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5 Helpful Marketing Ideas for Black Friday

James Davis

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

During Black Friday, people’s desire to shell out some money is on another level. Why so? The simplest explanation is that great deals and huge discounts are too enticing to be ignored. Thus, you should not turn a blind eye to this wonderful opportunity and use it to your advantage instead. Don’t worry. It doesn’t take much to put everything in place. All you need to do is design a constructive marketing plan and implement it accordingly.

It’s true to say that orchestrating an advertising campaign is not a walk in the park. That’s why it is indeed important to start the process off on the right foot. With that said, the very first thing you need to do is explore various Black Friday marketing ideas. Check out every option and assess its respective advantage. From there, pick the best one that perfectly matches your business.

In this article, we will discuss the essential functions of Black Friday promotions. We will also provide some effective marketing ideas for Black Friday to help you get started. Continue reading below to learn more.

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Part 1. Advantages of Running Black Friday Marketing Campaigns

Let’s just say that people want to make the most of the Black Friday sale without spending much. That’s why you can easily find paying customers during this season by simply running a marketing campaign for your deals. But aside from that, Black Friday promotions also have a lot more to offer. Check out the list of benefits below.

black friday promotions

It increases lead conversion and drives sales.

Consumers will surely buy from your store so long as your deals and promos are competitive. If you have what it takes to meet that criteria, you should promote them very well. Explore the best Black Friday marketing ideas available and implement the perfect approach for your business. For sure, you will not have a hard time converting high-quality leads and increasing your revenue during this season.

It boosts the online presence of your business.

People are most active on the internet during Black Friday. Why so? Simply because everyone is looking for great shopping deals. That’s why running a marketing campaign for this event will certainly improve your internet presence a lot. Don’t take it for granted. Bring your store into the loop and let the computer algorithms help you strengthen your online authority.

It helps you gain new and long-term customers.

Marketing initiatives promoting fabulous promos and exciting deals are the best instruments to gain new and long-term customers. Hence, you should consider it when gearing up for Black Friday. Try to focus on Black Friday marketing ideas that can provide such benefits to your store.

Part 2. 5 Best Black Friday Marketing Ideas to Try

The market competition during Black Friday is much tougher than ordinary days. Hence, you need to give your advertising strategy a lot of attention during this season. Try to create something new and make quite an impression. Check out the list below of the best Black Friday marketing ideas to get started.

Email Campaigns

black friday email campaign

Advertising campaigns targeted to specific audiences work a lot better than any other strategy. That’s why you should use your email newsletter to its full potential in delivering marketing messages. By far, emails containing shopping tips and exclusive deals have the highest open rates during Black Friday. Take it into consideration when you build your Black Friday email campaign.

WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

black friday whatsapp marketing campaign

Most customers appreciate personalized marketing messages that provide specific recommendations they actually need. Therefore, WhatsApp marketing campaigns are highly effective when it comes to Black Friday promotions. Just make sure that the content of your campaign reflects the core interest of the recipients. Otherwise, the message will surely go straight to the trash untouched.

Landing Pages

black friday landing page

The patience of most customers during Black Friday is limited. So, as much as possible, try to do them a little favor. Launch a specific landing page summarizing the details of your Black Friday deals and redirect your customers to it. Promote the landing page link on your social media handles or send it directly to your WhatsApp audience. Believe it or not, this kind of convenience actually brings you closer to high-level leads and potential customers. That’s why you should include it in your Black Friday marketing ideas and plans to obtain promising results.

Social Media Marketing

Social media are extremely popular nowadays. That’s why launching advertising campaigns on these platforms is indeed a wise move to reach your target customers. Don’t worry. So long as your strategy is well-executed, the results from this undertaking will be promising. Just follow your plan and implement the campaign accordingly.

Paid Ads

There’s no need to worry if your marketing campaigns are not working organically. You may try to run some paid ads on social media and other digital platforms to pick up steam. From there, redirect the audience to your official accounts to increase engagement on your page. Paid marketing campaigns don’t necessarily need to run that long. Just make sure that within its duration, you have already reached a considerable number of potential customers.

Part 3. Preparations Before Launching Your Black Friday Marketing Campaigns

If you want to achieve your Black Friday goals, you have to ensure your marketing campaigns are flawless and effective. One way to do that is to plan very well and prepare a lot beforehand. Don’t execute your Black Friday marketing ideas without making sure that everything has been taken care of. To help you with this matter, check out the list of preparations provided below.

  • Bring out the results of your previous Black Friday marketing campaign and assess them thoroughly. Take note of the areas that need some revisions and further improvements. Make sure that they are taken into consideration when you architect your new Black Friday marketing campaign.
  • Assign new business objectives according to your preferred Black Friday marketing ideas. Use these goals as your guide in planning and implementing the advertising campaign.
  • Choose your marketing channels very well. Settle on specific platforms that support your desired Black Friday marketing ideas to avoid unplanned disruptions during the implementation.
  • Anticipate that your e-commerce website will receive high volumes of visitors during Black Friday. That’s why check its general health beforehand. See to it that your virtual store can handle too many activities during this season.

Part 4. Gear Up Your WhatsApp Retention Strategy After Black Friday

As a marketer, you should know that your job is not yet done after the Black Friday sale.

You must continue implementing a specific advertising strategy to maintain your newly acquired customers and retain their interest. In this regard, WhatsApp can certainly help you a lot. Listed below are some tips you should keep in mind when running your WhatsApp retention strategy after Black Friday.

whatsapp retention

  • Provide high-quality assistance to your customers by responding to their queries and resolving their concerns. Use WhatsApp to receive and send messages regarding this matter.
  • Run a regular WhatsApp marketing campaign informing your customers that your channel is open for legitimate questions and concerns. It’s a simple yet effective way of staying in contact with your customers.
  • Craft a particular WhatsApp marketing message that sparks smart conversations. Run it once in a while to maintain fruitful engagements with your customers.
  • Try to offer exclusive deals to your existing customers from time to time. Send your WhatsApp audience some marketing messages containing the details of the promos.
  • Launch a WhatsApp marketing campaign that delivers useful shopping tips and educational information. Just make sure you’re going to cover the topics that reflect the general interest of your subscribers.
  • Come up with various WhatsApp marketing campaigns that collect customer feedback. Acknowledge their comments and take them as an opportunity to improve the quality of your service.
  • Use WhatsApp to provide real-time updates to your customers about the status of their orders. Some information you may include in the notification are arrival dates of orders, dispatching status, and delivery alerts.


Marketing ideas for Black Friday are far different from ordinary strategies. Imagine you need to make good progress within a limited period of time. That’s totally a lot of hard work. That’s why it’s indeed important to come up with a great advertising plan before moving forward with the implementation. The discussions above contain useful information that can help you get started. Read them all and keep everything in your mind. It’s going to be your greatest stepping stone toward the success of your marketing plan.

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James Davis

James Davis

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