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Best Methods to Remove Network Lock


Nov 14, 2022 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Carriers provide cellular connections so you can access the Internet, send text messages, and make phone calls without Wi-Fi. You cannot escape the carriers once you begin using a cell phone.

Customers can purchase a new handset via carriers or the mobile phone market. You may need an unlocked phone if you wish to use a different carrier's service on your smartphone. However, if you want a gadget linked to a specific SIM card, you may buy one from the carriers for a reduced price.

What is a SIM-locked phone?

What does sim lock mean must be considered and answered while examining the purpose of an unlocked SIM? Let's check that out first. The service provider's smartphone has a software limitation called a SIM lock. These limitations are in place to prevent the usage of SIM cards from other network providers with mobile phones.

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Best Ways to Remove a Network Lock

1. Network Provider Unlock Code:

In case your device is carrier-locked, your network provider can provide you with an unlock code that can fix your network locked SIM inserted device.

2. Device Firmware Reset:

If you suspect your device has faulty firmware, you can reinstall your firmware and see if the issue is over. This complicated step needs to be done by a technician.

3. Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock:

If you want a fast and easy method to unlock your network-locked iPhone, you can use a third-party tool such as Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock. It is the best sim-unlock tool for iPhone users. It enables users to safely unlock their devices within five minutes. With Dr.Fone, you don’t have to wait for the sim-unlock code or reset your device firmware that can remove all your data.

You can download Dr.Fone on your pc and use it to unlock your iPhone without data loss. You can also use Dr.Fone to unlock your iPhone’s screen lock and Apple id. Although Dr.Fone is a one-stop solution for all of your phone-related problems, its sim-unlock only works for Apple devices. Here is how you unlock your carrier-locked iPhone with Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock.

  • Download and install Dr.Fone on your PC. Launch the application and select the “Screen Unlock” tab from the list on the homepage.


  • Now, click on the “Remove SIM Locked” tab on the next page. You can only use it to unlock iPhones.

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  • Connect your iPhone and PC with a USB cable. Once your device is ready, click on the “Start” option to proceed with the sim unlock process.

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  • Next, the system will detect the device connection, then its information will show up on your PC screen. If all of it is OK, click on the “Unlock Now” option.

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  • You cannot unlock your iPhone without a jailbreak, so you must do it before the system unlocks it. You can learn about the jailbreak process via the guide, or watching the video provided by Dr.Fone to jailbreak your iPhone is also feasible. The process is compatible with devices running iOS 12 to iOS 14.8.1.

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  • Now, you have to complete three tasks on your iPhone. First, put the sim card out of your device. Open “Settings” and tap on the “WIFI” option. Tap on the blue exclamation mark next to all the connected networks and select “Forget This Network.” Now, switch off the “WIFI” and insert the locked sim card in your iPhone. Click on the “Continue” option on your computer.

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  • After that, Dr.Fone will automatically start the sim unlocking process. You can see its progress on your PC. The process only takes a few minutes to complete, so you don’t have to wait for a long time.

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  • After the process ends, all the sim restrictions on your iOS device are now removed and you can use sim cards from any network carrier. Next, click on the “Done” option to end the sim unlocking process.

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What are Some Reasons for Network Locked SIM Card?

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System Errors

It just goes against everything we mentioned in the last section. Since SIM locking is a smartphone restriction implemented to stop it from being used on other networks, android system errors can cause network locked SIM card. Resetting these errors can help unlock your network locked SIM card inserted device. Service providers decided to provide a formal SIM unlocking option as a result.

Because of this, any locked SIM may be readily unlocked, and once a device opens, it can work like a conventional mobile phone and with any SIM card of the user's choosing.

Carrier Lock

The consumer must stick with the same service provider for a specific time after purchasing the bundled device and data pack. This is called a carrier lock on the device and is one of the most common errors in network locked SIM card inserted devices. During that time, the device will be network- or SIM-locked, prohibiting the user from changing service providers.

The user cannot change the SIM. The service provider will offer the SIM Unlock code needed to unlock the handset when the contract expires. The gadget can be used with any other SIM card and exported to another country without problems when the network lock has been removed.

Region Lock

Apple and AT&T initially worked together to implement the SIM lock and the SIM locked devices. The original purpose was to force the user to continue using the same service provider in a specific area or time.

However, some telecom service providers sell the handsets with select data plans as bundled plans in collaboration with the device manufacturers. As a result, the handset will cost less than it would otherwise. Sometimes, these offers are particular to a specific region, called a carrier lock.

Firmware Problems

Sometimes, the device manufacturers release many versions of the same firmware for different geographical locations.

As a result, it may be possible that the user may face contradictions in the agreement of device firmware and the network-locked SIM card that was supposed to be used on the device. Due to firmware problems, the users may also face a network-locked SIM card-inserted device.

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Why is SIM Unlocking Important?

As previously stated, a SIM lock enables a service provider to stop a customer from using the smartphone with the SIM cards of another service provider. This guarantees that the device is only being used with the original SIM card for each provider. This locking also has a lot of drawbacks because it is incompatible with any other SIM card.

  1. The phone cannot be used with other SIM cards if the SIM lock is enabled. Customers must therefore adhere to the current plan as is.
  2. Since nobody wants to purchase a locked phone, it is hard for someone to sell or gift the mobile.
  3. Traveling abroad with a SIM-locked phone could provide some challenges because you won't be able to use a local SIM card on the phone while you're there.

All the problems can be fixed, and the SIM works in any nation with the removed SIM lock.


Any of the methods above can work to get around the prohibition against using other SIM cards with your Android handset. The best thing about using Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock is that you don't need unlocking codes to complete the tasks.

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