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Can I Export Telegram/WeChat/ Snapchat Stickers to WhatsApp?

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Aug 30, 2023 • Filed to: Manage Social Apps • Proven solutions

WhatsApp introduced stickers to ensure communication is more expressive. More like emojis, WhatsApp stickers can be used to express how someone feels. The fact that you can make your custom sticker on WhatsApp brings added fun to a conversation. This means you can create a sticker with a photo of you or with friends; what an impression!

export stickers

Like the WhatsApp applications, other social apps such as Telegram, WeChat, and Snapchat come with unique stickers that depict a wide range of emotions. Since the native WhatsApp interface comes with a limited number of stickers, you may find it challenging to explore more options. As such, you may wish to export the stickers available on Telegram, WeChat, and Snapchat to WhatsApp. While the process is possible, you need to learn clever tips to export these stickers to WhatsApp.

Part 1: Export Snapchat Stickers to WhatsApp Easily

Snapchat is famous for its wide range of personalized stickers that are integrated with Bitmoji. Thanks to WhatsApp since it is compatible with the Bitmoji stickers. When you want to export Snapchat stickers, you need to link your Bitmoji account to your WhatsApp account. Use the following guide to carry out the task.

export to wa

Step 1: create a Bitmoji account.

To export stickers from Snapchat to WhatsApp, you need to register a Bitmoji account. You can do this from the native Bitmoji app or Snapchat. If you opt to create an account from Snapchat, open the app and go to your account. Click on the "Create Bitmoji" button to navigate through the available stickers. Remember that you cannot create a new Bitmoji account on the web; instead, you can use the smartphone app or chrome extension.

Step 2: export Snapchat stickers to WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp on your phone, select "Language & Input," and then enable the "Bitmoji keyboard." You will see the Bitmoji keyboard from here if you installed it on your phone. Alternatively, you can integrate your account from Bitmoji on the Gboard. Once you successfully add the Bitmoji to your default keyboard, you can now access the stickers from the dedicated section and use them on WhatsApp.

Part 2: Export Telegram and WeChat Stickers to WhatsApp

Telegram and WeChat applications contain impressive stickers that you might want to use on WhatsApp. The approach used to export the stickers on Telegram is similar to WeChat. You need to download the sticker packs from respective applications and later transfer them to WhatsApp. The following guide will help you learn how to export the Telegram and WeChat stickers to WhatsApp.

Step 1(a): Download telegram stickers to your device

Open the telegram application on your phone and click on the hamburger icon to access the app's settings. From the settings panel, tap on stickers and masks and choose the sticker packs you wish to export. After selecting the desired stickers, tap on the three-dotted icon for more options and copy the pack's link.

Return to the home screen of Telegram and search for the sticker downloader bot from the search option on the top of the screen. Open the sticker downloader and paste the sticker pack on the bot window. Wait for the sticker downloader to process the link. You will get an option to let you download the sticker pack as a zipped file.

Step 1 (b): How to download WeChat stickers

You can export sticker packs from WeChat to WhatsApp, just like Telegram. First, launch the WeChat application on your phone and go to the chat options to carry out the process. You can browse the stickers available in this section to choose the options you wish to export. You will find a download button on the sticker gallery that you can use to save your preferred sticker pack to your device.

From another perspective, go to the main window of the WeChat application and search for the File Transfer bot. This feature will help you to download the stickers you want to your device.

export to wechat

Step 2: Extract the zip file containing the downloaded sticker pack

To export telegram stickers to the WhatsApp application on your phone, you need to save them to the device's internal storage or the SD card on the default telegram storage location. You can later use the file explorer application such as ES File Explorer to access the telegram folder, then go to telegram documents and unzip the downloaded sticker pack.

You can use the approach as in Telegram to export the WeChat stickers to your WhatsApp using a reliable file explorer app on your phone.

Step 3: how to import Telegram and WeChat stickers to WhatsApp

Now you can export the downloaded Telegram or WeChat stickers to WhatsApp using a dedicated sticker application for WhatsApp. Personal Stickers for WhatsApp is an excellent example of an application to export the sticker to WhatsApp. Once you install the app on your device, launch it, tap on the open button, and export the stickers you downloaded from Telegram or WeChat. The app is most likely to detect the available stickers on your device; otherwise, you can use the add button to export them to WhatsApp. Once you are done adding stickers to WhatsApp, open the app, tap on the Emoji panel, and then go to the stickers section to explore the stickers you just added. In this way, you can easily export the stickers you need from Telegram and WeChat like a pro and enjoy messaging on WhatsApp.

Bonus Tip: Backup WhatsApp data on PC /Mac

Now that you understand how you can export stickers from WeChat, Telegram, and Snapchat to WhatsApp, you can customize the application easily. Once you are satisfied with the stickers on WhatsApp, you will not want to lose them. In this case, you need to back up the stickers to your computer in advance to avoid losing them should the WhatsApp application get damaged or removed from the phone.

backup wa data

WhatsApp backup will help you restore your important data when you need them. There is a need to learn how you can backup WhatsApp data to your computer effectively. For this case, you need a recommended and reliable application like the Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer tool to back up your WhatsApp data in just one click.

Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer

Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer is a sophisticated tool designed to offer comprehensive solutions and support when transferring WhatsApp data from one prone to another. You could also backup WhatsApp data to your computer and later restore it to another device when needed. The software allows users to handle WhatsApp chats easily and flexibly. Here, you can selectively backup and restore WhatsApp data, including messages, videos, audio, photos, contacts, and other attachments.


The following are reasons why you should opt for Dr.Fone - WhatsApp transfer tool;

1: You can save your WhatsApp data, including stickers, chat history, voice notes, and other app data, with just a single click.

2: The app maintains different WhatsApp backups instead of overwriting the backup"s content.

3: The desktop application interface is user-friendly, straightforward to use, and supports iOS and Android devices.

4: You can later use the restore feature to get your WhatsApp content more conveniently on the existing or another device.

5: The application supports cross-platform WhatsApp transfer without any compatibility or security issues.

Follow these steps to backup WhatsApp data to your computer

Step 1: Download Dr.Fone software from its official product. Run the setup following the software wizard to install the software. Click start now to launch the software once the installation is complete.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Step 2: Connect your android phone to the computer and click on the "WhatsApp Transfer" module from the home screen. Find the WhatsApp tab on the program's left panel and then click "backup WhatsApp Messages."

Step 3: The software will begin to save your WhatsApp messages from the android device immediately.

Step 4: Wait for a couple of minutes until all the WhatsApp messages and attachments are backed to the computer.

Step 5: Click on the "view it" button to open the WhatsApp backup list and find your backup file on your computer drive.


While using WhatsApp to connect with different contacts and groups, you will need stickers to complement your communication. Since WhatsApp offers limited stickers options, you can use the methods explained in this article to export more from Telegram, WeChat, and Snapchat. Explore the instructions carefully to understand how every approach works to export the stickers successfully.

Further, there is a need to back up your WhatsApp data and the stickers on the app to a computer to lose. However, WhatsApp does not offer a native solution to backup data to a PC. In that case, you need to opt for a reliable tool like Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer to save your WhatsApp data without any issues relating to data safety or device compatibility. Every step involved in the backup process is simple and straightforward.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

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