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How to Restore and Get Deleted WhatsApp Messages?

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Aug 30, 2023 • Filed to: Manage Social Apps • Proven solutions

WhatsApp has become an integral part of everyone's communication needs. It uses your phone's cellular or Wi-fi data to help you in messaging or voice call or even video call anywhere on the planet. WhatsApp also facilitates group calls and is particularly lovely for families to stay connected digitally. This app also helps send documents, photos, and videos to keep your loved ones updated about your well-being and business.

If you are looking for the answer to how to restore your WhatsApp chat history, you are at the right place. We have enlisted some critical steps on how to recover your deleted WhatsApp data from various platforms.

Part 1: What are WhatsApp Deleted Messages?

WhatsApp comes with a unique feature where you can even delete the message you sent if you have worded it incorrectly or have changed your mind about what you wanted to convey. It is pretty simple to delete the messages on WhatsApp. Just select the messages you wish to delete and click on the bin on the top right corner. You can even delete the entire conversation history with someone by going to the settings, swiping down, and selecting delete all conversations. This way, the chats, and discussions will be deleted, though the backup of the files still exists.

However, the backup of WhatsApp exists if the settings are correctly configured on the app. Consequently, the answer on how to restore your deleted WhatsApp files becomes easier to answer. Whether you are an Android or an iOS user, we have made simple guidelines to solve the mystery of recovering deleted WhatsApp chats from both platforms.

restore WhatsApp messages

Part 2: How to get back WhatsApp Deleted Messages on Android?

Let us now throw some light on how to retrieve the deleted messages on Android. There are two methods that you can apply if you accidentally delete your chat history. The first one works to have your google account linked to your WhatsApp number and have the backup stored on your google drive. The second one works when the is no backup in your google drive.

Method 1: Restore WhatsApp backup with WhatsApp

Follow these steps below and retrieve all your deleted messages:

Step 1: Begin by uninstalling the WhatsApp application.

uninstall WhatsApp from your phone

Step 2: Reinstall the app on the same device and with the same number.

install WhatsApp

Step 3: The option of "Restore" old chats will appear while installing the app. Tap on that and wait for your data to be restored.

restore a backup of WhatsApp messages

These steps will restore your deleted messages!

Method 2: Restore with a backup on Google Drive

Now, we will see how to restore deleted chat messages if you did not have a backup on Google drive for your deleted messages.

Step 1: Start by going to your phone's Settings>File Manager>WhatsApp> Database.

Step 2: Then in the next step, rename "msgstore.db.crypt12" to "msgstore_BACKUP.db.crypt12"

Step 3: Now you will see files with "msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12", select the one and give it the name "msgstore.db.crypt12"

Step 4: Open your google drive and click on the menu.

Step 5: Tap on backups and delete the WhatsApp backup.

Step 6: You need to uninstall and install the WhatsApp application from the same number/account in this step.

Step 7: When you reinstall the app, it will prompt "msgstore.db.crypt12"> Restore, wait for the backup to complete, and are done!

Part 3: How to get back Deleted Messages from iPhone?

iTunes is an iPhone user's favorite tool to organize the best music track in one place. However, not many users know that you can also use iTunes for backup on WhatsApp chat and other data from other devices. Since we are trying to retrieve your deleted WhatsApp chat history, let us look at how to do so with the help of your iTunes:

To begin the process, you will need a PC or a Laptop.

Step 1: Initiate by connecting your iPhone to the laptop using a USB-to-lightning cable. You will need to click on the "Trust" icon on your iPhone to connect the two devices.

Step 2: Start iTunes on your PC; you might need your Apple ID and password if you have just installed iTunes on this device, as shown below.

sign in to your apple account

Step 3: Next, you will be prompted to the iTunes home-screen. Once you reach the home screen, select "Summary" in the left sidebar.

Step 4: In this drop-down menu, choose the "Backups" tab, select "This Computer" or "iCloud" wherever you want to store the backup. In the end, select the "Restore Backup" button to begin the backup process. It might take a few minutes for the process to complete, so hold on there!

select backups on icloud

Part 4: How to get back deleted WhatsApp messages from Cloud Backup?

If you use an iPhone, you can restore your deleted WhatsApp messages from the iCloud backup. Your WhatsApp is linked to your iCloud account and backup all the data for you, including the chats. You will need the phone on which WhatsApp is installed and your Apple ID for signing-in purposes. The simple steps have been listed to make them easier to follow:

Step 1: Sign in to your iCloud using your ID and password to access your iCloud backup.

sign in to your iCloud account

Step 2: Check if your auto backup is enabled by going to


Step 3: If you enabled your backup, you need to uninstall the WhatsApp application from your phone and reinstall it again. Just verify your phone number once you are reinstalled to your phone again.

Step 4: Once you have reinstalled your WhatsApp, it will prompt "Restore Chat History," and you will be able to retrieve your deleted WhatsApp messages back again.

Bonus: Tricks to access deleted WhatsApp chats without third party installations

Third-party apps are floating on the internet these days to retrieve the lost WhatsApp messages from your Android phone. One such app is WhatsRemoved+ and is available to download from the google play store. So if you have accidentally removed your chat history and need to restore them at any cost, it can be a good bet to get them back. The major drawback of using these apps is that you are potentially putting all your messages out in the open since these kinds of apps have access to all your data. Thereby, revealing bank balances, passwords or OTPs are also at risk.

If you do not have a backup for your messages and need to get the chat history urgently, third-party apps are the only option for Android users. But, keep the risk in mind before you utilize their services.

WhatsApp data transfer

whatapp data transfer

There are many times when you need to restore your data on WhatsApp or WhatsApp business. For example, restoring data from your old phone or bought a new phone or switching from Android to iPhone. The reasons could be many. But there is an excellent tool to keep your essential chat history safe. With Wondershare Dr.Fone, you can transfer, back up, and restore data from iOS to Android or vice versa. It gives you total control over your smartphone.

Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer has introduced the world's 1st WhatsApp data recovery tool on iOS, Android, and iCloud. It makes the recovery process just a few clicks away and giving you complete control of your deleted messages and other data. So whether you use WhatsApp for personal chats, group chats, or even your business communication, you know your backs are covered!

connect your device to pc and launch dr.Fone

The process is straightforward.

You need to connect your phone using a USB cable to the PC. Download the Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer on your system and follow the simple instructions on the screen. It will start scanning the device and restore the selected messages for you to view.

Dr. Fone - WhatsApp Transfer is also coming up with a new feature of restoring deleted WhatsApp files to your phone and not just restoring them to the other devices. This function will be introduced shortly and will improve how you can restore your deleted images to the original device. So let us now look at how you can view your deleted files with the help of Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer:

Step 1: Launch Dr. Fone - WhatsApp Transfer and connect your device from where you wish to restore WhatsApp files to the PC. Follow the path: Dr.Fone-WhatsApp transfer>backup>backup finished.

Once you have chosen to backup WhatsApp data, you will come to this window below. You can click and view each file that you wish to restore. Then, click on "Next" to continue.

wondershare WhatsApp transfer

Step 2: After that, it shows you the deleted files that you can view now.

WhatsApp transfer

Step 3: Once you click on the drop-down menu, it will give you an option of "Show all" and "only show the deleted"

Dr.Fone - WhatsApp transfer

Dr. Fone gives you complete freedom of getting back all your deleted files once this feature is launched. It will help you get your personal and professional lives back on track by saving some critical data which we share on WhatsApp every day.


So, next time if you ever face a situation where you lose all your data on WhatsApp, you know how you get your essential files recovered. Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer can recover your WhatsApp lost data from any device, whether you are an android or iPhone user. You can have a try.

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