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Why Can’t I Sign Out of My Apple ID? 8 Easy Solutions


Apr 17, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Trying to sign out of Apple ID but finding the "Sign Out" button greyed out with a "Sign out is not available due to restrictions" note can be quite frustrating. This issue makes us wonder “Why can’t I sign out of Apple ID? What should I do next?”

Although this situation may leave you scratching your head, we noticed that many others online have encountered the same problem. So we did some research and gathered information to help you understand why you can’t sign out of Apple ID and how to fix it.

Part 1: Why Can't I Sign Out of My Apple ID?

We see many users ask why iPhone won't let them sign out of Apple ID on Apple forums. Signing out of your Apple ID is important, especially when preparing to sell, give away, or trade in your old iPhone, iPad, or Mac before factory resetting it. This step helps protect your privacy and ensures that the device is ready for its next owner without any lingering personal information or account connections.

However, signing out from iCloud, which is deeply integrated into Apple's ecosystem, can sometimes be tricky. If you find the signout button greyed out or untappable, don't fret. Instead of feeling frustrated, try finding out several reasons why you can’t sign out of your Apple ID:

1. "Can’t sign out of Apple ID due to restrictions"

Encountering the message "Can’t sign out of Apple ID due to restrictions" usually indicates that screen time restrictions are in place, which prevents the device's usage. This restriction is commonly responsible for the issue, leading to a loop of sign-out attempts, a grayed-out sign-out option, and verification errors.

2. Ongoing iCloud Backup Restoration

If your device is currently restoring from an iCloud backup, you may be unable to sign out of Apple ID until the process finishes. You need to wait until the restoration completes to ensure that all your data syncs correctly before attempting to sign out of your Apple ID or iCloud.

3. Network connectivity issues

If clicking "Sign Out" results in an endless spinning symbol, check for stable internet connectivity on your device. Without a reliable connection, the sign-out process may encounter difficulties. Make sure you have a stable internet connection before trying to sign out again.

4. Software Glitches

Various software glitches or bugs can also be the reasons why you are unable to sign out of Apple ID. However, updating your device's software to the latest version can often resolve such issues since updates usually include bug fixes addressing these problems.

Can’t sign out of Apple ID

Part 2: Tips to Fix ‘Can't Sign Out of Apple ID’ on iPhone

Fixing the issue of being unable to sign out of your Apple ID on your iPhone depends on the causes we listed earlier. While Apple's support page provides straightforward instructions for signing out of iCloud on every Apple device, the process isn't always without a problem.

If you're encountering issues where you can't sign out of your Apple ID on your iPhone, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the issue.

Fix 1. Remove the Device from the Apple ID Account Online

One of the initial steps to troubleshoot this issue is to remove the device from your Apple ID account online using another device or a computer. Here’s how:

Step 1: Visit appleid.apple.com from another device or computer and log in with your Apple ID.

Step 2: Navigate to the "Devices" section and select the device you wish to sign out from.

Step 3: Click "Remove from Account."

Fix ‘can't sign out of Apple ID

Fix 2. Switch to Cellular Data

If your inability to log out from iCloud lies on the network, particularly your Wi-Fi, then you can try switching to cellular data.

  1. Open your device control center and toggle on cellular data.
  2. Open Settings > Cellular or Mobile Data and toggle on cellular data.

Switch to cellular data

Fix 3. Reset Network Settings

If you're experiencing persistent network-related issues that won’t let you sign out of Apple ID or iCloud on your iPhone, resetting your network settings can often provide a solution. This process can help clear any configuration errors or inconsistencies that may be hindering connectivity.

Step 1: Open the iPhone Settings > General

Step 2: Scroll down and locate Transfer or Reset [Device].

Step 3: Tap Reset > Reset Network Settings. Don’t worry. Although it says “reset,” you won’t wipe any data during the process.

Reset network settings

Fix 4. Check iCloud Backup Settings

If you are trying to sign out of your Apple ID and it shows an error message saying, "You can't sign out your Apple ID because your phone is being restored," it suggests that an iCloud backup is currently in progress on your device. That’s why you cannot log out of your iCloud or Apple ID.

To proceed with signing out, you'll need to address the status of the iCloud backup.

Step 1: Open the iPhone Settings.

Step 2: Tap on your name or the banner at the top of the Settings menu to access your Apple ID settings.

Step 3: Select "iCloud" > "iCloud Backup."

Check iCloud backup settings

Here, you'll see the status of your iCloud backup. If a backup is currently in progress, you have two options: cancel the backup or wait for the completion. Then, retry the sign-out process by going to Settings > [Your Name] > Sign Out.

Fix 5. Check and Disable Screen Time Restrictions

If you find that the option to sign out or access your account settings is greyed out on your device, it's likely due to Screen Time restrictions. Screen Time is a feature available on Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices that monitors device usage, and tracks notifications and app usage over a set period.

Sometimes, Screen Time restrictions can inadvertently prevent you from removing your iCloud account from your device. Here’s how to address Apple ID can’t sign out due to restrictions:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Step 2: Look for the menu that enables or disables Screen Time restrictions. If enabled, toggle it off to disable Screen Time restrictions.

Turn off screen time

Fix 6. Turn Off Find My iPhone

If Find My iPhone is enabled on your device, you'll need to disable it before you can successfully sign out of your Apple ID. Disabling Find My iPhone can help a smooth sign-out process by removing any potential barriers related to device security measures.

Here's how to turn off Find My iPhone to fix Apple ID won’t sign out problem:

Step 1: Go to your device Settings

Step 2: Tap [Your Name] > Find My > Find My iPhone.

Step 3: Toggle off the Find My iPhone button.

Turn off find my phone

Fix 7. Factory Reset Your Device

If all other troubleshooting methods fail to resolve the issue, performing a factory reset on your device may be necessary. While this process removes all settings, data, and associated Apple ID accounts from your iPhone, make sure to back up your data first in case of an unexpected issue.

Step 1: Go to Settings, and proceed to General > Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Step 2: Select “Erase All Content and Settings.” It helps your device to have a fresh start and potentially resolves the inability to sign out of your Apple ID.

Factory reset iPhone

Part 3: Ultimate Way to Fix ‘Cannot Sign out of Apple ID’ Using Dr.Fone Screen Unlock (iOS)

When every solution doesn't seem to work, there's still one way you can try to resolve the persistent issue of being unable to sign out of your Apple ID. And that is, using Wondershare Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS).

This reliable tool is designed specifically to tackle stubborn iOS lock problems when all else fails. With Dr.Fone Screen Unlock, you can fix the ‘Can’t Sign out of Apple ID’ problem by removing the Apple ID on your device. Then, you can confidently regain control over your device's Apple ID settings.

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Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

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So if you're unable to sign out of your Apple ID or iCloud, here's how to easily fix it using Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) tool. This method also applies to Mac or iPad.

Step 1: Start Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock Tool

Begin by opening Wondershare Dr.Fone on your computer after installing. Go to Toolbox > Screen Unlock > iOS to activate this feature.

How to fix can’t sign out of Apple ID or iCloud

Step 2: Select Remove Apple ID

In the next window, select Remove Apple ID and connect your iDevice to the computer.

Select remove Apple ID

Step 3: Confirm for Screen Lock and Two-Factor Authentication

Confirm if your iDevice has a screen lock. If yes, click Yes to continue. On the next page, verify if Two-Factor Authentication is enabled. If not, turn it on and click Yes to proceed unlocking the Apple ID.

Confirm screen lock passcode and 2FA

Step 4: Put iDevice In Recovery Mode

After verifying these options, follow the on-screen instructions to put your iDevice in Recovery Mode. If it doesn’t work, try DFU Mode and follow the instructions accordingly.

Put device in recovery mode

Step 5: Select Model and System Version

Once in Recovery Mode, your device details will show up. Select the System Version and click Start. You can also manually select and verify your device details if needed.

Select device model and version

Step 6: Download iOS Firmware

Now, the iOS firmware should’ve started downloading. Wait for it to finish. Then, click Unlock Now to proceed.

Download iOS firmware

Step 7: Confirm Unlock Prompt

Enter the code shown on the screen when prompted and click Unlock to start the process. You can check the Apple ID unlocking progress on the next screen. Make sure to keep your device connected until it's done.

Confirm to unlock Apple ID

Once the Apple ID has been unlocked, the screen will confirm completion. Then, click Done to finish and see if you have signed out of your iCloud or Apple ID.

Successfully unlock Apple ID


There are several potential reasons why iCloud can’t sign out on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The most common one is due to Screen Time restrictions. Additionally, ongoing iCloud backup restoration, network connectivity issues, and software glitches can also cause the problem.

However, armed with the insights and solutions provided in this guide, you can tackle these challenges head-on. And in instances where conventional methods fall short, tools like Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock for iOS offer an alternative pathway to resolve persistent issues when you can’t sign out of Apple ID.

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