Ultimate Guide How to Use WhatsApp for Marketing

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It’s fair to say that all forms of marketing strategies are indeed helpful in converting leads and driving sales. Each technique carries a special power that boosts brand visibility on various platforms. But as a marketer, you should know how to choose the best advertising method that perfectly matches the nature of your business. That’s the wisest and most practical way to capitalize on your promotions.

WhatsApp marketing is one of the most popular marketing tactics nowadays. It connects businesses to their target audience with the aid of instant messaging. By far, this marketing initiative is doing a real work of art. That’s why many businesses today are taking it into consideration. Are you planning to try WhatsApp marketing anytime soon? If so, you should start by studying how to send marketing messages on WhatsApp. Don’t worry. There are many tutorials online that can help you get started.

In this article, we will talk about how to use WhatsApp for marketing. We will also discuss the various types of marketing messages you can send via WhatsApp Business account. Continue reading to learn more.

Part 1: Easy Techniques on How to Use WhatsApp for Marketing

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We all know that the core purpose of WhatsApp advertising is sending marketing messages. That’s correct. However, there are also other functions you can try to elevate your marketing plan and make the most of it using WhatsApp Business. Check out the list below and see what tactics fit your business model.

  • Send bulk WhatsApp marketing correspondence

It’s no secret that WhatsApp messages have a very high open rate. That means the majority of its users always read the messages they receive on the platform. If that’s the case, you should never take this opportunity for granted. Use it to your advantage. Start by designing and implementing an interactive marketing campaign about deals and promos.

  • Enable automated WhatsApp notifications

whatsapp notifications

The best way to catch people’s attention is to trigger important notifications on their mobile phones. You can easily automate this feature on WhatsApp to alert your customers about delivery status, order updates, and many others. Try to incorporate it into your marketing plan. For sure, it will help you a lot to achieve your business goals in no time.

  • Redirect potential customers from social media to WhatsApp

To receive more fruitful messages on WhatsApp, you may launch a well-planned Direct to WhatsApp ad campaign on social media. How does it work? You simply need to publish a social media promotion with a special button redirecting customers to your WhatsApp number. From there, you can start profitable conversations with your target market on WhatsApp.

  • Launching a WhatsApp marketing campaign for a specific group of audience

The conversation rate of any marketing campaign usually soars high if targeted to a specific audience. Thus, you should try it as well on your WhatsApp marketing efforts using its special feature called WhatsApp Broadcast Campaign. Don’t worry. There are many tutorials online that can teach you how to use WhatsApp for marketing.

  • Activate WhatsApp Chatbot for automated customer support

whatsapp chatbot

How to market with WhatsApp? Start by placing customer support that is readily available and easily accessible. Don’t worry. You may try to integrate WhatsApp Chatbot into your platform and set it up according to your business goals. Since it’s automated, you can be sure that your customers receive immediate assistance each and every time they need help.

  • Promote your WhatsApp link online

Does your business have a top-ranking website? If so, you should take advantage of it to promote your WhatsApp link. Try to dedicate a special section that prominently advertises your WhatsApp number. You may set up a quick button or simply post your details on the page.

  • Make use of WhatsApp Call-to-Action and Quick Replies buttons

whatsapp quick replies

Convenience is the best instrument to win the hearts of your customers. Therefore, you should do everything to make everything simple for your customers. Start by setting up Call-to-Action and Quick Replies buttons on your WhatsApp account. It will surely be of great help to your customers, especially if they need quick assistance from your store. Don’t worry. There are numerous guides on how to do WhatsApp marketing. Just read them and find your way around it.

Part 2: How to Set Up WhatsApp Business Account

CBefore anything else, you should first create a WhatsApp Business account and set it up accordingly. Don’t sweat it. Creating one for your business is a walk in the park. Check out the tutorial below and find out how to use WhatsApp for marketing in easy steps.

  • Step 1: Download the WhatsApp Business App on your mobile device.
  • Step 2: Read the Terms and Conditions very carefully. Right after, click Agree & Continue.

whatsapp terms and conditions

  • Step 3: Enter your mobile phone number. Verify it with OTP when prompted.
  • Step 4: Set up your WhatsApp Business account by entering the necessary details.

whatsapp business profile

  • Step 5: WhatsApp will give you an option to explore the Business application. Click Explore to access the available tutorials. Otherwise, click Not Now.
  • Step 6: Finalize everything and then start connecting to your target audience.

Part 3: Various Types of WhatsApp Marketing Messages

WhatsApp marketing messages are not limited to one type only. There are several kinds of campaigns that you can use to make the most of your WhatsApp Business account. Check out the list below and read each description provided. Find the best one that suits your preferences.

  • Abandoned Cart Reminders

abandoned cart whatsapp

Customers usually add products to their carts without checking them out. It’s a very common scenario in online shopping. Therefore, take advantage of it to engage with your customers. You may automate abandoned cart reminders on WhatsApp to alert them about it. Make sure that the message is crafted very well to get the attention of your customers. You may include some parts about offers and discounts available for a limited time only.

  • Event Invitations

If your company has some upcoming engagements open to the public, don’t forget to give your customers a heads-up. Send them the invitations via WhatsApp and make sure the details are well-written there. That’s a great way to spark fruitful conversations with your target audience.

  • Seasonal Product Discounts

product discounts whatsapp

Everyone loves discounts. That’s one thing for sure. Hence, make sure to notify your customers about upcoming product discounts via WhatsApp. Craft an effective announcement message to attract paying customers and increase your sales. You may also launch some interactive activities that offer discount coupons as prizes for winners and participants. Just make sure that the mechanics are clearly stated on the WhatsApp campaign.

  • Limited Offers

People are aware that the best product deals are often available for a limited time. That’s why you can be sure that many paying customers are waiting for the announcements of limited offers. You should take advantage of its popularity. Make sure that you don’t leave your customers out in the dark when it comes to this matter.

  • Rewards

If your business offers rewards programs to customers, you should promote them frequently on WhatsApp. Such marketing messages definitely have the highest open rate on the platform. Therefore, take it to your leverage and make the most of it. Inform your customers about the latest reward mechanics and offers from time to time.

  • VIP Privileges

Your VIP customers must receive a higher level of service from your store. Start by designing a special WhatsApp marketing campaign exclusive to them. You may inform them about extravagant deals that are not available to regular customers. Don’t fret it. Find some tutorials online on how to send marketing messages on WhatsApp. From there, you can certainly get helpful tips from e-commerce experts.


Undoubtedly, it looks like any digital platform we have today can now be used as a marketing tool. WhatsApp is one of them. The popularity of this instant messaging application attracts marketers to utilize it for customer communication and product promotions. That’s why you should never set it aside and strive hard to leverage the resources of this platform. Read the discussions above to learn how to use WhatsApp for marketing. Study its features and get your way around it. For sure, you can easily craft an effective WhatsApp marketing campaign in no time.

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