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3 Easy Ways to Move Photos to SD Card Samsung S20

Alice MJ

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Manage Device Data • Proven solutions

“How to move photos to SD card in Samsung S20? I have recently purchased a new 256GB SD card for my new Samsung S20 and wish to store my pictures in it. What is the most suitable way to move photos to the SD card?”

Addressing the storage issues that every user face with their phones, Android allows the consumer to insert an SD card on their phones to ease the pressure on their internal memory. But sometimes, a problem arises when the Android phone does not respond automatically in storing the photos or other files directly to the SD card.

In this complete guide, we will show you the way in fixing such a problem, along with the three most straightforward ways to move photos to the SD card on your new Samsung Galaxy S20 phone.

Way 1: Change Phone Storage to SD Card on Samsung S20:

You can change the pattern of photo storage on your Samsung S20 phone by changing the default storage settings from internal memory to external location. By doing that, you will be able to move all of your files to the SD card directly. Here are the steps to perform the procedure:

  • Open your S20’s settings by clicking on the gear icon;
  • Locate the “Storage Settings” option and tap on it;
  • Tap on the “Gallery” option and change the default option of storage from Internal Storage to External Storage by tapping on it.
  • Your photos will be automatically moved to the SD card of the S20 phone.
move photos to sd card samsung 1

Way 2: Move Already Taken Photos to SD Card Samsung S20 Manually?

If the solution, as mentioned above, does not work for you, then there is always the way to perform manual labor. It is the method to select/copy the photos of the phone individually from the internal memory of the phone and pasting them to the SD card through the default “File Manager” app. Here are the step-by-step instructions to manually transfer already taken photos to the SD card:

  • Open the “Internal Storage” section of the “File Manager” app;
  • Select the images you wish to move and tap on the “Move” option;
  • Tap on “SD card” from the list and select your folder of preference;
  • Tap on Paste from the options, and you will be able to use the images from your SD card.
move photos to sd card samsung 2

Way 3: Move Photos from PC to SD Card Samsung S20:

If the built-in file transfer methods of your Samsung S20 do not suit your taste, and you have some photos on your PC that you wish to transfer to the phone, then the Dr.Fone - Phone Manager is the best option for that. It not only guarantees safe transfer of data but does it in quick succession as compared to the solutions mentioned above. Dr.Fone also offers free solution to back up phone data on the pc but you need to pay to restore data from PC to your Samsung. Here are some vital attributes of the Dr.Fone photo transfer application:

  • From text messages to contacts stored in your old phone, Dr.Fone has the capability to read and transfer them all;
  • It also allows the user to move iTunes media to phones regardless of Apple or Samsung phones;
  • The app is accessible on both Windows PC and macOS-based devices.

Please follow our two-step guide to transfer photos from PC to Samsung S20, after downloading the app on your respective platform:

Download for PC Download for Mac

4,624,541 people have downloaded it

Step 1. Connect your device to the computer:

Connect your Samsung S20 to the PC and launch Dr.Fone on it. From the interface, select the “Phone Manager” mode.

drfone home

Meanwhile, connect your Samsung S20 to the computer with a USB cable and once dr. Fone reads the phone, click on the Photos option from the top tier of the interface.

Step 2. Choose the file and start to transfer:

Click on the “Add” tab and then “Add file.” Once you see the file explorer, select your desired photos that you intend to move the Samsung S20 and click on open. The application will transfer the images instantly to your Android phone’s SD card. Unplug the Samsung S20 from the computer and close the app on the PC. You will be able to access the recently transferred images from the Galley or the File Manager app of the phone.

move photos to sd card samsung 3


There is no denying the convenience the SD card brings to the table, especially if you are an Android phone, considering the interface’s longstanding issue with managing the storage on their respective phones.

If you recently bought an SD card with significant room for photos and other media files and intended to move them from your PC or the internal memory of the Samsung S20 much more expediently, then we have shown you the three most tranquil ways to transfer photos. We have also discussed the added assistance of the dr. Fone app for your Android phone that not only offers to move photos from PC to the Samsung S20, but it also provides the chance to transfer pictures and other data from one phone to another.

Alice MJ

staff Editor

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