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Can We Have a Free SIM Unlock Code?


Nov 15, 2022 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

In many countries, mobile carriers sell phones at great discounts. Nonetheless, such phones are likewise frequently locked to their network. You use SIM cards from an alternate carrier's network. However, you can unlock your phone with an unlock code. But as a rule, you can't get an unlock SIM free code.

The web-based services give these codes at high costs. You might have the option to get the code free of charge if you ask your service supplier for the PIN. Yet there is no assurance that the service is free; you might be paying for it in your bill.

However, like all other things, this issue has a solution. Some code generators will allow you to get the codes and SIM unlock free. In this article, we will discuss such free tools. So, stick to our guidelines to carrier unlock your phone without any issue.

Part 1: 4 Free Ways to Get Sim Unlock PIN

1. Free Unlocks

This free SIM unlocker site offers free unlock codes only if you wish to pay through TrialPay. You can choose if you have any desire to pay outright or get it free. The processes are frequently easy; however, they will take as much time as is needed.

Moreover, this service has been offering free unlock codes for a long time now and effectively. The code is produced immediately and works with practically all devices, including iOS and Android.

It is additionally very simple to work with. If you require a free code, choose your phone brand and model and continue looking at it. Complete the TrialPay process, and you will have codes messaged at a specific time. It is worth an attempt, particularly for SIM unlocking your new phone.

free unlocks

2. Ask Unlock

Ask Unlock is one more excellent site devoted to making it simple and reasonable for everyone who needs SIM to unlock their phones easily. Like the former tool, Ask Unlock will offer you the to unlock your phone without any cost through TrialPay. It is best to unlock most phones, including Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, Apple, HTC, and numerous others.

Since the site offers free services doesn't imply that the codes are phony or don't work.

However, you must be cautious with other SIM unlock-free sites. This one is an appealing site to unlock your phone. So, use it immediately if you don't wish to spend a few hundred bucks on SIM unlocking your device.

ask unlock

3. Free IMEI Unlock Code

This site permits you to get free codes by involving TrialPay as a transaction choice. You can use this site to produce code for various phones, including HTC, Huawei, Nokia, and numerous others.

However, the service is unavailable for iPhones. It is likewise straightforward to use. You should pick the phone you need to unlock and afterward give data, for example, IMEI number and network, to get the code.

Moreover, the codes on this site are reasonable even if you don't want to utilize the TrialPay choice. So don't stand by listening to the cynics saying you can't unlock SIM free of cost. If you don't have enough time, spend some money to get codes. Spend a little to enjoy the usefulness of an unlocked phone.

The advantages are various; however, the risks are there as well. Be careful with keying in the wrong codes into your phone. If you do so consistently, your phone could be disabled.

imei code

4. Contact Carrier

Your carrier can unlock your phone if none of the above sites work. Contact your carrier and demand an unlock code for them. However, you must provide the company with legal information about your phone. Also, your account must meet the necessities.

After you present the details, it could require a couple of days to finish. Contact your carrier to look at the situation from time to time so you can get the code at the earliest.

Part 2: Easy Tool to Unlock Your SIM Card

Most phones that users buy through carriers with monthly instalment plans are network-locked. You can't use sim cards from other carriers in a network-locked phone before you unlock it. Once you complete the period mentioned in the contract, your carrier unlocks the phone automatically or gives you the unlock code. If you want to unlock your phone before completing the requirements, you can use a network unlock tool like Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock.

Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock is an easy-to-use sim unlock tool that lets users remove the carrier lock on their devices easily. With Dr.Fone, you can unlock sim cards within five minutes. You don't have to use an unlock code or contact any network carrier. Follow these steps to sim unlock your device with Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock.

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  • Have Dr.Fone on your computer for free. After you launch the application, click on the "Screen Unlock" tab from the main interface to open the sim unlock options.

drfone homepage

  • On the next page, click on the "Remove SIM Locked" option. This features only supports iPhones and iOS devices, so you can't use it for any Android phone.

drfone screen unlock page

  • Use a USB cable to connect your computer to your iPhone. After the device is connected and ready for sim unlock, for the rest sim unlock process, click on the "Start" option.

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  • Wait for Dr.Fone to recognize the device connection and identify the connected device. Next, Dr.Fone will show the device details on your computer screen for verification. Read the listed details to ensure they check out with your device, and the "Unlock Now" option is for this process.

verify your device

  • You may or may not know that the sim lock removal only works after you jailbreak your device, so you have to do it before Dr.Fone start the unlocking process. Click on the "Jailbreak Guide" option to read the instructions provided by Dr.Fone, or click on the "Watch Video" option to view the jailbreak tutorial. The provided instructions can work with devices running some new iOS versions.

jailbreak instructions

  • After you jailbreak your iOS device, you have to do three easy tasks to finish the set-up. Start by removing the sim card from your device. And then, you can read our guide carefully, finally please continue with the blue button at the bottom.

insert sim card

  • After the device set up is successful, there is an unlocking process you can see. The process will take a few minutes to complete, just relax and wait for a SIM-unlocked device.

sim unlock progress

  • When you see the "SIM Lock Removed" message on your computer, there will be no sim restrictions on your iOS device.

sim lock removed

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Part 3: FAQs

1. Is it legal to have a free sim unlock?

Yes, unlocking a SIM-locked phone is legal around the world. Moreover, some authorities have announced that every service provider must give an unlocked phone to the users.

2. Why are you supposed to unlock it?

An unlocked phone has great demand and is very useful when you land in another territory. Having a locked phone doesn't give you the authority to use any SIM card on your phone. Therefore, people tend to go for unlocking solutions.

The Bottom Line

A SIM-locked device is problematic, especially if the network doesn't perform well in your area. Therefore, we have listed a few free SIM unlocker tools to help you eliminate this issue. We hope this guide will let you SIM unlock your device.

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