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How to Unlock a Tablet When You Forgot the Password


Apr 22, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Are you camping here to learn how to unlock a tablet when you forgot the password, pin, or pattern? Then you're not alone. Android tablets allow users to prevent unauthorized access to their devices by setting up passwords, PINs, and practices. You can even protect your tablet using Touch ID or Face ID. But on the flip side, unlocking your tablet too many times can block it altogether. Of course, that's frustrating, especially if you don't remember your password. But fret not because this guidepost will walk you through how to unlock a tablet with or without a password. Follow me!

Method 1: How to Unlock a Tablet via an Unlock Tool [2000+ Android Tablet Models Supported]?

If you don't remember your password and cannot get into the locked tablet, don't worry because you can use a third-party computer program like Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) to reset the forgotten password. This program is available for free and compatible with Windows and macOS systems. In addition, Dr.Fone will also help you bypass the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) feature, meaning you'll unlock your device without losing the original data. And by the way, it features other tools for backing up data, changing the GPS location, permanently erasing data, etc.

Below are the key features:

Here is a video for you to learn how to unlock tablet when you forgot password or pattern:

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Now follow these steps if you forgot the Android tablet password or PIN:

Step 1. Open Dr.Fone and choose the unlock method on your phone.

 run the program to remove android lock screen

Install and run Dr.Fone, then connect your Android tablet to your PC using a USB wire. Then, tap the Screen Unlock tab and choose Android > Unlock Android Screen.

Tip: Dr.Fone can help you unlock the Android screen's fingerprint, face ID, password, pattern, or PIN. It can also remove the Google account altogether, although this only works on Samsung phones.

Step 2. Choose the device model.

select device model

Now, choose the device's brand in the next window. That's because the unlock steps vary in different smartphone models. 

Step 3. Apply the on-screen instructions to unlock the phone.

begin to remove android lock screen

Once your phone has been verified, follow the on-screen instructions on Dr.Fone to unlock your tablet.

Step 4. Unlock your phone.

Your tablet will start to unlock your tablet. Once completed, you can access your phone without any restrictions.

android lock screen bypassed


  • Fast and simple.
  • For some Samsung or LG devices, it doesn't erase phone data.
  • Works with most Android brands and systems.


  • Requires premium subscription to unlock.
  • Doesn't work on some Android models.
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Method 2: How to Unlock a Tablet via the SmartThings Find Online [Samsung Only]?

If you own a Samsung tablet and have forgotten your password, you're in luck. Samsung offers a powerful feature called SmartThings Find. It not only helps you locate your device but also allows you to unlock it remotely. To use this method, your device needs to be connected to the internet. Further, you must have an active Samsung account and enabled remote unlock. Follow these steps to unlock your Samsung tablet:

Step 1: Use a device to access the SmartThings Find website and log in using your Samsung account. From the device attached to your Samsung account, select the targeted device and click “Unlock”.

access smarthings find

Step 2: Confirm your choice by tapping “Unlock” again. Finally, enter the password to your Samsung account again to unlock your tablet.

tap on unlock option


  • Erase and unlock the Samsung device remotely.
  • Delete all unwanted data files.
  • Lock your device remotely.


  • Clean everything on your Samsung phone.
  • Requires Samsung account password.

Method 3: How to Unlock a Tablet via Google Find My [Erase All Data]?

For Android tablets, Google's Find My Device feature can be a lifesaver when you've forgotten your password. While this method will erase all the data on your tablet, it's an effective way to regain access. This method requires the device to be connected to the internet and have the Google Find My feature enabled. Here is how to unlock a tablet via Google Find My:

Step 1: Open a web browser on any computer or device and visit the Find My Device website. Sign in using the Google account associated with your locked Android tablet.

Step 2: Once signed in, you'll see a list of devices connected to your Google account. Choose your locked tablet from the list. On the left panel, select “Erase Device” to remotely erase all the data on your tablet, including the password.

choose the erase device option

Step 3: A confirmation prompt will appear where you need to review the information carefully. This process is irreversible and will erase all data on your tablet. Lastly, click “Erase” to initiate the process.


  • Allows you to secure the device by locking it out.
  • Ring your Android device for 5 minutes to locate it if it is silent.


  • Cannot use this method if you don't remember the Google account password.

Method 4: How to Unlock a Tablet Running Android 4.4 or Older?

If you have a tablet operating on Android 4.4 or an earlier version, a built-in bypass mechanism is available for unlocking your tablet. This method requires a Google account attached to your tablet. You will also need the credentials of your Google account for this method. Following are the steps to unlock a table running Android 4.4 or older:

Step 1: Start by entering your PIN or pattern incorrectly five times. After 5th wrong attempt, an option called “Forgot PIN/Pattern/Password” will appear. Tap this option, and on the next screen, use your Google account credentials to sign in.

Step 2: Once you have tapped “Sign In”, you regain access to your Android tablet, and you can change the pattern lock. In case you don't remember your Google account password, we recommend you first change it using another device.

use the google account details


  • Not cause data loss while unlocking the device.
  • Can also use the security questions to unlock the device.


  • Unable to unlock the Android device running on the latest versions.

Method 5: How to Unlock a Tablet via Factory Reset?

Another way to access your tablet if you forgot the pattern lock on a Samsung tablet is factory resetting. Although this method is very effective, it will permanently clear all your phone's data. In other words, you'll begin a clean slate on your tablet, which can be very frustrating. So, without wasting time, below is how to Factory Reset your tablet to unlock the screen:

Step 1. Long press the Power, Volume Up, and Home buttons simultaneously to launch the Recovery Mode. Remember to release all buttons when the Android logo appears.

Step 2. Navigate the list using the volume buttons until you find the Factory Reset option. To select it, press the Power button.

Step 3. Please navigate to the Delete All User Data option on the next screen and select it. Your Android tablet will reboot after deleting all files in it.


  • Fast and effective.
  • Free to use.
  • Erases all unwanted data, including viruses.


  • It deletes all vital phone data.
  • Not for beginners.

Method 6: How to Unlock a Tablet with External Data Reset?

Are you still struggling to unlock your tablet? It's now time to unlock your device using the ADB feature on Windows Command Prompt. It's a handy tool that lets you perform many basic tasks, including unlocking your tablet. However, ensure that USB debugging is enabled on your phone before using this method. Let's do it!

Step 1. Use a USB wire to connect your tablet to the PC and search “cmd” on the Windows search bar in the bottom-left corner. Now, choose the Command Prompt App.

Step 2. Next, enter the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) folder by entering this command: C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools. Note, however, that the ADB.exe location might vary on your system. So, confirm inside the SDK folder.

Step 3. Now type this command: adb shell recovery --wipe_data. Your tablet will immediately begin factory resetting.


  • Free to use.
  • Unlock your tablet remotely.
  • Fast factory resetting method.


  • This method is for techies.
  • Erases all data.

Final Words

Unlocking your Android tablet is super easy if you don't have a password. You only need Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) to handle all your password recovery issues without any hassle.

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