How to Move WhatsApp to SD Card

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With WhatsApp app on your phone, you will receive lots of messages, videos, audios and even documents as seen on the latest WhatsApp version. These media files are automatically stored on the internal storage of your phone. So, with time you will find that these files are filling up your internal memory, thus you will be required to free them up. Deleting these valuable files is not a good idea but you can move them to your SD Card. Moving WhatsApp media to SD Card may not be possible according to WhatsApp Official website but in this article we will show you how to move WhatsApp to SD Card.

Part 1.How to Move WhatsApp to SD Card

Using ES File Explorer

To move WhatsApp data to your SD Card, you will have to download a third-party app on your Android phone like ES file Explorer. This app will enable you transfer media files and also the WhatsApp itself to your SD Card thus freeing the internal memory. ES File Explorer is significant also when one want to manage files easily on a phone.

Step 1. Download ES File Explorer from Google play store on your Android Phone and install it.

move WhatsApp to SD Card

Step 2. Open ES File Explorer on your Android Phone. In some phones, they can be installed as "File Manager".

move WhatsApp to SD Card

Step 3.On the Home Page swipe the screen to the left and you will have access to a local folder which is your internal storage It is often indicated as SD Card by default. Scroll down and you will find WhatsApp folder.

move WhatsApp to SD Card

Step 4.Long press on the WhatsApp folder and it will be marked. Now move to the bottom right and tap on "More" here you will find the option"Move to" select SD Card.

move WhatsApp to SD Card

In a situation that you only want to move the media files, go to Local storage and tap on WhatsApp folder. You will find the "Media" files. Tap on it and select the specific media file you want to move. Next move to the bottom right when you have marked the files and click "Move to > SD Card".

move WhatsApp to SD Card

You can also use the inbuilt Cut and Paste option to transfer data from internal storage to SD Card.

Step 5.On the SD Card, you can now tap on the addition button to create a name for the new folder.

Step 6. Lastly, tap on "OK" and your files will be copied to the new folder on SD Card. This often takes time depending on the size of your WhatsApp files.

move WhatsApp to SD Card

Bingo! All your WhatsApp data has been moved to SD Card without having to root your device. It is also advisable to go to the internal memory and erase the WhatsApp folder if any. You can also use this app to transfer other apps to your SD Card following the similar procedure. In addition, ES file Explorer also helps you manage files on you internal memory as well as external memory.

Part 2: One click to restore WhatsApp messages to SD card

Backup WhatsApp message to SD card

dr.fone - WhatsApp Transfer is a great PC tool that makes it super easy to transfer, backup and restore your WhatsApp messages on your phone. Besides, you can preview and check any item you want and export it to your SD card on computer.

Before we begin finding out how that can be done, let us quickly take a look at its many amazing features.

dr.fone - WhatsApp Transfer

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Part 3.What's the SD Card?

Most digital devices have memory cards in them majority being the SD Cards. SD Cards which stand for Secure Digital cards are small non-volatile memory cards that are inserted on phones, cameras, camcorders and other portable devices to create more storage capacity. These type of memory card was developed by SD Card Association. SD Card helps you store photos, videos audios and other files on your portable device..

There are different companies that manufacture SD Cards such Lexar, Samsung, Transcend, Kingston, Sandisk and much more. The difference in SD Cards manufactured by these companies is the size, speed and the storage capacity of the SD Cards they manufacture other than the physical appearance.

move WhatsApp to SD Card

Types of SD Cards:

Secure Digital Standard Digital Card (SDSD)

This kind of SD Cards supports lower storage capacity which is 2GB and below.

Secure Digital High Capacity Cards (SDHC)

This kind of SD Card offers up to 32 GB capacity storage.

Secure Digital Extended capacity cards (SDXC)

This one of the highest storage capacity that offers users up to 2TB.

When going for an SD Card there a few things that you should put into consideration.

The cost of SD Card:You have always heard the phrase "Cheap is expensive,"therefore, when purchasing SD Card go expensive SD Cards since they are of good quality.

The speed:Depending on the task you are doing,they are different classes with different speeds suitable for each task. For instance for your smartphone going for class 2 is okay unlike for a photographer who requires high speed SD Card of class 4, 6 or 10.

Capacity:For heavy duties consider going for high storage capacities.

Physical size: SD Cards comes in different sizes, therefore choose one that is compatible with your device memory slot.

SD Cards are important on our phones and other handful devices since they offer great storage. This means that we should always handle these cards with care. Also SD Cards allows you to transfer or move files from internal memory to SD Card memory. Other than data, you can also store apps on your SD Cards and still use them on your phone. After all, if the data is lost on the SD Cards, you can still restore them easily with data recovery software.

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