How Do I Find My Apple ID?


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Apple users have evolved extensively in the last ten years, and there is no denying that its efficiency has provoked people to prefer it over other brands. However, the best of all also comes up with loopholes and need immediate attention. The users often forget their passwords and email address which becomes stressful for them. If you have come this long to know the answer to "How do I find my Apple ID," then you are at the right place at the right time.

Luckily, the article will cover information about Apple ID, how do people search for their ID, if they forget it, and methods to reset their Apple password and get out of this fix. In the last, we shall also discuss Wondershare Dr.Fone doing wonders in the field of technology.

Part 1: What's my Apple ID?

Before going any further, it is important to understand Apple ID's mechanics and how it works. So, what is an Apple ID? The Apple ID is basically an email address secured by some password set by the user itself. The password is often a combination of an alphanumeric string with at least 8 characters. After the user provides the ID, the verification mail is sent to the user's address. Following that URL verifies and activated the account. Therefore, it is essential to understand the Apple ID and always keep it in memory.

The Apple ID is actually an authentication method utilized by iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This user information connects the account to the user. The Apple IDs can be changed and deleted, and if you have forgotten the password, it lets you reset them.

Part 2. How do I find my Apple ID and password?

In some unfortunate cases, Apple users forget their email addresses that are associated with Apple IDs. This leaves quite mental distress on them. However, luckily, we are here at your disposal to help you get out of this fix once and for all.

Finding Apple ID and password is not very hard, and it requires a simple set of instructions. We shall let the user find their Apple ID email address through iPhone, Mac, and iTunes in the following guidelines.

  1. For starters, open "Settings," where you will find your Apple ID just under your name.
  2. You can also go to “Settings” and then tap “iTunes and App Stores.” The Apple ID will be seen on the top.
  3. If you have Facetime, you can navigate to “Settings” and click on Facetime to find your ID.
  1. Click on "Apple Menu" and then hit the "System References." From there, click on "iCloud," and there you go.
  2. Click on your "Mail" and then tap on your "Preferences." Click on "Accounts" afterward.
  3. Open your “Facetime” and then hit on your “Preferences” and then click on “Settings."
  1. Open iTunes on your PC and search what you purchased for this ID.
  2. Tap on any one of those applications and find “Purchase History” located in Library.
  3. Navigate to "Edit" and then click on the "Edit" panel. There you will find your email address written.

Part 3. How to reset Apple ID password?

Among other daily life problems and constraints, forgetting the passwords still leads the list. It becomes tough to keep up the email addresses and passwords in the memory with a wide range of accounts. However, we are here at your service to show you light in a room full of darkness. The section will successfully cover an easy go-to method of resetting the Apple ID password. It will also spin around different ways, such as email address, security question, and recovery code received on phone number, to reset the password.

So, without delaying this any further, let us get right into it.

  1. Launch from your browser.
  2. Type in your email address and hit “Continue.”
    find my apple id and password
Using Email Address:
  1. From there, click on "Get an Email." Tap on "Continue" and then "Done."
    find my apple id and password
  2. In a couple of seconds, you will receive the verification email stating that you are requesting a password reset. Click on "Reset Now."
    find my apple id and password
  3. Type your new password twice and then hit “Reset Password.”
Using Security Question:
  1. After following the first two steps, click on "Answer Security Question." The system will ask you to verify your birthday.
    find my apple id and password
  2. Tap on “Continue.” After that, answer the two security questions that you will be provided. Again, click on “Continue.”
    find my apple id and password
  3. Enter your new password twice and hit the “Reset Password” option.
    find my apple id and password
Using Recovery Key:
  1. Navigate to your Apple ID account page and tap on “Forgot Apple ID and Password.”
  2. Type your email address and then select the option to reset the password.
  3. Click on "Continue" and then type the recovery key that you enabled for two-step verification.
  4. Type the verification code and then enter the new password.
    find my apple id and password
  5. Hit "Reset Password" afterward.
    find my apple id and password

Part 4. What if I forgot my Apple ID?

In this troubled world, mishaps have become part and parcel of our lives. For instance, forget your Apple ID and passwords when you need to open important documents from your account. To solve this problem, allow us to hold the reins. In this section, we shall introduce Wondershare Dr.Fone software specializing in problems of the same nature. Beginning from data transfer, system repair, and phone backup to Screen Unlock, Dr.Fone has got you all covered. Following are some pros of adding this software into your lives:

  • Wondershare Dr.Fone brings an easy data recovery process and retrieval that almost feels like a dream has become real.
  • It unlocks the Apple devices without needing a passcode.
  • The screen unlock phenomena work like a charm even with the latest IOS 11.
  • Wondershare Dr.Fone permits the user to reset their phones in case they have forgotten their email address or password.
  • If this is the first time you hear about this viable software, allow us to walk you through each step for the screen lock.

Step 1: Connecting Process

Install Wondershare Dr.Fone in your system and connect your Apple device to it using a cable. Launch the software and as the interface pops up, click on “Screen Unlock.” From three options of devices, choose “Unlock Apple ID.”

drfone android ios unlock

Step 2: Scanning Process

As the device is linked to the computer, you will be asked if you trust the system. Hit the "Trust" button and let the process continue.

trust computer

Step 3: Resetting Process

The screen will show a prompt warning and ask you to type "000000" in the box for confirmation. Hit "Unlock" afterward. Moving on, the user is supposed to go to “Settings” then navigate to the “General” option. Click on “Reset” and “Reset All settings.” Enter your secret passcode to conclude the process.


Step 4: Unlocking Process

In a couple of minutes, the device would restart. The mandatory process will continue, and the phone will be reset and unlocked. You will receive a notification, and then you can disconnect the device from your computer.



The article reflected upon major methods to reset your Apple ID and password if you have forgotten them. Along with this, we successfully brought the Apple users with multiple ways that will aid them in finding their IDs or email addresses. In the end, Wondershare Dr.Fone was also mentioned, and complete guidelines were provided in case you want to unlock your Apple ID using the software.

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