many for removing and bypassing the FRP lock on your Android device. The feature is complicated and involves multiple steps.

bypass frp a10/a10s talkback

Steps to bypass FRP lock using the TalkBack feature

  • Step 1. First of all, you need to turn on the Talkback feature on your Samsung locked device and for this hold two fingers on your phone screen till the voice assistant is turned on.
  • Step 2. Next, double click on the “Emergency number” icon and then enter 112 and again double click on Call.
  • Step 3. After the Emergency number screen appears double click on Add call option.
  • Step 4. After the Talkback feature is enabled, draw L on the phone screen and choose the Talkback settings option. Move and scroll down to Help & Feedback option.
  • Step 5. Click on the video screen and after YouTube opens click on the menu at the top-right corner. Clicking on the Privacy policies will open the internet.
  • Step 6. Search for Mall near me at the address bar which will open the dial-pad.
  • Step 7. Next on your system open bypassfrplock.com at the Chrome search bar and then choose FRP bypass tools in the blue menu. Choose Calling FRP tools.
  • Step 8. Now connect your phone to your PC and then choose a block.
  • Step 9. Choose the Manage option by right-clicking on the My Computer option.
  • Step 10. Next, you need to follow the steps for the Calling FRP tool.
  • Step 11. Following several other steps will let lead to the APK Downloads page that will download Google account manager 8.1
  • Step 12. Finally, the FRP process will complete after multiple steps and you can restart your device like a new one.

Above listed are the brief steps of the process to bypass FRP Samsung a10s, you can check here for the detailed steps. 

Note: If you want to remove the FRP lock on your Samsung A10/A10S devices, the TalkBack feature will most probably not work. To make this method work on your Samsung A10 devices you would need to look for ways to downgrade the OS version. Considering these multiple limitations of the method, TalkBack is not a great solution for bypassing FRP lock and here Dr.Fone –Screen Unlock (Android) works as an excellent alternative that is not only workable but also simple and quick.

How Do I Turn Off FRP Lock on Galaxy A10/A10s without a Computer?

The FRP feature on your Samsung Galaxy A10/A10S and other Android devices is enabled when a Google account is entered. So, if you need to turn off the FRP lock, you need to remove the Google account that is entered on your device. 

Steps to turn off FRP lock 

  • Step 1. Go to the Settings app on your Samsung Galaxy A10/A10S device.
  • Step 2. Choose Accounts and then click on the Google option. 
  • Step 3. Next, select the name of your Google Account and then tap on the Remove Account option. 

With the removal of the Google account, the FRP lock on the device will also be disabled. 

turn off frp on samsung a10/a10s

Wrap it up!

The above listed are the different methods for bypassing the Google FRP lock on your Android device. They all can solve our problem of Samsung A10/A10s FRP bypassing, but the Odin method is quite complicated and involves a long process. Moreover, the Talkback method is workable only on the earlier versions of the Android and does not work on the latest Android devices. 

Out of the discussed methods, Dr. Fone - Screen Unlock will work as the best solution as it is not only simple and quick but the results are also sure. Additionally, once the Dr. Fone software is downloaded to your system, it can be used for several other tasks like system recovery, different screen unlocks, and more. 

Download for PC Download for Mac

4,624,541 people have downloaded it

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