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How To Trust a Computer When iPhone Is Disabled: 3 Proven Ways


Mar 30, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

“There was a time when I forgot my iPhone passcode. And after several unsuccessful attempts to unlock it, my device became disabled. Then, as I try to connect my iPhone to a computer to fix it, I encounter another problem—my iPhone refuses to "trust" the computer.”

Does this situation sound familiar to you? We found that some people have problems with the “Trust this computer” message not showing up after connecting their devices to the computer. But here's the thing: even if your iPhone is disabled, it can still trust the computer.

So, how do you trust a computer when iPhone is disabled? Don't worry; we've got all the answers you need.

Part 1. What Is “Trust This Computer”? Can I Trust a New Computer on a Disabled iPhone?

When you connect your iPhone to a computer or another device for the first time, you will encounter a prompt asking if you trust the computer. This prompt is a security feature implemented by Apple to protect your device's data from unauthorized access.

This is because connecting your iPhone to another device means establishing a connection that allows data transfer between the two devices. The ""Trust This Computer"" prompt ensures that you are aware of this and explicitly grants permission for this data transfer to occur.

Tapping "Trust" on your iPhone means the iPhone trusts the computer, and it’s okay for the computer to access your iPhone's data. This trust remains unless you change it or erase your device.

Trust this computer prompt on iPhone.

Is it possible to trust a new computer on a disabled iPhone?

When an iPhone becomes disabled due to multiple incorrect passcode entries, establishing a trust connection with a new computer or device may become difficult. However, it’s still possible to trust a new computer on a disabled iPhone.

In the following sections, we will explore various methods of how to trust a computer when iPhone is disabled.

Part 2. Trust Computer on Disabled iPhone with Recovery Mode

For the first method, you can use Recovery Mode on iPhone to reset the device and establish trust with a computer. Apple usually recommends this solution when you are locked out of your iPhone.

While effective for most devices, it's crucial to note that it won't preserve any data. Moreover, you’ll need functional physical buttons, iTunes, and patience since you might need to attempt them a few times before successfully entering recovery mode.

How to trust a computer on iPhone with Recovery Mode:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone and launch iTunes on your computer.

Step 2: While your iPhone is connected to iTunes, perform a force restart:

  • For iPhone 8/8 Plus or iPhone X and later: Press and release the Volume Up button, then press and quickly release the Volume Down button. After that, long-press the Side button until the recovery mode screen appears.
  • For iPhone 7 or 7 Plus: Long-press both the Side button and Volume Down simultaneously until the recovery mode screen appears.
  • For iPhone 6S Plus or earlier: Long-press both the Home and Side buttons together until the recovery mode screen appears.

Force restarts iPhone to reconnect and trust the computer.

Step 3: Select "Restore," and iTunes will proceed to wipe your iPhone and download the latest version of iOS onto it. Wait for the process to complete before setting up your iPhone.

Restore iPhone data on iTunes.

Once the restoration is finished, you can set up the disabled iPhone as a new device and easily establish trust with the connected computer.

Part 3. Trust Computer on Disabled iPhone with Find My iPhone

As you may be aware, the Find My iPhone feature was initially created to track lost iOS devices and allows users to remotely erase the device's content and settings if it's lost or stolen. However, not many people know that you can also use Find My iPhone to manually reset your iPhone and remove the disabled mode. Then, you can try to trust the device again.

But before you use it, make sure the following conditions are met:

  • The disabled iPhone is Image nameed with an Apple ID
  • The disabled iPhone has the "Find My iPhone" feature activated
  • The disabled iPhone is connected to the internet
  • You have the Apple ID credentials, including the password and security questions

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to reset your iPhone and bypass trust this computer using Find My iPhone:

Step 1: Access icloud.com and go to the "Find My" section on the website. Then, select "Locate your device on iCloud.com."

Step 2: Sign in using the same Apple ID Image nameed to your disabled device.

Trust computer on disabled iPhone with Find My iPhone.

Step 3: Select the "Find iPhone" option. This feature not only helps locate the device, regardless of its disabled status but also allows you to erase it.

Step 4: Choose "Erase this iPhone" on the card representing your disabled device. Make sure to select the correct device if multiple devices are associated with the Apple ID.

Erase iPhone data on Find My iPhone.

Step 5: After clicking "Erase," a confirmation window will appear. Proceed by clicking "Erase" and providing the Apple ID password along with the answers to the security questions. This step will initiate the erasing process for the disabled device.

Step 6: Once the iPhone is erased using this method, it can be set up as a new device. You can then establish a new passcode and successfully trust your computer when connecting it.

Now, if you don’t remember your Apple ID password, we recommend using Wondershare Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock, which is simpler and requires less of your information.

Part 4. Trust Computer on Disabled iPhone with Dr.Fone Screen Unlock (iOS)

Forgetting the passcode on your iOS device happens to many of us. When this occurs, it might seem like your device is unusable. But there are options available to unlock iPhones through a computer with Wondershare Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS).

Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock can help bypass the passcode on your disabled iPhone without losing your data. Then, you can trust the new computer without problems. You won’t have to worry about your iPhone being disabled again.

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Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

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To bypass iPhone lock screen without a passcode with Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) tool, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock Tool

Install Wondershare Dr.Fone on your computer and connect your iPhone. Then, navigate to Toolbox > Screen Unlock > iOS to initiate the tool in a separate window.

Trust computer on disabled iPhone with Dr.Fone Screen Unlock.

Step 2: Select the Unlock iOS Option

Choose "Unlock iOS Screen" and proceed by clicking "Start" in the following window.

Choose Unlock iOS Option.

Step 3: Entering Recovery Mode

Follow the provided instructions from Dr.Fone to place your iOS device into either Recovery Mode or DFU Mode, depending on your device model.

Enter Recovery Mode.

Step 4: Verifying Device Details

Dr.Fone will automatically identify your device model. You only need to verify and adjust the model and system version if required. Then, click "Start" to initiate the unlocking process for your iPhone's screen.

Confirm Device Details.

Step 5: Downloading iOS Firmware

Keep an eye on the progress of the iOS firmware download. Once the firmware is downloaded, click "Unlock Now."

Download iOS Firmware.

Step 6: Confirming the Unlocking Process

Input the provided code on the screen to confirm the unlocking process. Ensure that your iPhone remains connected throughout to prevent any potential issues. After the unlocking process is finished, click "Done."

Confirm Unlocking Process.

Now that you've successfully bypassed your iPhone lock screen, you can try again connecting your iPhone to your computer. Then, see if you can “trust” the computer to your iPhone.


Encountering issues with a disabled iPhone, coupled with difficulties in establishing trust with a computer, can be frustrating. But don't worry; we have outlined the solutions to these problems.

One way to fix this is by using Recovery Mode. It erases your iPhone data but helps establish trust with your computer again. But if you prefer not to lose any data, you can try Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS). It helps you bypass the passcode on your disabled iPhone and allows it to reconnect to your computer with ease.

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If the "Trust This Computer" prompt is not showing on your iPhone, this may be because the Trust settings are already established or there’s damage on the cable or port. Make sure you make a secure USB connection or try restarting both devices first before connecting them again. If possible, try connecting to a different computer.
If you accidentally select "Don’t Trust" after connecting your iPhone to a computer, simply disconnect your iPhone and wait for a while before reconnecting it. Then, choose "Trust" when the “Trust this computer” prompt shows up again.
If your iPhone asks to trust this computer every time you connect it, the cable or connection between your iPhone and the computer may be loose or not properly connected. Try using a different cable or port or reset Trust settings if necessary in Settings > General > Reset > Reset Location & Privacy.
To prevent your iPhone from getting disabled, make sure to always back up your device to iCloud or a computer so you can restore it if needed. Use Touch ID or Face ID for quick and secure access, and use a unique passcode that’s easier for you to remember to avoid repeated incorrect entries.
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