3 Best Solutions to Unblock Torrent Sites in 2019

Torrent sites are banned or blocked in cases, where the site hosts restricted content or copyright infringement is there. As the content on those sites are available for public without any fee, the copyright owners might raise objection as they are losing out money.

In some cases, the torrenting sites might have spyware that can hurt your computer data. Still, if you want to access blocked or banned content on your system, you can use some solutions to unblock the torrent sites and get the desired torrents downloaded on to your computer easily.

Solution 1: Unblock torrent sites using a VPN

VPNs can easily help you access torrent sites which are blocked in your region. The major feature that drives this aspect is VPN can access the blocked torrent sites using an IP of other countries.

Internet service providers (ISP) monitor the blocked sites and when someone browses or downloads from the site, they might penalize them if caught. Apart from masking your IP from the ISP or government authorities, VPN can protect your computer data as well. In public Wi-Fis, it also ensures safety for your personal computer and online activity.

Video tutorial: How to set up VPN to unblock torrent sites

Recommended: NordVPN

While speaking of unblocked torrenting sites, you can consider NordVPN as it can unblock your blocked torrent sites too. It protects your online transactions and hides your IP from the ISP as well as fraudsters over the internet. You also get enhanced performance and rapid download of movies and torrent files from the internet.

It also offers you dedicated IPs and proxy browser extensions for that matter. It protects your computer from Adware and malware attacks. You can remotely access home websites without exhausting your data or bandwidth. Your current foreign location won’t be visible to the foreign ISP. Using a single NordVPN account, you can manage 6 different devices running on different platforms.

Here is the step-by-step guide for NordVPN and unblock torrenting sites in 2019 –

Step 1: Download the VPN software

First of all, open the NordVPN site, and then tap on the ‘Download’ button. Wait until the download process is over. Open the ‘Download’ folder and launch the ‘NordVPN Setup.exe’ file in case your computer is a Windows one.

unblock torrent using vpn

Step 2: Install NordVPN on your computer

Initiate the installation process by clicking the popup window right after the download and file selection is over. Now, press the ‘Tap Virtual Ethernet Adapter’ option followed by the ‘Next’ button (for first time use on this computer). You need to hit the ‘Install’ button for installing NordVPN on your computer.

install vpn software

Step 3: Setup NordVPN to start torrenting

From your computer desktop, click on NordVPN icon. It will launch the software and prompt you to select ‘Allow’. Do that and then enter your NordVPN account details here. Tap on the ‘Login now’ button.

log in to vpn account

Step 4: Activate NordVPN

Finally, hit on the ‘Quick Connect’ button from the top.  When the green country pin button will glow, you can be sure that the connection has been established successfully. Now, you are ready to unblock the torrent sites and download content of your choice from the web.

activate vpn for torrent site unblocking

Solution 2: Unblock torrent sites using web proxies

When VPN is not around and you need to access the content from torrent sites but you can’t unblock the torrent site, web proxies can do that for you. If any website is blocked by your ISP, opening a mirror or proxy for it will serve you good. These proxy sites reroute you to the website you want to access and thus ditch the ISP.

In this part of the article, we are featuring web proxies for the following top 5 torrent sites for direct access.

Torrent Site Name


Web Proxies

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a trusted torrenting websites that allows free downloading content in various categories. It is known as one of the famous torrent trackers and has been shut down and blocked multiple times. You get to find the safe torrents as VIP, which can be downloaded without much trouble.







Using 1337X, you can effortlessly download torrent files for games, movies, TV shows, music files etc. It has an improvised interface which makes working with this torrent site more fun.







ET or ExtraTorrent is a torrent indexing site having music, video, movies, and software with it. Searching, downloading and contributing torrent files and magnet links is allowed within this website. bitTorrent users can perform peer-to-peer file sharing within this platform.

It followed close to The Pirate Bay for the top spot as a torrenting site. It has numerous clone sites such as extratorrent.cd found in the web since long.





KAT or Kickass Torrent is a directory that offers magnet links and torrent files for enabling peer-to-peer sharing through BitTorrent. It was once the most visited torrenting directory across the globe. This site was taken down by the US government but was later got revived. It complies with DMCA and makes sure to eliminate infringing torrents from the torreting site, in case content owners report about the content.





YTS Proxy

YTS.ag can seamlessly download a wide variety of torrenting content from the web. There is a huge genre of movies that it can offer you, including old classics to latest hits. When you are bandwidth crunched, this torrenting site can work wonders for you. It has a large collection of titles as well as an interesting layout. The downside of this torrenting website is it is a movie only platform. In case you wish to download software, games, music or other torrenting content, then you need to look for a suitable alternative. Apart from that this torrenting site is a galore of options for you.





Solution 3: Unblock torrent sites using Cloud torrenting

Unlike downloading torrents through desktop clients like uTorrent, you can use cloud torrenting services for downloading torrents from the cloud. They are simple to use and still hide your IP address from the ISPs to allow you safe torrenting. In this part of the article, we are featuring cloud torrenting sites that bring features like unblocked torrenting sites.

Cloud torrenting 1: Furk

If you are worried about unblocking of torrenting sites why not try Furk.net. This cloud torrenting site offers safe storage for retrieving music and videos for instant streaming. You can either stream video or play music from your smartphone, computer or HTPC or access games from your PS3 or XBOX. You can use up to 250 GB of bandwidth with this cloud torrenting site every month. For public source files you get unlimited storage limit.

cloud torrenting as unblocked torrenting sites


  • For invited users it has free plans.
  • You can access media files from multiple devices.
  • Bitcoin is accepted


  • It doesn’t support file sharing on profit, as it is not a file locker.
  • At times the media file streaming is pretty slow and annoying.

Cloud torrenting 2: ZBIGZ

This cloud torrenting site is just like Filestream. Being a fast torrent downloader, it helps you seed and download torrents. As a result, you can get them downloaded in HTTP file formats.

unblocked torrenting sites - ZBIGZ


  • It can seed and download content from torrenting sites.
  • If a website is restricted by the ISP for downloading torrents, then also this site can easily download that data bypassing the restriction.


  • It has a restricted download speed of up to 150 kbps.
  • Torrents beyond 1GB file size can’t be downloaded using this cloud torrent client.

Cloud torrenting 3: Offcloud

Offcloud is a cloud torrenting website which is different than your conventional multihoster. It transfers files to your cloud space from usenet, one-click-hoster, or torrents. Cloud accounts like Dropbox credentials are essential for this cloud torrenting program. Premium accounts get 100GB of storage with Offcloud. You can download files from one-click-hosters which get saved on JDownloader. It also supports file transfer to FTP servers.

unblocked torrenting sites - Offcloud


  • It offers 2 separate Chrome extensions
  • It is compatible with JDownloader.


  • It has a complex interface.
  • You can’t directly download from usenet.

Cloud torrenting 4: Bitport

Bitport is your go to place, if you are looking for a safe cloud storage that can anonymously store your files. Great speed and efficiency are the other advantages of Bitport. It helps you download music torrents as well as other torrent files without any hassle. The files get saved on your Bitport cloud account. You skip the hassle of installing or downloading a torrent client on your computer that consumes your memory when you choose Bitport. The best part is it supports downloading of music files and direct streaming of files using your very own web browser.

unblocked torrenting sites - Bitport


  • It stores your files anonymously without raising any suspicion.
  • You save memory space on your hard drive as it doesn’t get installed on your computer.


  • You need a cloud account with Bitport to save files.
  • The interface is bit clumsy for novice users.

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