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[Solved] Find IMEI number and Unlock Phone Free with IMEI Number


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IMEI numbers are unique numbers associated with your phone to identify them. The most significant advantage of the IMEI number is securing your mobile device if it gets stolen or lost. In the worst situations, if your phone gets stolen, you can blacklist your IMEI number by contacting your network. On the other hand, people also unlock their phones through IMEI numbers when they face network limitations on their devices.

Moreover, unlocking a phone with an IMEI code is an official method, so it does not require any third-party software to proceed. Also, the whole procedure won't execute any changes on your device's software or hardware. This article will comprehensively guide you to unlock phone free with IMEI number, and you can function the function with any compatible network.

Part 1: How to Find Your Phone IMEI?

In this section, we will guide you to find phone IMEI on both Android and iPhone devices.

1. Find IMEI Number on Android

To find the IMEI number on Android, there are two methods as follows:

Method 1: Find IMEI Number through Dialing

Step 1: Navigate to the "Phone" button on your Android device. Now type "*#06#" on your keypad and tap on the "Call" icon.

dial imei check number

Step 2: A message will pop up comprising many numbers, including the IMEI number.

check android imei number

Method 2: Find IMEI Number through Settings

Step 1: To start, go to the “Settings” of your phone and select the option “About Phone” by tapping on it. On the pop-up window, scroll down, where you will find the IMEI number.

access imei from settings

2. Find IMEI Number on iPhone

IMEI numbers on iPhones were engraved on their back panel in iPhone 5 and newer models, whereas in iPhone 4S and older models, the IMEI numbers would be displayed on the SIM tray. However, with the release of the iPhone 8 and the latest models, IMEI numbers are no longer displayed on the phone's back panel. Similarly, there are two methods to find the IMEI number on iPhone such as:

Method 1: Find IMEI Number on iPhone through Settings

Step 1: Open the settings of your iPhone by clicking on the "Settings" app. After that, tap on the "General" option from the iPhone settings.

open general settings

Step 2: On the menu of “General,” tap "About," and a new page will open. At the bottom of the page, the IMEI number will be displayed. You can also copy the number by pressing and holding the number for a second. After tapping on "Copy," you can paste or share your IMEI number.

copy your iphone imei

Method 2: Find IMEI Number on iPhone by Dialing

Step 1: Tap on the “Phone” button on your iPhone and then dial “*#06#”. Now, a box will appear on the screen containing your IMEI number. You can tap on "Dismiss" to close the box.

dial iphone imei check number

Part 2: How to Unlock Phone Free with IMEI Number?

In this part, we will address the necessary instructions to unlock phone free with IMEI number. The instructions are simple and easy to follow.

2.1 The Preparation before Unlocking your Phone

Before you unlock phone by IMEI free, it's essential to do some preparations to execute the process smoothly. Every phone carrier comes up with its regulations for unlocking a phone by IMEI. For this, you should contact your carrier after gathering details for unlocking your phone. Your phone carrier would be unable to resolve your problems if you fail to provide them with some specific information. Gather the following details of your phone as shown below:

1. Owner’s Name

When you have bought your phone, you need to register it through an owner's name. So fetch the name of the owner through which your phone got listed.

2. Phone Number

The next important detail is the phone and account number of your device. Without these numbers, you won't be able to unlock the phone with an IMEI number.

3. Security Answers

If you have set up some security questions in the carrier account, you should have their respective answers. There is a possibility that while you unlock your phone through an IMEI number, these security questions will appear.

2.2 Unlock Phone Free with IMEI Number

Once done with collecting all the required and authentic information, it's time to unlock phone by IMEI free. Read the below steps carefully to prevent any hustle:

Step 1: To begin, contact your carrier through live chat, or you can also reach their support number. Once you reach them, explain to the agent why you want to unlock the phone from the carrier.



Contact Info

Boost Mobile



Consumer Cellular


(888) 345-5509







CREDO Mobile






Net10 Wireless



Mint SIM






Straight Talk






Simple Mobile



Page Plus












Virgin Mobile



Xfinity Mobile






Total Wireless






U.S. Cellular



Ultra Mobile



Step 2: Now, the support agent will require the details from you we mentioned above. These details are asked to verify whether you are the real owner of the phone or not.

Step 3: Once you have provided all the authentic details, the support agent will begin to unlock your phone. After 30 days, the carrier will provide the code to unlock the phone by IMEI free along with the instructions.

Step 4: Enter the code by following the instructions on your phone. Once done with unlocking the phone by IMEI number, you can replace the SIM card from another carrier.

add your carrier provided password

Part 3: FAQ about IMEI Unlock

  1. How long does it take to unlock my phone?

The process for unlocking the iPhone by a carrier takes 1 month. After the span of one month, you can unlock the phone by entering the code provided by the carrier.

  1. Is there any risk?

Since it's an official method to unlock a phone so there is no risk involved; there are certain requirements that you have to meet to carry out this process. Such as, you should be the real owner of the phone, and only the original carrier can have access to unlock the phone. Also, you need to meet the rules set by your carrier to unlock your phone by IMEI.

  1. Will Changing the IMEI number unlock the phone?

No, changing the IMEI number will not unblock the number as the only carrier is able to do that. If your number gets blocked after activation, you can reach the carrier where it is locked to. The original IMEI number is mandatory to unlock the phone as its hardware is encoded into the phone.

IMEI number is an important feature of every phone to identify. By unlocking the phone through the IMEI number, you can add foreign SIM cards and use other networks. This article has descriptively addressed the steps and basic requirements to unlock phone free with IMEI number.

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