How to Unlock iPhone 5 T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T

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When you are buying a mobile phone, it is a big chance you will buy it from some carrier. There are several reasons to do that. First, in most cases, it is cheaper. Second, it is simpler and faster than buying it in some store. However, buying a mobile phone from the carrier has some disadvantages as well, and the biggest is the fact that, 99% of phones bought by the carrier are locked.

How to unlock iphone 5 from t-mobile or any other carrier? And could or should you? Those are all questions you should ask yourself before you even buy your new mobile phone. There is not just problem of technical nature, we are also talking about law. In this article, you will find answers to all important questions about those topics, including how to unlock iPhone 5 Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T.

unlock iphone 5 Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T

Part 1: Why unlocking iPhone from the carrier

No doubt iPhone is one of the most wanted mobile devices on a market, but it comes with a price. Sometimes that price can be smaller if you buy it from a carrier. You may also decide to buy it that way because it is easier, or you have some benefits your carrier is giving to you. This way or another, once you bought it, you may find yourself in a situation where you want to unlock it. Why would you unlock it at all? There are several reasons to unlock your iPhone.

1. No obligations or contracts. No one is going to sell you something for a half of the price just like that. You may think you got a good deal when buying a phone, but it comes with a price. That price is often a contract for a long time with the carrier, or high expenses if you use it abroad or something similar. If you want to avoid it, unlock the phone and find some prepaid option that fits your needs. But if you are not unlocking it properly, it might cause bad ESN or blacklisted IMEI.

2. Better for using abroad. This is an important part of the story for all those users who often travel. You may find that using your iPhone abroad with a usual carrier might cost you much more that unlocked phone. This makes question how to unlock iphone 5s t-mobile even more important.

3. Using the iPhone on unsupported carriers. What if you want to buy iPhone, but you want to use some carrier which has no iPhone on their offer?An unlocked phone will do the trick for you in that case.

Part 2: How to unlock an iPhone from carriers without a SIM card

If you are planning to unlock you iPhone, there are several things you can do. Probably the best solution is to find a good and reliable company which can help you in that process. DoctorSIM Unlock Service may be the best possible solution for your problem. DoctorSIM is an internet service which can help you unlock your iPhone and more than one thousand other phone models in more than 60 countries. The process itself is fast, safe and permanent.

Steps to unlock iPhone with DoctorSIM - SIM Unlock Service

1. The first step is to choose your phone manufacturer. Then you will have to enter a phone model, the country you live in and carrier you bought your phone from. As you can see from the picture, it is an easy and simple process.

2. In a second step, you will have to enter your phone's IMEI number (it is a number with 15 to 17 digits, unique to your phone, and you can get it if you type #06# on your phone) and your email address.

3. Once you receive an e-mail will all the necessary information, all you have to do is to follow the instructions from that mail and unlock your iPhone.

Part 3: How to unlock you phone using is one of the best online iPhone sim unlocking services. It promises to unlock your iPhone using the official method, which means no matter you upgrade the iOS, or sync it with iTunes, your iPhone will never be relocked. Currently it supports iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 or higher.

sim unlock iphone with

Step 1. Visit official website, select the correct iPhone model and which network carrier your iPhone is locked to, then click on Unlock.

Step 2. Follow the instruction on the website to find the IMEI number of your iPhone. Enter in the IMEI number and click on Unlock Now.

Step 3. Then it will direct you to finish the payment process. After your payment is successful, the system will send your information to Apple database and unlock your iPhone.

Part 4: How to unlock you phone with the assistance of your carrier

If you want to, you may contact your carrier to unlock your phone. In most cases, you will have no problems with it, and no one can say to you that you did it illegally. Below, you will find some information about how to unlock your iphone 5 from t-mobile, Verizon, and AT&T in a direct contact with those carriers.

How to unlock iphone 5 from t-mobile

1. You will have to go to the and find out is your phone model eligible for unlocking. There are several requirements you have to satisfy if you want to unlock iPhone 5. For example, your phone must not be reported as stolen, lost or blocked. It also must be active on T-Mobile for at least 40 days. Those are just some requirements, and the full list you will find on a page mentioned above.

unlock iPhone Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T

2. If your phone is eligible for unlocking, you may go to and download Mobile Device Unlock App. If your phone is not eligible, contact T-Mobile Customer Care. They will send you and e-mail with all the necessary data.

unlock iPhone AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile

3. In some cases, T-Mobile will refuse your request. However, in most cases, you will receive the e-mail with an information you need to unlock. Follow the instructions you received in an e-mail. When you unlocked the phone, you can use it with any carrier.

How to unlock iPhone 5 verizon

Starting with the iPhone 5, Verizon sells unlocked phones. This allows you to use it with other carriers with no need for any intervention or unlocking of the device. If you have an older model, or you have some problems while using other carriers, just call Verizon Customer Service (800-711-8300), or visit their web page at and tell them about your needs. They will tell you what to do in order to unlock your phone. It also works for owners of other models.

unlock iPhone 5 verizon

How to unlock iPhone 5 from AT&T

1. Make sure your device is eligible for unlocking. Like for most carriers, AT&T has some requirements. Your device must be locked to AT&T, must not be stolen or used for illegal activities and so on. For a full list of requests, see

2. Go to the AT&T page at and then choose Unlock Device option. Fill the form you will find on that page.

unlock iPhone 5 from AT&T

3. When you receive and e-mail from AT&T go to the link in that mail within 24 hours since you received it.

4. AT&T will check your request within two working days and if the approve it, you will get an e-mail with the unlocking code and instructions. Follow those instructions and unlock your device.

Buying a new phone is not an easy process. Not only that you have to choose from a huge range of manufacturers and models, you also have to choose other options. Most carriers will offer you the variety of prepaid and postpaid options from which you can choose an option that suits you the best. Carriers will also offer you to buy a mobile phone from them, and in that case, it can be locked.

Although it is much easier and in most cases cheaper to buy a locked mobile phone, at some point in time, you may wish to unlock it. Unlocking is rather simple and fast process, as you can see in this article. However, before you decide to unlock your phone, think about all the benefits it can bring, but also consider possible problems. Make sure you are doing the best thing according to your needs. In that case, you will be satisfied with your decision and not regret it later.

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